My untitled RPG project... a.k.a. Career Fantasy;ve made quite a bit of progress on my indie RPG project, and it&#039;s about time I made a topic for the game itself.<br /> <br /> <strong>The Concept:</strong> For quite a few years I&#039;ve been interested in making an RPG of some kind, but the basic concept of the game is inspired in part by <a href="" rel="nofollow"> this game </a>, which I made last year. Basically, during the first phase of the game, you answer a few questions about your character, and from there the game will automatically determine your class and stats. For example, if you major in Business Management, you earn more money at the end of fights, English majors can &quot;read&quot; enemies&#039; HP and description, similar to the Paper Mario &quot;Tattle&quot; function, and Nursing students can learn the best healing moves. Near the end of the game you might be able to promote to a more powerful, more specialized career, but I don&#039;t know if I&#039;ll really implement a promotion feature. I&#039;ve made a lot of progress on fleshing out the list of fields of study and their strengths and weaknesses, and the engine is designed to support all of the planned features.<br /> <br /> While this game is rather ambitious, I&#039;m trying to make the game scalable enough so I can release something that&#039;s satisfying to play even if it only has a small overworld and a couple of dungeons. This way, I can add more content later if time allows.<br /> <br /> <strong>The Title:</strong> I haven&#039;t decided on a title yet. Fireball3k and I sometimes call it Career Fantasy, but this name is a placeholder.<br /> <br /> <strong>The Setting:</strong> The game takes place in the modern American South. It is an attractive but imperfect world, full of unique, well-rounded characters and settings. (Believe it or not, we&#039;re not all hillbillies who are married to our cousins!). I&#039;m not sure if it&#039;ll take place in a specified time and place - I&#039;m leaning towards making it a &quot;20xx&quot; setting that takes place in the modern age, but there may be occasional things that aren&#039;t terribly realistic! The game is generally lighthearted in tone. While medieval/steampunk RPGs are fun, they&#039;ve been done so many times that they&#039;ve become oversaturated, and it&#039;s hard to find new things to do with such an environment. That&#039;s why I&#039;m taking this game in a new direction that (I hope) hasn&#039;t been done before.<br /> <br /> Most of the game takes place around a modern, unspecified university, although there&#039;s lots of stores, forests, etc. in the surrounding vicinity. Some of the dungeons contain portals to worlds that are a bit zanier (this is a VinnyVideo game, after all). Among the planned dungeons are a computer data center and an underground bank vault.<br /> <br /> <strong>The Story:</strong> I haven&#039;t settled upon a story yet. If my previous games are any indication, I think there&#039;ll be a fair amount of zaniness in the story! (One idea involves a vile creature that is plotting to place a dubstep-based curse upon the world.)<br /> <br /> <strong>The Engine:</strong> The game&#039;s engine builds off of <a href="" rel="nofollow"> this </a>. The base engine is nearly complete - healing and special attacks are the last features I need to finish. I&#039;m not sure whether I&#039;ll end up using GM 8.0 or GM Studio - although converting to Studio will require fixing some ds_map thingies.<br /> <br /> <strong>The Gameplay:</strong> The gameplay borrows many elements from the N64/GCN Paper Mario formula. Game environments look sort of 2-D, but you have free movement in three dimensions. I don&#039;t know whether or not there&#039;ll be jumping or climbing. I&#039;d like to have some interactive puzzles in the mold of the Paper Mario or Golden Sun games. Battles will be turn-based, but I&#039;d like to use an Action Command for at least some attacks (especially music attacks). Battle encounters will probably be random, although I&#039;d like to develop a system that lets you defeat/skip weak enemies automatically.<br /> <br /> <strong>Characters:</strong> The main character is relatively generic. It would be nice to be able to choose a gender, and if I do that, it shouldn&#039;t be too hard to give players a choice of hair color and maybe race and (depending on the level of detail in the game) eye color. While the main character is customizable, the other characters are not.