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What are you listening to? (Post)trust me, it went through my head too

https://youtu.be/Ixrje2rXLMA apparently this song is what jotaro kujo's daughter is named after in part 6 of jojo's bizarre adventure
Post your dreams (Post)i keep having these really complex dreams that i'm not sure i can remember the entirety of when i'm sleep deprived. here's another that came from a nap this morning.

i had a dream that i explored two abandoned entertainment complexes that i somehow had a hand in. the first was much more recent: we called it the 2015 room since it was completed then. it was something like a family arcade inasmuch as there were all sorts of things to have fun with. there were arcade machines, ticket-printing games, and even some small rides like a small train track. i revisited this place and had a look at it, and it was utterly decrepit. no one had been there in a long time, and it brought back painful memories of seeing this place in its prime. however, the reason i was up there was because i was with a crew of maintenance people, and i succeeded in starting the ball rolling on renovating the room so that it could operate once more.

the second part may have been an extension of the first, but regardless. i dreamed then that i had been involved in starting something like a go-kart league. i keep wanting to say it was called the darda league, but darda is also the name of some pull-back scale cars that i had when i was a kid, so who knows. regardless, this was how it worked- they were these little buggies with small engines on them that were big enough for two kids to fit into. i don't think you had to have two people in the carts to compete, but still. anyway, there would be these complex tracks you'd race on, both indoor and outdoor. they had gotten so popular that you'd have events for these things just about every weekend, and in the dream, i had great memories of driving these things as a child despite being a kid when i started it.

i believe the first track was one some friends of mine and i set up out in the country. it wasn't very complex, but it drew a lot of people who wanted to play. as a result, they built a few courses in my hometown, which i had great memories of riding on and watching events at. you'd do a race, then at the end you'd have a trivia question or puzzle you had to solve. they gave you a question and six answers to pick from, and you'd have to order them from most likely answer to least likely answer. depending on how close the right answer was to the first spot, you'd get more points. in any event, the league was run by this hot latina lady who turned out to have mob ties, and she got assassinated for doing something to said mob. it was probably this combined with the racing thing being a fad that meant it went out of style in a year or two.

anyhow, i remember in the dream that i got really nostalgic for this league, and went to check out what the old locations of the tracks looked like now. many of them were still part of family fun centers and the like, but had been replaced with new things. i did manage to find one abandoned course, and i found out that it even had experienced a revival in activity... one that ended in 2016.

that's omitting a lot of detail, but the point i want you to take away is that this dream had a severely nostalgic feeling throughout.
Giantmicrobes.com (Post)hey, they used to sell these in my alma mater's bookstore!
Ever wanted to run Windows 95 in your browser? (Post)i tried this on my linux mint laptop and it blew up*, but i suspect that's because the laptop is showing its age now. still, it was really neat to have something like windows 95 in my browser.

now if only it wasn't such a pain in the neck to set up a windows 95 virtual machine. haha

*the emulation, not the laptop itself. i came close from the sheer nostalgia, though.
Post your dreams (Post)i'm going to attempt to remember all of the stuff that happened in this dream, as i've got 30 minutes before i get ready to go to work. it was probably about as complex as the tetramonde dream i had a while ago.

i dreamed this morning that i went to go to a restaurant. when i get there, i think i... find a virtual reality game of some sort that's an obstacle course. it gives me the ability to fly and glide, and i've got to make it to the end of the rooms and defeat the boss. it seems like i can quicksave in it, so i basically use that to make it through and get the ending i want. for example, one of the endings involves the world being destroyed, and i don't want that. i keep doing it until i get the result i want, which means me and the other people in my group get to sit down and eat. keep in mind that none of these people are anybody i know.

everyone, except for me, i guess, ends up sitting down and getting their food. there is one set of people, however, who the owner refuses to serve- it turns out he's a nazi sympathizer or something, despite looking like your average coffee shop guy, and he won't serve them because their grandfather fought the nazis back in world war II. since i didn't get any food, i decide to just drift around with the flight ability i still have from the game somehow. i go in circles around the shop, and i see the owner is eating in a room behind the wall. when i see him, i flip the bastard off, and he doesn't respond. i glide around a few times before deciding i've had enough. the guy who runs the place also has a section where you can buy used games, and i look at a n64 and some games with a coworker of mine. the owner, as revenge for flipping him off, has an employee accuse me of stealing. the cops get called and i'm sentenced to my punishment: an impossible obstacle course with sadistic difficulty.

basically, there are a few events you have to run out of a pool chosen at random, most of which i can't remember. if you win, you go free, but if you fail any of the objectives you must start over. i keep trying to get past the last event, which is a big arena fight that for some reason plays like smash bros. it's a gauntlet of opponents that you have to beat, but what they don't tell you is that it never ends no matter how well you do. i remember trying so many times to clear this event, failing, and being sent back to the start. i'm not the only one in the course, but because we keep failing, we're all at different stages of the thing. all the while, the owner of the restaurant is taunting us, telling us we'll have our freedom if we win.

however, the cops show up and bust the owner and his cronies who run this gig. it turns out that there were legions of people trapped in this maze, and that they were held under conditions worse than being a prisoner. they were almost never fed, they almost never slept, and they were never allowed to go to the bathroom. the real cops free us all, letting us escape. i next find myself in a church, with many of the guards who ran the maze there begging for forgiveness. i do find it in me to forgive them, and my dad calls me. he tells me he's heard about what happened, and he's arranged it with my work that i get some paid time off to recover from the stress of this punishment.

everything after that is a blur, really. my friends and i hang out, and we see this girl who my buddy is making out of character, untoward comments towards. i follow her out the door to apologize for that, and she offers to walk home with me. we try to cross the street in a busy city at some point, at which point she summons a flying thing to fly us back home. as we ascend, suddenly the scene cuts to her looking in a magic mirror- it turns out she was the servant of a spirit who was looking for the chosen one, and i am apparently it. what for, i don't know, but there it is, i guess.
the ultimate shitpost (Post)that, or some corn. nothing like having korn kernels in my krap.
the ultimate shitpost (Post)a whole box of fiber bars, plus a few bags of those googly eyes you can get at the craft store.
the ultimate shitpost (Post)

it's s- i mean, poop and it's a post. what else could you possibly want fron a fireball3k s***post?
Moolah (Post)i want a savings account, but my self-control sucks. i can save money for the bills and my rent just fine, thankfully, but a disposable savings tends to be hard for me to do.

i managed to save a thousand bucks for a computer with some help from fireball3k senior (my dad), but still i tend to wanna blow my cash on crap like rock band instruments and ps4 games.
Ever wanted to play a NES game in actual 3D (Post)gatete, you ever watch vinesauce? i saw vinny and joel from that group play this, and it looked pretty d***ed awesome. i'll have to try it someday.
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