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Nite's art thread (Post)
The Website Obesity Crisis (Post)^What Miles said.
Nite's art thread (Post)
Nite's art thread (Post)Sure, knock yourself out, man. I will say to you, as I would for anyone: I would not make these public if I was not going to allow people to use them however they please. ;)
What the hell am I reading? (Fowl Language Warning!) (Post)https://archive.li/UuEJw

I seem to be having some trouble pasting that in here. but be forewarned... this is pretty bad.
It's David Crooks talking about TotalBiscuit's death.

I would put this out there: You like someone or ya don't, but what do they hope to gain by kicking a dead man?

A modified coffee pot. (UGLY MOD AHOY!) (Post)Update:
As hard as it may be to believe, this thing is still functioning. (Though due for some repairs)
Connecting it to a stereo, allows me to use it for an alarm clock, provided I have it set to start playing as soon as it receives power, or it's set to radio.
And should I forget that it's on, it shuts itself off after 2 hours, as per the original function of the coffee pot that it came from.
What are you listening to? (Post)I know I was the last one to reply to this one... but... eh...

Nite's art thread (Post)

Nite's art thread (Post)
Nite's art thread (Post)
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