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call of duty: advanced warfare, am i the only one who plays this series?
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has anyone else played the new call of duty yet? my first impression is that it sucks a lot less than ghosts did. i like how the futuristic setting makes it possible for you to have a power suit that lets you double jump, glide, and slow down time. i also really like how there are attachments for weapons that highlight enemies on the screen, as well as grenades that do the same thing. i haven't played online at all yet, and if i have it my way, i won't at all

i seriously doubt this will make any new fans of the series, but for a first go at the franchise, sledgehammer games didn't do bad.
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So what can be superior when compared with paying out half the price for brand name children?

wow, if brand name children are on sale, maybe i can stop buying all these cheap knockoff children

OK... even I'll admit that the Oakland Raiders' performance might be a valid reason to use the interesting words.

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