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Aventura de Luigi

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What could be a better way to celebrate the Year of Luigi than with a Luigi game? And better yet, Mario's oft-neglected bro doesn't have to settle for rescuing cute princesses from the clutches of abduction-addicted turtles; instead, the man in green is saving the economy and environment at the same time! An idyllic island paradise is on the brink of destruction thanks to the malpractice of Wario and irresponsible real estate developers, and since Mario was out of town starring in some other game, Luigi is the only one who can prevent drug dealers and other evildoers from seizing control of the unnamed island and filling the world with dope! Enjoy 26 levels of fun, mayhem, and outmoded 55-FPS frame rates.

The boring history of this project, for those who care...
Early in my fangame-making career, I made a platform game using the Ultramario Engine. This game had a ton of glitches, but there was enough creativity in it to make it salvageable. My design skills have improved significantly in the past four years, and with some help from former MFGG administrator Miles, I embarked on a bug-killing spree while adding better visuals and other new goodies. This update fixes every glitch that anyone complained about in 2009, and there's now Stop 'n' Swop compatibility and a drastically reduced file size. I believe all bugs have been ironed out, but please let me know if anything sneaked past the exterminators.