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Gee, it sure is boring around here

I just wonder what Gannon's up to.

Nite fixed my Super NESMy Super NES hadn't been working properly in many moons. After being on for a few minutes, it would randomly shut off. As time went on, the amount of playtime I could get out of it dropped to nil - the power light would go off almost as soon as I turned on the system's power switch.

Fortunately, however, I know someone who's amazing at fixing old video game hardware! I recently sent Nite my Super NES for repairs and a tune-up. Thanks to his magic, my Super NES is back in good working order!

The past few days have been rather unusual with a hurricane approaching, so I haven't had a chance to play it too long, but it's nice to be able to play Super Mario Kart (and NHL '97!) again. It's kind of amazing that the battery still works in Super Mario Kart - after all, this cartridge is now about 25 years old, so the game has technically been powered on for a quarter century.

Unfortunately, I have mixed reviews for my friends at the United States Postal Service. I had to use USPS to ship my package to Nite, since FedEx and UPS won't deliver there. The people at the post office were helpful and friendly, but the Super NES shell suffered some moderate exterior damage during the cross-country trip. It's a long trip, but I tried to be pretty careful in wrapping it, and it would've been nice if it had been treated a bit more gently in transit. Fortunately, the innards were unscathed.

So if you ever need a piece of old game hardware repaired or modified, Nite is your man! Just be extra-careful when shipping it using the postal service - feel free to go overboard with the bubble wrap and FRAGILE stickers!
Fun with Regression AnalysisMost of the members here are also members on MFGG, so I was wondering: Is MFGG more active when this forum is active, or does this forum tend to cannibalize the MFGG forums?

After crunching the numbers, I found that there isn't a significant correlation between posting activity here and on MFGG. When I did a regression analysis comparing post activity on the BT Forums and post activity on MFGG, I got an R² value of 0.0346 - which means the model can explain about 3% of the variation. Basically, there isn't a relationship between activity here and on MFGG - activity here doesn't cannibalize MFGG, although it also doesn't increase activity on MFGG.

Now you know.
It's time to take a break from Twitter LandReal Life and I had some quality time together yesterday. It was splendid.

Yesterday was quite an intense day, considering that I was at school from 8:15 to 8:30 (that's A.M. to P.M.) doing various grad school things, including some very scary things like giving my final presentation. (The above timeline also had a short break for non-educational things, also known as lunch.)

This was an intense and slightly scary day, as presentations and team projects inherently are. But I also realized that it felt good - it felt great to be away from depressing and discouraging political posts. I was even OK with fasting from memes for a while. I survived.

I have no problem with debate, in and of itself. Unfortunately, political discussion - especially online political discussion - is getting more and more polarized and toxic. Twitter certainly isn't the only place that's struggling with the issue of having civil, rational political discourse, but Twitter political talk is especially lacking in insight and deep thought. Twitter users are more interested in symbols than action, identity rather than ideas. (They get more upset over the existence of antique war memorials or a mediocre-ish quarterback for a lousy NFL team peacefully protesting during a football game than things that have a tangible effect on people's lives.)

I still feel it's important to be informed about what's going on in the world, including in the political sphere. However, it's very, very difficult to have a nuanced political discussion in 140 characters or less, particularly in today's climate. Twitter is not a very good place to get actual information - especially in-depth information.

Maybe I'm complacent and part of the problem myself, but considering that I only have 169 followers (many of whom are inactive or spambots), I'm pretty sure that anything I post in Twitter Land isn't going to have an appreciable impact. I think I'd be far better off using my energy in real life - or post things on MFGG or here, which people find a lot more interesting anyway, at least measured by the number of impressions they get. (MFGG and the BT Forums are not exactly big communities, so this is further evidence of my superpower of being ignored on social media, especially Twitter.)

I've been on Twitter for over eight years now. Until recently, I always enjoyed hanging out with the little blue Twitter bird, but the quality of conversation has steadily gone downhill. If there was a way to limit my timeline to art and other non-controversial content, I'd be a lot more enthusiastic about tweeting again. A lot of the features for making Twitter great again - like the word filter that blocks posts with words like "Trump", or the setting that puts Twitter's timeline back in chronological order the way it should be - don't actually work properly. At this point, using Twitter lists is the only way the service is tolerable.

I can't say I'll never use Twitter again, but it's definitely time to take a break. As you can probably tell (actually, you probably didn't notice, because you're not dangerously obsessed with everything I do), I haven't been tweeting much lately anyway.

Maybe I'll use my Twitter vacation to post more stuff here or on MFGG. (I probably won't, but I could!)
Giantmicrobes.comThis is pretty funny. I never would've thought to make adorable plushes of microscopic things - especially pathogens!

I also found a good avatar for LouseSr:

Ever wanted to run Windows 95 in your browser?https://win95.ajf.me/win95.html

Now you can!
Roku XD Player: A question for NiteA few days ago, someone gave me his old Roku XD Player. It's not the newest technology anymore, but since we have a wizard of repurposing technology around here, I was wondering if there's anything cool I could do with it.
I'm giving a presentation on Game Maker this weekendThis will be the first time I've ever discussed game making-related things - at least in any detail - in Real Life. Should be an interesting experience! Again, give me a buzz if you'd like a particular resource to be featured during my presentation, and I'll see what I can do.
DennyDevito72For whatever reason, there's been a recent uptick in spambot registrations lately. Because we've enabled admin approval of new accounts, these accounts are never actually able to post anything, but it's still annoying to have to weed out these junk accounts and confirm that they're spammers.

However, every once in a while I have some fun with spambot profiles, like the famous DennyDevito72, a Russian spambot pretending to be an American actor, comedian, director, and producer.

Fake Car GeneratorPlay here.
Alternate download link.

Also known as Baby's First JavaScript Game. It's a simple thing that took me just a few minutes to make. However, I'd never really done anything with JavaScript before, and I thought it might be a good thing to try.

Also, have fun.
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