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BattleBot Doom Deathmatch concept.
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So, this is a rough concept for something for fun that popped into my mind while chatting on Skype earlier today.
Due to how bots work in most Doom ports, this would all need to be handled on the host's computer.

The concept here is simple enough, all entrants program their own bot with all the stats outlined in https://wiki.zandronum.com/BOTINFO .
Accuracy, Intellect, Evade, Anticipation, Reactiontime, and Perception, all have a set amount of points you can distribute between them. (I still need to find a decent amount of points to set) The player is free to distribute these points as they see fit, so long as it does not exceed the maximum points allowed.
No restrictions for Chatfrequency, and should only be set at the entrant's own risk.

Once everything has been set, the player would then submit their bot to the host, to be inspected, then added.
After everyone who has entered has made their bot, and submitted it, the host starts the match.
Entrants are free to watch, as spectators to the fight. No humans allowed in the battlebot arena. (A password lock would prevent this from being a problem though)
After a set amount of matches, a winner is declared based on the final results of each fight.

So, it's a rough concept, but it seems like it would be simple enough to pull off.

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