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a conversation with a skype bot
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[7:13:15 PM] [icytoucan]: hi. who is this?
[7:30:27 PM] [bot]: hi
[7:34:22 PM] [icytoucan]: sup?
[7:35:06 PM] [bot]: hello to you too
[7:36:15 PM] [icytoucan]: are you someone i know? i've used the usernames [redacted], [redacted], and [redacted] in the past. if not, how did you find my skype username?
[7:36:40 PM] [bot]: hey! found ya on skype messenger directory i'm recently single and dating sites suck so i figured i'd give this a try ;) so can i ask you something??
[7:37:37 PM] [icytoucan]: sure but IMO you're not passing the turing test so far.
[7:38:32 PM] [bot]: what do you look at more on a girl, her :censored: or her :censored:? honestly???
[7:39:43 PM] [bot]: i just ask cause every guy has a preference, so i was curious what yours is :​) so are you the shy or freaky type?
[7:40:28 PM] [icytoucan]: at this point even if you're [not] a bot i don't think you're someone i want to associate with. if [you really aren't] a bot, [i wish you] luck [in] finding someone.
[7:40:29 PM] [icytoucan]: bye.
[7:40:48 PM] *** [icytoucan] blocked [bot] ***

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Skype spambots: The best way to find enduring love.

[8:29:18 AM] *** Amanda would like to add you on Skype

hey are you online? ***
[8:30:10 AM] VinnyVideo: Hi Miss Spambot! Why are all spambots named Amanda?
[8:30:26 AM] Amanda: hey i found your name on the directory. I'm 24/female wanna chat and share pics?
[8:31:29 AM] VinnyVideo: Which directory? I'm more interested in blocking you because you're an obvious bot.
[8:31:45 AM] Amanda: My name is amanda i grew up in Miami.. i'm kinda a small girl with big attributes lol where are you from?
[8:32:42 AM] VinnyVideo: I was born on Planet Jupiter, but I moved to Jacksonville when I was young. Have you ever been to Jupiter before? Its rings are awesome.
[8:32:58 AM] Amanda: cool, im just bored as f*k at home! I'm single and looking... do you have any pictures to share?
[8:34:49 AM] VinnyVideo: Sure. Here's a random picture of Vladimir Putin. [this is the picture of Putin shirtless with a horse]
[8:35:12 AM] Amanda: ok, like want to see pics of me?
[8:35:53 AM] VinnyVideo: Only if you're wearing clothes. I prefer girls who keep their clothes on.
[8:36:13 AM] Amanda: I uploaded recent pics here... <link removed>

This spambot was just seconds away from dying at the hands of the dreaded Report Spam button, the sword that has slain many an Amanda.
Course clear! You got a card.
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