<br /> <br /> As for the other members of your party, I hope to have a wide variety of playable characters - at least 8, maybe as many as 24 (which would be one for each of the college majors on the test). Some characters are stronger than others, and some are harder than others to recruit. Many of the characters are loosely based on people I know in real life, although certain details have been changed to protect the innocent (for example, one of them is a klutzy but intelligent mermaid who is struggling to adapt to the challenges of living among humans!).<br /> <br /> One of the bosses in this game is <a href=";findpost=7193" rel="nofollow"> Frijoles the Pirate </a>. He might be a recurring foe in the mold of FF5&#039;s Gilgamesh. Unlike the playable characters, who are all human, many of the enemies are not human, including the dreaded Killer Squirrel.<br /> <br /> <strong>Graphics:</strong> This is the biggest hangup right now. Because the game takes place in the modern world and most of the characters wear modern clothes, it&#039;s hard to find existing graphics that fit the setting. While I can use pixel art if necessary, I was thinking of using hand-drawn animation, similar to what I did with my Affordable Care Act project. I don&#039;t need animations to be extremely polished, though - in fact, even if I had an infinite budget, I&#039;d actually prefer that the characters look a little &quot;rough around the edges.&quot;<br /> <br /> Playable characters might need 12-16 frames of animation. NPCs can make do with just one or two frames. Fortunately, many characters may be able to reuse parts of other characters. Likewise, many game backgrounds and tilesets can be used throughout the game - things like doors, windows, and parked vehicles. I have more confidence in my ability to draw static backgrounds and buildings than to do a good job of animating human characters. If I really want to make this game happen, though, I may have to pay someone to do the art, even though the final release may be freeware.<br /> <br /> <strong>Music:</strong> A lot of the music is already in place. KPP provided a lot of creepy, atmospheric dungeon music, I&#039;ve composed a few songs myself, and some other MFGGers have provided material. I still need some music for the outside world, though.<br /> <br /> And last but not least, if you think this concept is thoroughly awesome, you might just be able to help out!1Tue, 23 Dec 2014 10:58:04 +0000Bibby: was pleasantly surprised to see that Career Fantasy got a few votes at MFGG Awards. In fact, it came one vote away from tying for Most Anticipated. Now I need to get off my bottom and get some work done!1Thu, 29 Jan 2015 21:01:03 +0000Bibby:;s been a while since I&#039;ve posted an update about this project, but Career Fantasy is alive and kicking! Neweegee has been extremely helpful in providing a full set of animations for the two main characters. Once I graduate from college next month, I&#039;m hoping I&#039;ll have a little more free time for fun, creative projects. In the meantime, I&#039;ve been working on mapping out the story and the game setting.1Sun, 12 Apr 2015 20:02:55 +0000Bibby: have an important question for y&#039;all. At this point, I haven&#039;t written much about Career Fantasy except on here and MFGG, and maybe a Twitter/Tumblr post or two. FB3k and I have been calling it &quot;Career Fantasy&quot; because that name is far catchier than the &quot;Bibby Team Indie RPG Project&quot; name I&#039;d been using previously.<br /> <br /> Before too long, I need to settle on a more permanent name for the project. Career Fantasy isn&#039;t bad, but there are a lot of Google hits for the phrase. None of them seem to be trademarked or copyrighted, in case I ever sell the game on Steam or one of the app stores. However, the game might be a lot easier to find in searches if I give it a name that doesn&#039;t overlap as much. Career Saga is another name idea I had that has a lot fewer Google hits associated with it. What do you folks think?<br /> <br /> And yes, this project is still alive. Over the past couple of days, I&#039;ve drawn a quick sketch of the world map and started sprite designs for the playable characters.1Tue, 05 May 2015 10:51:29 +0000Miles: think I like the name Career Saga.12Tue, 05 May 2015 19:57:26 +0000Bibby: preliminary Career Saga logo recently happened. The logo probably deserves further polish, though.