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Lost in the labyrinth of fire, map generator test.
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What I've come up with here is a simple map generator system, to create random mazes.
Not much, but playable to some extent. I still have a lot of kinks to work out of the system.

Arrow keys: Move
Z Key: Use key
X Key, Use bomb
1 Key: resize window (Work in progress)
Tab key: preposition window (Work in progress)
End key or returing to entrance: regenerate map
Alt+F4 to exit

Known bugs: Doors and rocks can spawn on top of each other
Doors and rocks can spawn on starting location
Exit spawns too close to entrance
Entrance and start are always the same

Previous maps are not stored into memory.

For the sake of this beta:
Bombs and keys are set to 9999 for testing reasons

Anyway, let me know if you come across anything else, as well as if you have any ideas for things to put in.

Please keep in mind when suggesting that everything is 100% random. Leaving me with very little control over where things are placed if this gets off the ground.

Download link:
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Looks promising! You could probably turn this into a Bomberman-like thing, or you could take it in an entirely different direction.
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Pause menu now implemented. (Enter)
The darker tiles (Tar pits) now slow Luigi's movement.
C can be used to force open doors and rocks without using bombs, but at the cost of food and health.
Tar pits can be ignited using bombs. This also holds the possibility of destroying the exit, as they spawn on tar pits. This can also trap you in an inescapable situation forcing either backtracking to the entrance, or using an escape rope (A key) to regenerate the map.
Mushrooms can now be collected, and added as food.
A can be used to regenerate the map, at the cost of a 2 cleared floor penalty.
Food and health are consumed on moving, and forcing entry.

Window scale is now corrected, with the exception of full screen.
Maps generating with no exit now regenerate automatically.
Maps generating missing too many assets now regenerate automatically.
Maps generating with Luigi trapped within a wall now regenerate automatically.
Luigi can only place bombs when not moving.

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