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Gee, it sure is boring around here (Post)Discord is suffering an outage as well.

Lets watch some Family Feud.

Project Raspberry Pi Famicom. (Post)All in due time. Seems my board is going to be a biiiiit delayed.... Wish the seller would let me know why, but that is an outside dispute to be disputed outside.
Nite makes Music, (No, really) (Post)http://www.mediafire.com/file/qo3dozcdl6mt9g3/evil_morty.ogg
Project Raspberry Pi Famicom. (Post)So, I'm still waiting for the circuit board to arrive, but I've gotten some preliminary work done on the shell.
Microswitches mounted to the Eject and Reset buttons so that they might serve a purpose, and USB jumpers mounted to the controller ports. (I am going to need to shorten those at some point.) A 3rd USB port is planned to be mounted inside the cartridge slot, but until I can get that planned out, the USB in controller slot 2 should work just as well.

If everything goes according to plan, this is all the cosmetic differences there will be.

I have ordered a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B to use inside this thing, and have already downloaded everything that I should need.
...It just needs to arrive...

Nite fixed my Super NES (Post)Always makes me feel good knowing that I've put a smile on someone's face, especially when it is that of a good friend of mine. :)

Glad to hear it survived the return trip as well.
The best part of waking up (Post).
Nite paints on things that are not canvas (Post)
When Nite Gets Bored. (Post)If I had a guess, I'd likely say that Imgur is where that crap started.
When Nite Gets Bored. (Post)So, you ever gotten so bored you just did some random crap?
...I have....

This actually took me a bit to program correctly into Construct to make it loop like this.

My assessment of Imgur, it's front page, and it's userbase.
It's time to take a break from Twitter Land (Post)It's as I've said before:
"Politics make Klungo head hurt."

Sadly, while twitter is definitely among the most visible of them, the problem is very widespread around the internet.
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