<br /> <br /> Yesterday I made a lot of progress on the character creation screen. I&#039;m keeping it simple for now - the only attributes you can set are name, gender, and maybe birthday. There&#039;s a chance I&#039;ll add more ways to customize the physical appearance of characters, although GM&#039;s capabilities for adjusting character palettes are rather lacking.<br /> <br /> Since this has been a controversial matter in certain games, your stats are not affected by your choice of gender (or race or hair color, if I add those). There&#039;ll be plenty of other ways you can customize your player&#039;s stats, though.1Wed, 08 Jul 2015 19:15:03 +0000Bibby: it or not, Career Fantasy (a.k.a. Career Saga and other aliases) is still a thing! I don&#039;t have anything flashy to show yet, but I&#039;ve made quite a bit of progress on my Super-Southern Postmodern JRPG. I&#039;ve finalized the &quot;timeline&quot; for my game, which means I now know what dungeons and bosses need to appear in the game. Now that that&#039;s out of the way, I can start drilling down to the plans for individual buildings and rooms.1Mon, 28 Dec 2015 14:12:24 +0000Bibby:;m thinking about changing the resolution from 640x360 to 480x270. The characters look smallish in the 640x360 window, since most character sprites are about 48x32. What do y&#039;all think? Since most of the rooms are still test areas, it&#039;s not hard for me to make this change.<br /> <br /> 480x270:<br /> <img src="" title="" alt="" class="bbcodeimg" align="absmiddle" /><br /> <br /> 640x360:<br /> <img src="" title="" alt="" class="bbcodeimg" align="absmiddle" />1Fri, 29 Jan 2016 14:31:34 +0000DustinVG:<div class="quote"><div class="quotee">Bibby</div>I&#039;m thinking about changing the resolution from 640x360 to 480x270. The characters look smallish in the 640x360 window, since most character sprites are about 48x32. What do y&#039;all think? Since most of the rooms are still test areas, it&#039;s not hard for me to make this change.<br /> <br /> 480x270:<br /> (img)<br /> <br /> 640x360:<br /> (img)</div><br /> Yeah, the latter is definitely a touch too much space for this, I feel. Former all the way.<br /> <br /> Do either of these resolutions result in a noticeable amount of stretched pixels?<br /> <br /> 53Sat, 30 Jan 2016 14:40:28 +0000Bibby: to Dustin&#039;s old message: I <em>think</em> there&#039;s no pixel-stretching in either one. I hope.<br /> <br /> It&#039;s quite a rare thing that I discuss my game-making pursuits in the mythical realm of real life, but today was one of those rare days! Today I talked to a group of about 80 &quot;financially disadvantaged&quot; teenagers (and a few other people) about the code I used to make Career Fantasy&#039;s engine. I didn&#039;t have time to discuss the game in great detail, but I hope someone found it to be awesome enough.<br /> <br /> I also have a real-life acquaintance who&#039;s asked me a few times about my progress on CF, so that&#039;s that.<br /> <br /> I stated that I plan to release the game &quot;next year&quot;, so be sure to keep nagging me if this project takes longer than forecasted.1Mon, 20 Jun 2016 14:49:11 +0000Bibby:, I realized I haven&#039;t posted in this topic in <strong>five</strong> years! That &quot;next year&quot; sure has taken a while.<br /> <br /> A few things have changed during that time. One thing that hasn&#039;t changed? Believe it or not, I&#039;m still working on this game! Grad school and starting a full-time job took up much of my time and mental energy for a while, and for the past year or so I&#039;ve spent a lot of time updating my older game projects. However, I&#039;ve finished the <a href="" rel="nofollow"> &quot;Update Old Stuff&quot; project </a>, so I&#039;m making sure this project stays at the top of my game-making queue. While my &quot;day job&quot; keeps me plenty busy, working from home has given me a lot more free time to make games - cutting out 90 minutes in the car every day makes a big difference, after all. And with Florida&#039;s COVID-19 numbers being the world&#039;s worst right now, I&#039;ll be working from home for quite a while longer.<br /> <br /> <a href="" rel="nofollow"> An awesome person </a> has been making awesome enemy sprites, which has been a big help. Much thanks.