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Roku XD Player: A question for Nite (Post)Fraid I had to do some research on that exact unit.
Before I get too far, Roku has dropped support for the classic boxes. I hope that this doesn't mean that it is unusable. If true, you might be able to sell it, and get back enough to get a Roku 1. They're cheap.
I have a Roku 3 in our main room, a Roku stick in the game room and my sister's room, and a Roku 1 in my room and my parents room.
A basic rule of thumb, is the higher the number, then the better the specs of the unit.
Older units show some control delay, but so far hasn't been enough to make it unusable. while newer units are HDMI only.
I would connect yours to a CRT-TV, and connect directly to your Ethernet router.
All units I've seen are wireless, but I don't know if this is true for yours.

That out of the way: These things are rather fun to mess around with, just going through the channel store, or even finding unlisted channels.

First off, you will want to format it, and register yourself a new account at Roku's website, it's free.
Once that is done, you should be good to go with everything else.

If you watch videos on Youtube, Hulu, Vudu, or Netflix, these things are great for watching those your main TV.
You will need a computer to sync your accounts (In the case of youtube, to knock out the parental filter) but that is as simple as following a URL, and entering a short code. Afterward, the computer us no longer needed.

I've so far found that these units handle video streaming better than any computer I've used. This alone is well worth it.

My best advice to you, would be to poke around with it a bit, and see what happens.
You can't break it with the controls alone. ;)
Seems I've made a new friend. (Post)
Ain't he cute?
I have no idea where he came from, but he decided to crawl up onto my tablet and perch himself on the CTRL key.
Seriously overkill frontlight mod for GBC. (Post)Quick update: This has been running as long as the initial test for GBC, with, as of current, no noticeable additional battery drainage. Seems that this actually works better on the DMG-01, than it does the CGB-001.
Seriously overkill frontlight mod for GBC. (Post)Indeed it does. Albeit there is a minor decline in contrast with the frontlight on, due to how it works, it isn't enough to render anything unplayable.

In direct sunlight, contrast is still 1-1 to what the unmodified unit was, with the exception of expected screen distortion resulting from the frontlighting matrix plate.
This is not detrimental to the playability of anything though.
(It takes a bit of getting used to)

I should say that I am quite proud of myself.
Especially after seeing that the frontlight matrix plate is listed as "Incompatible" with the DMG-01.
...Kicked it's ass... :D
Handheld Legend
The frontlight installed in the product photos was installed using OSAKA 7 LOCA. This backlight is compatible with the Nintendo Game Boy Color. It is NOT compatible with the following models: Game Boy DMG-01, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, Nintendo DS, or Nintendo 3DS.

Incidentally: Did you know that the pixels on a DMG-01 were blue?
Seriously overkill frontlight mod for GBC. (Post)

Photos didn't capture well, but this looks a lot better IRL.
I've also gathered that I might currently own the only toggleable frontlit DMG-01 on the planet at this time.
the ultimate shitpost (Post)Thaz nasty.
the ultimate shitpost (Post)I also detect some peanuts? It that correct?
the ultimate shitpost (Post)Dude!

....What did you eat!?
What are you listening to? (Post)
Ironically, I actually don't like the original version of this song.
Seriously overkill frontlight mod for GBC. (Post)A larger battery pack may help as well.
If it used 4, instead of 2 AA batteries, like the DMG-01 used, the drain might not be as noticeable.

I'll be doing the same thing to an original DMG-01.
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