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Le Tour de Dope
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Play it here!

Here's a glitchy alternate link .

The Tour de France is the greatest event in cycling. Unfortunately, some riders rely on illicit substances to gain an edge over the competition during this grueling three-week race. Can you bring the Yellow Jersey into Paris without compromising your integrity?

You are the lead rider for the WalrusWare-Purplius cycling team, a small and severely underfunded operation. You're still not a star in the sport, but WalrusWare-Purplius's team leadership was impressed with your performance last year as a domestique for one of the bigger teams. They gave you a chance to be the lead rider of a team that probably won't give you anything resembling support. You don't have much of a chance to win the Tour, but who knows - maybe you'll win a big stage or do something else to give the WalrusWare brand some much-needed exposure.

(And no, don't take this game - or my feeble Web development skills - too seriously. I spent a full 24 hours working on it, and I'm not very JavaScript-literate.)
Course clear! You got a card.
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