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What are you listening to? (Post)The Curler's Song, one of the relatively few songs about curling.

Summer in the City. I was in a restaurant and this song came on the radio while a TV was showing a hockey game from the Winter Olympics. This music was both extremely fitting and extremely unfitting.

Deranged Wonderful World volume 1 (Post)I downloaded it and played the whole thing. It might not be the most beautiful game ever, but I had fun. It's been a while since I've played a good ol' Klik & Play minigame pack.

I noticed the lives system doesn't work properly in the pie-juggling game. I'm not sure if this is intentional or not.

Also, it's pretty cool that games made with software designed for Windows 3.1/Windows 95 still run perfectly in Windows 10.
Slightly modified NES zapper (Post)This is awesome indeed. Now you're making me regret throwing away my old Super NES controller a few years ago, since its cable became frayed at the point where it goes into the controller, and it never occurred to me that the problem could be fixable. Fortunately, I still have pretty much all my other Super NES stuff.

If you could find a way to connect this controller to a computer, probably using USB, that would be amazing (although it would also be difficult).
Whatever this thing is. (Post)I haven't actually played that game, but I hear Game Over music in my head.
Whatever this thing is. (Post)I'm pretty sure I've seen that character before, but I can't recall where it's from.
dilly-dilly (Post)I know what Gannon's up to.
Lost in the labyrinth of fire, map generator test. (Post)Looks promising! You could probably turn this into a Bomberman-like thing, or you could take it in an entirely different direction.
Make America Mario Again (Post)This game is a step up from Spoopy Maryo!

Also, never miss a chance to reference word filter oopses.
dilly-dilly (Post)I just hope Ganon doesn't convince Bill Belichick to coach his team.
dilly-dilly (Post)Those look tasty. Just keep them away from the wizard - he might turn them into cases of Bud Light.
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