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Le Tour de Dope
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Play it here!

Here's a glitchy alternate link.

The Tour de France is the greatest event in cycling. Unfortunately, some riders rely on illicit substances to gain an edge over the competition during this grueling three-week race. Can you bring the Yellow Jersey into Paris without compromising your integrity?

You are the lead rider for the WalrusWare-Purplius cycling team, a small and severely underfunded operation. You're still not a star in the sport, but WalrusWare-Purplius's team leadership was impressed with your performance last year as a domestique for one of the bigger teams. They gave you a chance to be the lead rider of a team that probably won't give you anything resembling support. You don't have much of a chance to win the Tour, but who knows - maybe you'll win a big stage or do something else to give the WalrusWare brand some much-needed exposure.

(And no, don't take this game - or my feeble Web development skills - too seriously. I spent a full 24 hours working on it, and I'm not very JavaScript-literate.)
Course clear! You got a card.
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