<br /> <br /> A few weeks ago, I bit the bullet and converted the game from GM 8.0 to GM Studio 1.4. While I still prefer some aspects of GM 8 over newer Game Maker versions, sticking to GM 8 made the game increasingly difficult to develop. The conversion process proved to be a major headache, since my old textbox script depended on functions that don&#039;t work in GM Studio. Fortunately, I was able to replicate this functionality with a new textbox script. It&#039;s taken quite a bit of testing to make sure I didn&#039;t cause any regression bugs, but I think everything is working fine now.<br /> <br /> So here&#039;s what&#039;s next:<br /> <br /> <ul><li> Double-check everything is working as expected (in-battle healing/items might need tweaking)<br /> </li><li> Make menus/UI prettier<br /> </li><li> Make gameplay smoother<br /> </li><li> Create/add more sprites<br /> </li><li> Add characters and dialogue </li></ul><br /> <br /> I&#039;m planning to have a playable demo out by the end of the year - something where you can explore some of the world, fill out your party, fight a boss, and tackle a dungeon.1Wed, 11 Aug 2021 01:42:32 +0000Bibby: know it&#039;s hard to believe, but this thing isn&#039;t dead! Really. No need to do the autopsy - our patient has a pulse.<br /> <br /> I got a little sidetracked by my platformer project for a few months, but now that Version 1.0 of my platformer is done, I&#039;m out of excuses to keep procrastinating on this thing!<br /> <br /> Right now I&#039;m working on tweaking menus and other UI elements - certain interfaces are still rather clunky. I&#039;m also working on making an actual world that you can explore, instead of this just sitting as a series of boring engine test rooms. Certain areas are still a bit empty, but now you can walk from your dorm to the town - and face off with Frijoles the Pirate.1Sat, 25 Jun 2022 14:37:56 +0000Bibby:;s happening.<br /> <br /> <ul><li> Bug fixes - my flyswatter&#039;s been getting a workout<br /> </li><li> Still working on making areas feel more like a real game and less like an engine test - adding more tiles, backgrounds, and NPCs<br /> </li><li> Got the battle UI looking prettier (now there&#039;s a cute little background behind player/enemy names, for example)<br /> </li><li> Made items stackable </li></ul><br /> <br /> Now, if you buy four Ice Cream Sandwiches at the store, the game counts it as one inventory slot (&quot;Ice Cream Sandwiches x4&quot;) instead of four. I realized that item management could get clunky in a hurry if I didn&#039;t implement item stacking. It had been a while since I&#039;d tinkered with the item code, but implementing this wasn&#039;t nearly as tough as I was afraid it would be.1Sat, 09 Jul 2022 20:22:38 +0000Bibby: past month has probably been my most productive ever for Career Fantasy development - I&#039;ve worked on this game almost every day this month, which is quite an oddity for me.<br /> <br /> I&#039;ve added a bunch of things since my last post:<br /> <br /> <ul><li> Type advantages/weaknesses: Certain attacks do more or less damage depending on the attack&#039;s element and any elemental advantages/weaknesses that the target might have (for example, a water-based attack would do more damage than usual against a hypothetical fire monster, but it might not hurt an ice enemy much)<br /> </li><li> Status effects: Both players and enemies can suffer Poisoned, Paralyzed, or Asleep statuses, which do exactly what you&#039;d guess they do (fortunately for victims of unpleasant statuses, these conditions all wear off after a few turns)<br /> </li><li> Critical hits: They&#039;re now a thing - these occur randomly, but a high Luck stat makes them happen more frequently<br /> </li><li> Evasion: There&#039;s now a chance to evade attacks, depending on the target&#039;s Speed and Luck stats<br /> </li><li> Tweaked battle calculations: All player stats now have a purpose in battle (except for Style) </li></ul><br /> <br /> The type advantages system is a bit similar to the Pokemon games. Each attack can only have one element, but each character (both friends and enemies) can have any number of strengths and weaknesses to elements. Some characters are naturally strong to or vulnerable against certain attacks, but equipment can also boost your resistance against certain elements. (A smaller number of equippables can actually give you a weakness to a certain element, so be careful.)1Sun, 17 Jul 2022 22:19:23 +0000Bibby: past month wasn&#039;t quite as big for development, but progress is still happening, slowly but surely.