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Le Tour de Dope (Post)Play it here!

Here's a glitchy alternate link.

The Tour de France is the greatest event in cycling. Unfortunately, some riders rely on illicit substances to gain an edge over the competition during this grueling three-week race. Can you bring the Yellow Jersey into Paris without compromising your integrity?

You are the lead rider for the WalrusWare-Purplius cycling team, a small and severely underfunded operation. You're still not a star in the sport, but WalrusWare-Purplius's team leadership was impressed with your performance last year as a domestique for one of the bigger teams. They gave you a chance to be the lead rider of a team that probably won't give you anything resembling support. You don't have much of a chance to win the Tour, but who knows - maybe you'll win a big stage or do something else to give the WalrusWare brand some much-needed exposure.

(And no, don't take this game - or my feeble Web development skills - too seriously. I spent a full 24 hours working on it, and I'm not very JavaScript-literate.)
The Website Obesity Crisis (Post)An interesting article I found (brief swear warning).

Basically, Web sites are a whole lot bigger and bulkier than they need to be, and this problem contributes to the trend of the Internet being dominated by "walled gardens" rather than nurturing places for creativity. It's a good read with some funny statistics.

7/6 Edit: Typo fix, although "Websity" is still a very fine word in my opinion!
Post your dreams (Post)A couple of nights ago, I dreamed that I cuddled with a cute girl in a mansion full of spiders.

Apparently I was staying in a large vacation home that I shared with many other people. This place hadn't been used in a long time, so some of the hallways were completely blocked by spider webs. I had to use a stick to poke a hole in their arachnid domicile so I could make it to my room.

During this vacation, I met a cute girl* and we had a slightly romantic time. Nothing explicit happened, though.

* I don't think I've ever seen this cute girl before, but she may be vaguely similar to someone I saw on one of those Instagram story thingies. This cute girl is the friend of one of the model-like people I sort of know.
Medical commercials in a medical office (Post)Thanks! I'm not sure whether a stream of Revenge of the Walrus or Cheerwine Deluxe 3 would be a calming influence... but I'd still rather see that than laundry lists of fascinating side effects or an invitation to sue a medical device company that maybe made a major oops!
Medical commercials in a medical office (Post)So I'm starting a new job. As with many jobs, taking a drug test is part of the hiring process. This afternoon I went to a medical clinic near my home to take said test, since it's a convenient location and it's one of the places where my future employer is willing to pay for the test. I've been pretty healthy over the years - believe it or not, this is probably the first time I've had any sort of medical test done since I was a baby. But I digress.

I was sitting in the waiting area. In the corner of the room was a TV showing one of those corny "which wedding dress should she get" shows. TV being TV, it soon went to a commercial break. At that moment, I realized that medical-related commercials sound absolutely terrifying when you're in a doctor's office - even when you're there for the most mundane, lowest-risk procedure possible. There was an ad for a prescription drug with all its glorious side effects and warnings, as well as a suin' attorney promoting his class-action lawsuit against the maker of some questionable-quality medical product. That was about all I noticed before I went in to do... well, you probably know.

The moral of the story? There isn't one. Maybe doctor's offices should try to avoid TV channels that are constantly advertising pharmaceuticals and lawyers, but then again, that's the majority of TV channels these days. I guess the Cartoon Network might still be safe. Alternatively, they could put on streams of my games - not all of them involve drugs or lawyers.
Nite's art thread (Post)Nice! Looks like a tranquil yet slightly mysterious place.
A modified coffee pot. (UGLY MOD AHOY!) (Post)Neat! It might not be fancy, but it still lives! There's probably some practical things you could do with that.
What the hell am I reading? (Fowl Language Warning!) (Post)Yeah, that's seriously messed up. You don't have to look very hard to find some extremely toxic discourse on Twitter, but this is bad even by Twitter standards.

I don't pay attention to YouTube personalities, so I don't know much about TotalBiscuit. Regardless, the recently deceased deserve some respect, and if you're going on long monologues against random people on the Internet (especially people who have just passed away), you really need to re-evaluate what you're doing with your life.
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