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Post your dreams, A topic for posting your dreams
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That is a great Fireball3k dream. It also has tremendous potential for conversion to video game format.

Last night I dreamed that I went to a New York Yankees game. I sat along the first base line at the Fantasy World Fake Yankee Stadium. Maybe it was a spring training game, because it looked nothing like Yankee Stadium. It wasn't a very big ballpark, but it was on a river. Some Yankees player hit a splashdown home run. Also, the game was delayed when a huge flock of birds occupied the diamond.

Also last night, I dreamed that I went to church, and only about ten people showed up. They asked me to preach, even though I hadn't prepared at all. I had something I wanted to discuss, but I don't remember what it was. I decided that it would be a good idea to keep it short and sweet. It was 11:37 A.M. when I started, and I wanted to be done by noon at the latest.

A few days ago, I dreamed that I decided to become a mailman as a part-time job to make a bit of quick money. I had no idea what to do, so on my one day on the job, I delivered very little mail. I quit very quickly. Apparently this job also involved getting on roofs - I guess people had mailboxes in their gutters in this alternate reality.

I also had a recurrence of the dream where I go to my old house to retrieve a box of unimportant goods that I left there (in my dream world). The house always has someone else living in it, but they're never home.
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i keep having these really complex dreams that i'm not sure i can remember the entirety of when i'm sleep deprived. here's another that came from a nap this morning.

i had a dream that i explored two abandoned entertainment complexes that i somehow had a hand in. the first was much more recent: we called it the 2015 room since it was completed then. it was something like a family arcade inasmuch as there were all sorts of things to have fun with. there were arcade machines, ticket-printing games, and even some small rides like a small train track. i revisited this place and had a look at it, and it was utterly decrepit. no one had been there in a long time, and it brought back painful memories of seeing this place in its prime. however, the reason i was up there was because i was with a crew of maintenance people, and i succeeded in starting the ball rolling on renovating the room so that it could operate once more.

the second part may have been an extension of the first, but regardless. i dreamed then that i had been involved in starting something like a go-kart league. i keep wanting to say it was called the darda league, but darda is also the name of some pull-back scale cars that i had when i was a kid, so who knows. regardless, this was how it worked- they were these little buggies with small engines on them that were big enough for two kids to fit into. i don't think you had to have two people in the carts to compete, but still. anyway, there would be these complex tracks you'd race on, both indoor and outdoor. they had gotten so popular that you'd have events for these things just about every weekend, and in the dream, i had great memories of driving these things as a child despite being a kid when i started it.

i believe the first track was one some friends of mine and i set up out in the country. it wasn't very complex, but it drew a lot of people who wanted to play. as a result, they built a few courses in my hometown, which i had great memories of riding on and watching events at. you'd do a race, then at the end you'd have a trivia question or puzzle you had to solve. they gave you a question and six answers to pick from, and you'd have to order them from most likely answer to least likely answer. depending on how close the right answer was to the first spot, you'd get more points. in any event, the league was run by this hot latina lady who turned out to have mob ties, and she got assassinated for doing something to said mob. it was probably this combined with the racing thing being a fad that meant it went out of style in a year or two.

anyhow, i remember in the dream that i got really nostalgic for this league, and went to check out what the old locations of the tracks looked like now. many of them were still part of family fun centers and the like, but had been replaced with new things. i did manage to find one abandoned course, and i found out that it even had experienced a revival in activity... one that ended in 2016.

that's omitting a lot of detail, but the point i want you to take away is that this dream had a severely nostalgic feeling throughout.
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