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Whose Line Is It, Anyway?, one of my favorite shows
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Lovely show. I especially like the Sound Effects scenes like the two above.

Apparently they've recently brought the show back from the dead but with a new host. This I like very, very much. I think I'll be missing Drew Carey's lovably contagious laugh, though.
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I miss that show.
For what is actually was, it actually proved to be quite hilarious.

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i used to watch this with my family whenever it would air on abc family back in the early 2000s. i liked it a lot.

i didn't realize that this show had as much pop culture penetration as it did, because it's harder to find people who weren't fans of this show than it is to find people who were. well, in my experience, at least.
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So what can be superior when compared with paying out half the price for brand name children?

wow, if brand name children are on sale, maybe i can stop buying all these cheap knockoff children

OK... even I'll admit that the Oakland Raiders' performance might be a valid reason to use the interesting words.

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