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Subarashii Games GM Tutorials, A series of well-documented tutorials for Game Maker.
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Hey there!
I'm Dazzle, and you might know me as the creator of Super Paper Bowser World. I've recently started a series of tutorials for Game Maker, since everyone keeps telling beginners NOT to use the Hello engine, but they don't tell them what they should do. Well, they should look at my tutorials!

Tutorial 01: A Basic Platformer
Written by: D-Dazzle
Description: This tutorial gives a brief intro on Game Maker, and teaches you how to make a very basic platformer engine.
Difficulty level: Very Easy

Download tutorial: Download from Host-a.net


It takes a while to make these tutorials, so stay tuned for more of 'em. In the meantime, please give me some feedback and tell me what's good and what's not so good about it. Thanks!

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Sorry about the lack of notice - I've been pretty busy lately with school and such.

Anyway, this is one of the most polished introductory tutorials I've seen for GM. It's well-written and attractively laid out. I'd love to see you do some more of these - especially since I like the forums they link to!
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