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Nite fixed my Super NES
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My Super NES hadn't been working properly in many moons. After being on for a few minutes, it would randomly shut off. As time went on, the amount of playtime I could get out of it dropped to nil - the power light would go off almost as soon as I turned on the system's power switch.

Fortunately, however, I know someone who's amazing at fixing old video game hardware ! I recently sent Nite my Super NES for repairs and a tune-up. Thanks to his magic, my Super NES is back in good working order!

The past few days have been rather unusual with a hurricane approaching, so I haven't had a chance to play it too long, but it's nice to be able to play Super Mario Kart (and NHL '97!) again. It's kind of amazing that the battery still works in Super Mario Kart - after all, this cartridge is now about 25 years old, so the game has technically been powered on for a quarter century.

Unfortunately, I have mixed reviews for my friends at the United States Postal Service. I had to use USPS to ship my package to Nite, since FedEx and UPS won't deliver there. The people at the post office were helpful and friendly, but the Super NES shell suffered some moderate exterior damage during the cross-country trip. It's a long trip, but I tried to be pretty careful in wrapping it, and it would've been nice if it had been treated a bit more gently in transit. Fortunately, the innards were unscathed.

So if you ever need a piece of old game hardware repaired or modified, Nite is your man! Just be extra-careful when shipping it using the postal service - feel free to go overboard with the bubble wrap and FRAGILE stickers!
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Always makes me feel good knowing that I've put a smile on someone's face, especially when it is that of a good friend of mine. :)

Glad to hear it survived the return trip as well.

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