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Retiring my old Asus
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Someone finally bought a new laptop today! I don't usually pay much attention to Black Friday sales, but since I needed a new laptop, I decided to hit them up - since today is the best day to score a new PC.

This also means that I'm bidding farewell to the old Asus that served me so well for five years. It took me through the second half of my bachelor's program, all of grad school, my old part-time job, my quest for a full-time job, plenty of IT conferences, thousands of lines of spaghetti code, and lots of general goofing-off. It's been on life support for a while - the hinge broke over a year ago, causing the display to begin splitting in two. Then about a month ago, the hard drive crashed, and recovering it became a complex operation. I could try to restore my old laptop to good working order, but I'm staring down the barrel of about $200 in expenses (about $50 for a comparable hard drive, $75 or so for a replacement display, and labor, whether my own or someone else's), and it's hard for me to justify spending that kind of money on a computer this old.

I'm confident that my new laptop will serve me well, but I feel obliged to give my old machine a proper send-off. So farewell old friend. This is my last post from my old Asus, unless someone convinces me to fix it up and turn it into a Linux machine. (This would not be an extremely difficult thing to convince me to do!)
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just turn it into a linux machine already!
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Sounds like you made a good choice.
Congratulations on a new computer. and farewell to the old.

You sound like me when Venom died, when I decided to get H.A.R.D.A.C.

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