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Lost in the labyrinth of fire, map generator test. (Post)What I've come up with here is a simple map generator system, to create random mazes.
Not much, but playable to some extent. I still have a lot of kinks to work out of the system.

Arrow keys: Move
Z Key: Use key
X Key, Use bomb
1 Key: resize window (Work in progress)
Tab key: preposition window (Work in progress)
End key or returing to entrance: regenerate map
Alt+F4 to exit

Known bugs: Doors and rocks can spawn on top of each other
Doors and rocks can spawn on starting location
Exit spawns too close to entrance
Entrance and start are always the same

Previous maps are not stored into memory.

For the sake of this beta:
Bombs and keys are set to 9999 for testing reasons

Anyway, let me know if you come across anything else, as well as if you have any ideas for things to put in.

Please keep in mind when suggesting that everything is 100% random. Leaving me with very little control over where things are placed if this gets off the ground.

Download link:
dilly-dilly (Post)Hylian football sounds like an awesome concept.
A flat tire extracted from a dryer. (Post)Possibly more than I would know. We got this dryer (And washer) used a few years back.
A flat tire extracted from a dryer. (Post)So, okay, more real than random here, but I somehow still find this funny.
I recently fixed my dryer, here is a faulty part I extracted.
It's a rear drum support roller. Boy this thing was creating quite the racket too. Kind of a Bang! Bang! Bang!

Nite paints on things that are not canvas (Post)A lot of my stuff may have been lost to reasons unknown, but this hasn't stopped me from continuing to pursue artwork in various forms.

Cheerwine Deluxe 3 - Final Version (Post)WOOHOO!
The christmas present thread. (Post)Certainly!

The christmas present thread. (Post)Got my presents pretty dang early this year!
My family updated my airbrushing kit.

I now have:
a maintenance kit (Picks and brushes, as well as a cleaning jar)
A turntable
Some mutant 3rd hand. (With about 6 arms, this is sure to be useful)
And a fume hood.

I know it doesn't sound like much, but this is all stuff I've been needing to get. And that fume hood is pretty expensive!
I'm going to get a lot of use out of this stuff! :D
A modified coffee pot. (UGLY MOD AHOY!) (Post)

Likely the ugliest thing I've ever done. but, this thing works as intended.
Parts were extracted from a broken coffee pot. The timing functions still operate as intended, supplying power to whatever is connected to the electrical outlet I've installed in place of the heating element from the coffee pot.
Also, in case it isn't obvious, the tool of choice was a steak knife. the rest was hot glue.
What are you listening to? (Post)
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