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dilly-dilly (Post)I just hope Ganon doesn't convince Bill Belichick to coach his team.
dilly-dilly (Post)Those look tasty. Just keep them away from the wizard - he might turn them into cases of Bud Light.
A flat tire extracted from a dryer. (Post)That drum wheel looks like it's seen a whole lot of living.
Itadaki Street DS Sound Rip (Post)Download them here.

Sound effects and fanfares ripped from Itadaki Street DS, a Japanese-only Mario-Dragon Quest crossover. I couldn't find sounds for this obscure game anywhere else, so I decided to rip them myself!

All sounds are property of Nintendo and Square-Enix, as well as the original composers of these songs.

(And yes, this is a very obscure game.)
Post your dreams (Post)Fireball3k: This is a slightly late response, but that is another great super-detailed FB3k dream.

A couple of nights ago, I dreamed that I got a job as a teacher's assistant at a slightly sketchy local high school. It was the first day of a single-semester AP Criminal Justice class. This is peculiar, because the College Board does not offer AP classes in Criminal Justice. Regardless, my job was to read tests and quizzes to people (whether because they're ESL, they have a learning disability that affects their reading skills, or they have a visual impairment). I peaked at the first quiz and saw that it looked very corny.

As part of this job (as with nearly every other job on the planet), I sometimes needed access to a computer. My laptop is literally falling apart and would probably die for good if I attempted to take it any farther than my real-life desk, so I had to use the computer in the classroom. It was an aging Windows 7 machine. Whenever anyone turned it on, the NFL on FOX theme song would begin to play at a moderately high volume - loud enough to get everyone distracted for a bit. When I first turned it on, I had a hard time figuring out how to get the music to stop. I closed Windows Media Player, but it still took a while to figure out how to get it to stop.

There weren't many students in this class. I guess nobody wanted to take a fake "AP Criminal Justice" class if they could avoid it (even though college-level Criminal Justice programs have a reputation for being rather easy). I recall seeing a black dude with a lot of 'tude, a nice but dumb white girl who wore a short-sleeved maroon dress, and a nonbinary person who naturally had a mix of blond and red hair. Perhaps one or more of these characters will appear somewhere in Career Fantasy.

Also, I keep getting really iffy-quality dream jobs.
The christmas present thread. (Post)I don't know if I've ever had Chicken in a Biskit before. There is some Easy Cheese living in my pantry, though.

I got a few gift cards, too, as well as a VR thingy that doesn't like my phone very much. I also acquired Reese's white chocolate peanut butter cups, which sound extremely tasty.
Nite paints on things that are not canvas (Post)In a Super NES game, collecting a gold Super NES controller would probably be worth a whole lot of coins!
Cheerwine Deluxe 3 - Final Version (Post)Version 1.0.5 updates the online high scores system so that it works properly again. Upgrading MFGG's server to TLS broke the old system.

I also changed the final boss music after someone pointed out by gross negligence! (Don't worry - the original North Korean boss music is still used.)
The christmas present thread. (Post)That'll come in handy!
The christmas present thread. (Post)I haven't received or given anything so far, but a fume hood sounds like a very good thing for you! I wouldn't mind seeing a picture of that extra hand.
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