<br /> <br /> Lately I&#039;ve been focusing on adding moves to the game. This is a vital but time-consuming endeavor, considering that there are going to be around 20 classes in the game (as well as some enemy-exclusive moves).<br /> <br /> Creating moves is fun but also tedious. I&#039;ve spent the better part of the last decade brainstorming ideas for moves, and now I finally have to figure out what to add or leave out as I build a coherent moveset for each character. It&#039;s tricky because I want each moveset to make sense for that character&#039;s class, yet also be fun and balanced from a gameplay perspective.<br /> <br /> Some characters can do similar things in slightly different ways. For example, there&#039;s a bunch of different moves that boost a character&#039;s physical attack during battle, but I try to differentiate these - some might also boost another stat or cure a status effect or whatnot. I don&#039;t want to have two moves with different names that otherwise do the exact same thing - that would be boring and redundant.<br /> <br /> I&#039;ve finished programming 96 different moves, including the majority of regular attacks, healing moves, and buffs planned for the game. I still have a few more moves to add, mostly attacks that target multiple enemies (or buffs that target multiple allies). It shouldn&#039;t take too long to add those, though. I&#039;ll also want to create more sounds and special effects for moves, although that can wait until later.<br /> <br /> Soon I&#039;ll be able to test how battles will play out with different parties at different levels in different areas of the game. That actually sounds kind of fun - even though I built the game, I don&#039;t know what that experience will actually feel like! If other people actually play this game, I&#039;m sure they&#039;ll come up with some interesting strategies of their own.1Mon, 22 Aug 2022 01:19:52 +0000Bibby: thing&#039;s still chugging along! I took a couple of weeks off from this project earlier in the month to work on a silly little side project. Don&#039;t worry - said silly little side project is silly and little, and it won&#039;t derail this much more significant project!<br /> <br /> First of all, I made sure that all items currently available in the game are actually equippable. (I have to tell the game that the &quot;JaxBoards T-Shirt&quot; is a shirt and not a hat, for example.) This is a somewhat tedious endeavor... though obviously important.<br /> <br /> I made the item/equipment system a lot more polished. Item stacking works now - if you have three &quot;JaxBoards T-Shirt&quot; items in your inventory, the game will show &quot;JaxBoards T-Shirt x 3&quot; instead of showing the same item three times. The items menu automatically eliminates gaps in the list, and you can only scroll down to the last valid item in the list. I&#039;ve seen different games handle this in different ways, but I think my way is reasonably elegant. I don&#039;t currently offer a way to dump or sell excess items in your inventory. However, since your inventory holds up to 200 unique items (a number I can increase as needed), you&#039;ll never find yourself unable to pick up an item because you&#039;re out of space. These endless-sized pockets sure come in handy!<br /> <br /> I also added a message that politely informs you when you can&#039;t equip a certain kind of item (for example, the game will nope at you if you try to equip a hat as shoes!). Similarly, some tops are designed to be one-piece outfits - it would be awkward to try to put a prom dress or nursing scrubs over a long skirt or a pair of jeans! If you select an invalid top-bottom combination, your bottom is unequipped and returned to your inventory. I know it sounds silly, but this is one of the things I fretted over when I first came up with this game - I wasn&#039;t sure how I&#039;d make one-piece items work!<br /> <br /> There&#039;s still a ways to go with this, but I spent a lot of time testing the game&#039;s balancing. I implemented a debug script for auto-leveling characters. How would a Level 20 Biology major behave in battle with the moves they would learn in the actual game? I also wrote a script for synthesizing random player parties. Some of the possible characters might not actually be playable the final game, but it&#039;s still fun to see what kinds of combinations it comes up with. I also wrote a script for auto-leveling enemies to a certain level, though I haven&#039;t done much with it yet. (It&#039;s possible that I&#039;ll let all enemies be a predetermined level, and stronger enemies will appear later in the game as recolored &quot;Underground Monkeys&quot;. I&#039;m not sure yet, though.)