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College Education in One Line or Less
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I took (or, in a few cases, helped people in) all these classes so you don't have to.

Accounting (Financial): Assets = liabilities + owner's equity.
Accounting (Managerial): Assets = liabilities + owner's equity. Again.
American Government: How the U.S. Constitution tells politicians to disagree with one another.
Business Law & Ethics: Is it legal? It depends. Is it ethical? If you have to ask, it's not.
Chemistry: Different ways to make things catch on fire.
College Mathematics: Non-confusing math, except when truth tables are involved.
Computer Networking: Please Do Not Throw Sausage Pizza Away.
Database Design: There are lots of normal forms, but only three are really worth discussing.
Finance: Stock vs. debt. Companies are usually made of both.
French (I): Figure out which letters to pronounce when talking to French people.
Hardware Configuration: The answer is usually USB.
Human Anatomy & Physiology (I): Men wearing no clothes. Occasionally women.
Human Growth & Development: Conceived. Born. Grew up. Grew old. Dead. Along the way, stuff happened.
Humanities: Women wearing no clothes. Occasionally men.
Information Systems: How to make different combinations of humans and computers talk to each other.
Java Programming: Write once, run anywhere. Except when you can't.
Macroeconomics: The Federal Reserve does stuff.
Marketing: Sell stuff.
Medical Terminology: How to combine various Greek and Latin roots into conditions you don't want to have.
Microeconomics: Supply, demand, prices, and interest rates keep getting into relationships with each other.
Organizational Behavior: The art and science of making people not hate one another.
Philosophy: What's the best way to live? Nobody knows.
Project Management: Someday, you'll learn to use Microsoft Project without throwing things.
Public Speaking: Know your audience, and try not to annoy them too much.
Sociology: Discourse on Karl Marx. Was he right? Wrong? Or both?
Software Configuration: Do things that look an awful lot like DOS.
Spanish (I): Conjugate verbs in Spanish. It's sometimes confusing.
Spanish (II): Conjugate verbs in Spanish. Now it's twice as confusing as before.
Statistics: "Reject the null hypothesis" sounds a lot more complicated than it really is.
Strategic Management: Talk about Amazon, Apple, Google, and Starbucks. (This goes for business classes in general.)
Western Civilization (I and II): White people fighting other white people.

There are also a few classes I couldn't figure out how to describe succinctly. Now that I think about it, this is a pretty zany combination of classes. I've spent a lot of time being educated - and educating others, too.
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