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Nine, Music's art, too
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Hey, guys.
I've been working on an indie game called Nine recently, It's a sandbox adventure game where you play as an outcast mage in a land full of majestic, floating islands in the middle of the sky. (Yeah, Skyward Sword was an influence) So I've decided to share something of it with you guys. So here's a piece of WIP music from the game for you guys! It'll be a neoclassical soundtrack. ;)

Flying Theme (Title Pending): 4Shared, Mediafire
Status: WIP; almost finished
Length: 2.58
Size: 6.79MB (Will be compressed in-game)

To make these songs I used FL Studio 9 (too lazy to update), Edirol Orchestra, Tech Synth and various VST effects.

I hope you guys enjoy it! Also, if you have speakers/headphones with powerful bass, they are recommended.
I'll get more up soon, when it is ready.

have a good one!

PS. Yeah, I know I'll most likely never finish this but whatever.
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