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Your lawn mower is on fire
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What do you do? Some rational people might grab a nearby fire extinguisher (properly rated for this type of fire, of course) and extinguish the blaze that way. If the fire was out of control, you might call your friendly local fire station.

One man in Jacksonville decided that the best course of action was to put his lawn mower in his pickup truck and drive it to the fire station. I didn't see this with my own eyes, but a semi-credible source told me about seeing a truck going down the road, complete with a flaming lawnmower in the bed of the truck.

I thought this was too amazing not to share.
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Considering my typical job prevents me from having access to a nearby Fire extinguisher (Or a hose) in many cases:

The protocol can change depending on conditions.
For example:In the middle of July, when conditions are likely to be hot, and dry.
Call the fire department ASAP.
Then attempt to tend to the blaze as best you can, IF it is safe to do so.

Tools to get:
Shovel, Mining pick, Rake, garden hose, Fire extinguisher.

If a hose is available, Water down the area around the fire, and wait for the mower to burn out.
You are dealing with Gas, and Oil. Do NOT apply water to the mower, is this will cause an explosion, and make the situation worse.

Shovel/Mining pick:
Dig a ditch around the area, and remove any fuel that the fire could burn.
Shovel dirt on to the mower if safe to do so.
The mower is thoroughly ruined, so there is no point in saving it.

Be ready to evacuate if the situation gets out of hand.
Although it is just a mower, in dry conditions, the situation can get out of hand, very fast. and still holds the possibility of causing a disaster situation.

If you are alone: CALL FOR HELP.
The mower, the lawn, the house, and all belongings are replaceable, you are not.
It is advised that you have someone else with you just in case to begin with.
Check with the fire department first for red flag warnings.
If any, then call off any current mowing jobs until red flag is dropped.
If the people you work for have any sense at all, they will understand.

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