<br /> <br /> Now you can hit the &#039;S&#039; key to take a screenshot of gameplay! Woo-hoo.<br /> <br /> Finally, I fixed a bunch of existing issues, ranging from nasty bugs (like one that could crash the game in battle!) to small irritations like text looking fuzzy (seems a for loop was causing it to get drawn a lot more times than it needed to be).<br /> <br /> Here&#039;s a random WIP screenshot of the battle layout, since the Club Saturn crew was curious about how this was looking.<br /> <br /> <img src="" title="" alt="" class="bbcodeimg" align="absmiddle" />1Sat, 01 Oct 2022 22:26:21 +0000Bibby: tends to be the busiest time of year for me in &quot;real life&quot; - as usual, I took a little trip, survived &quot;crunch time&quot; at work, and finally made time to watch some baseball! Fortunately, I&#039;m still making progress on this, and I think I&#039;ll have more time to work on this for the rest of the year.<br /> <br /> I got multiple-target attacks working - this was one of the biggest remaining pieces of infrastructure. This was actually a bit tricky to splice onto the existing engine. Currently only the player&#039;s party can use multi-target moves, though it wouldn&#039;t take much effort to grant this same privilege to enemies! In this game, all moves are either single-target or all-targets - there won&#039;t be any way to choose between, say, a strong single-target &quot;Fire-1&quot; attack and a weaker multi-target &quot;Fire-1 (All)&quot; attack.<br /> <br /> Also, I made a few UI improvements - now the game can properly display really long lists of special attacks and items.<br /> <br /> At this point, I can focus on adding the fun things - making the rooms prettier, creating new areas to explore, and adding more characters! (Also, I need to create separate animations for in-battle attacking - this shouldn&#039;t be tough though.)<br /> <br /> <a href="" rel="nofollow"> Here&#039;s a demo </a> if you&#039;d like to see how things are progressing! Graphics are subject to change, but core functionality is pretty much done. As such, this demo is designed for testing things rather than ensuring a smooth, coherent gameplay experience. This also means you might be able to press a few special keys to make interesting things happen in game...1Sun, 23 Oct 2022 16:38:41 +0000Bibby:, it&#039;s still going! I haven&#039;t been spending <em>all</em> of my waking hours working and watching the World Cup.<br /> <br /> Most of the past month has been spent making animations and sound effects for in-battle attacks. This is fun but also tedious. Then again, a lot of things about making an RPG with your very own engine are tedious. Fortunately, the majority of animations and battle SFX are complete. This also required tweaking in-battle timing and audio fadeouts.<br /> <br /> I&#039;ve done a few non-cosmetic things, too. Originally, attempting to escape from battle would never fail (unless you were fighting a boss - the game won&#039;t let you escape from a boss). Now I&#039;ve made it so fleeing from battle may fail, causing your current character to lose their turn. Your odds of escaping successfully will be higher if your party&#039;s speed is higher than your opponents&#039;.<br /> <br /> Also, I squashed a quartet of nasty little bugs:<br /> <br /> <ul><li> The pause menu&#039;s moves list wouldn&#039;t display more than eight moves for a character<br /> </li><li> You&#039;d lose your MP if you canceled out of an attack while selecting an enemy to target<br /> </li><li> Attacks could actually increase the attacked enemy&#039;s HP if the enemy&#039;s defense/resistance was high enough<br /> </li><li> Read/Scan could softlock the game if used before another player&#039;s turn </li></ul>1Thu, 01 Dec 2022 01:01:58 +0000Miles:;m always happy to see an update on this.<br /> <br /> <div class="quote"><div class="quotee">Bibby</div>Attacks could actually increase the attacked enemy&#039;s HP if the enemy&#039;s defense/resistance was high enough</div>lol12Fri, 02 Dec 2022 03:02:55 +0000Fri, 09 Dec 2022 12:33:58 +0000