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Roku XD Player: A question for Nite (Post)A few days ago, someone gave me his old Roku XD Player. It's not the newest technology anymore, but since we have a wizard of repurposing technology around here, I was wondering if there's anything cool I could do with it.
Seems I've made a new friend. (Post)That is very cute. Maybe he wanted you to play a Clickteam game (or other game that uses Ctrl in the default key configuration) and run really fast.
I'm giving a presentation on Game Maker this weekend (Post)My presentation went quite nicely. No one threw rotten tomatoes at me or called me dirty names during the presentation. Some people even said they found it to be informative! Maybe I'll do something like this again in the future.

And yes, I am well aware that this presentation actually happened a week and a half ago. Slow responses can happen when you're in Team Project Wonderland.
Seriously overkill frontlight mod for GBC. (Post)Does the screen look good regardless of whether you're in regular light, bright sunshine, or a dark room? If so, that's super-extra cool.
the ultimate shitpost (Post)And here's the ultimate poop-pic. I don't think this bear had been eating a gluten-free diet like he was supposed to.

Seriously overkill frontlight mod for GBC. (Post)The high battery usage might make this impractical for general use, but that's still really cool. Nice job.
I'm giving a presentation on Game Maker this weekend (Post)This will be the first time I've ever discussed game making-related things - at least in any detail - in Real Life. Should be an interesting experience! Again, give me a buzz if you'd like a particular resource to be featured during my presentation, and I'll see what I can do.
Shoutbox spam (Post)I don't know why I read the MSN e-mails I get every week, but it's fun when clickbait contradicts itself within the same message:

MSN Top Article
Billionaire Mark Cuban: 'Don't use credit cards'
Sponsored Post
A Jaw-Dropping Card Offering 0% Interest Until August 2018
Decided to try repairing a DMG-001... I did not see this comming. (Post)That is a very, very unsettling thing! Someone mentioned the possibility that it might've been a weird prank from a bored assembly line worker. I hope that's the case. If not, maybe some caring person came along and talked him out of it.

I'm not really into this sort of thing, but this sounds like something that people would make a creepypasta out of.
Post your dreams (Post)I seldom dream about video games, but last night I dreamed about video games. I was watching a college football game, and the game had just reached halftime. Since I didn't want to watch the studio talking heads yak about other football games, I turned on my Wii (or maybe the Switch I don't have). The video game seemed to be a sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, but set a few years in the future. The story began in Link's house. Inside, Ilia* was reclining on the couch, and there was another character outside, but otherwise no one was nearby. Link's house resembled the treehouses in Kokiri Forest in Zelda 64, except no one lived nearby. Link was on the computer (yes, really) and received a message that Hyrule was in grave danger (that happens sometimes). In this time of tumult, the King of Hyrule was threatening to invoke the secret Article Zero of the Hylian constitution, which allows him to take "emergency powers" and presumably override other articles of the constitution. Link also learned that in this timeline, he was not a "legendary hero" - instead, that title belonged to Alm from Fire Emblem Echoes/Gaiden, and they would have to work together to defeat whatever menace Hyrule was facing. After a bit more discussion, the game took you outside Link's house. This area was kind of like a cross between the Twilight Princess Faron Woods and A Link to the Past's Dark Woods - a dark, creepy wooded area. In the dream, I knew the football was about to resume. I finally reached a point in the game where I could save and quit, so I did exactly that.

* I know what inspired this. It arose from a previous discussion about the bones of the pelvic girdle - specifically, the ilia. I know what inspired some of the other off-the-wall aspects of this dream, but they're a bit more obvious.
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