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DennyDevito72 (Post)Having fun with Marioinhen was irresistible.

Don't eat mor of this chikin, though.
Post your dreams (Post)
There was no resistance from said house
a news thing on a small-ish wall mounted widescreen TV
mysteriously acquired cinematic shots of both the car hit and the carnage at the house
at the time of the plowing
his frontmost teeth were less than fortunate
an ad kitty for snack foodables

The above post has an especially great collection of Miles-isms. I almost lost it at "the car hit", as well as "ad kitty for snack foodables".
American Mall Game (Post)https://www.bloomberg.com/features/american-mall-game/

A "SimMall" game from the news site Bloomberg. It's a fun little thing, and as a Jacksonville resident, I can definitely relate to it!

I lasted 660 days on my best run. I could probably do better if the ear-piercing minigame didn't glitch up on me more often than not.
What are you listening to? (Post)The Curler's Song, one of the relatively few songs about curling.

Summer in the City. I was in a restaurant and this song came on the radio while a TV was showing a hockey game from the Winter Olympics. This music was both extremely fitting and extremely unfitting.

Deranged Wonderful World volume 1 (Post)I downloaded it and played the whole thing. It might not be the most beautiful game ever, but I had fun. It's been a while since I've played a good ol' Klik & Play minigame pack.

I noticed the lives system doesn't work properly in the pie-juggling game. I'm not sure if this is intentional or not.

Also, it's pretty cool that games made with software designed for Windows 3.1/Windows 95 still run perfectly in Windows 10.
Slightly modified NES zapper (Post)This is awesome indeed. Now you're making me regret throwing away my old Super NES controller a few years ago, since its cable became frayed at the point where it goes into the controller, and it never occurred to me that the problem could be fixable. Fortunately, I still have pretty much all my other Super NES stuff.

If you could find a way to connect this controller to a computer, probably using USB, that would be amazing (although it would also be difficult).
Whatever this thing is. (Post)I haven't actually played that game, but I hear Game Over music in my head.
Whatever this thing is. (Post)I'm pretty sure I've seen that character before, but I can't recall where it's from.
dilly-dilly (Post)I know what Gannon's up to.
Lost in the labyrinth of fire, map generator test. (Post)Looks promising! You could probably turn this into a Bomberman-like thing, or you could take it in an entirely different direction.
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