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What is technically not much of a modification., In all reality, just taking something off.
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So, yeah, posting this here due to how incredibly stupid this sounds in my mind right now, and how incredibly simple this was to do.
I was given a water-efficient swivel-head faucet aerator head for my kitchen sink's faucet. (The guy had two of them, and had no idea what to do with the other)

Well, I attached it, and it actually made the faucet too long.

Looking at it, I decided to take off the extension part that allowed it to swivel, and regulated the flow of water.
That was just a simple matter of finding where it threaded together, then gripping it and turning. it came right apart.
From this, I just attached the head directly to the faucet, had the same thread-type, and went right on.

So, it no longer swivels, nor is it water efficient, but now we can actually use this blasted thing to wash the dishes.
The stream mode switch still functions as intended as well, which is nice.

So, yeah, not so much of a mod, as much as I just removed a key component of this thing and made it work better for me. :p

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I don't think Nite is capable of touching a mechanical or electronic thingy without tinkering with it. That's pretty cool.
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