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Neighborhood watch signs
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In my city, many neighborhoods have "neighborhood watch" programs. Such communities are often marked by neighborhood watch signs, which supposedly play a vital role in helping each neighborhood watch program extend its blessing of protection over the entire realm. However, these signs often have stickers marking their expiration dates, and some of them have expired! So what does it mean when you see a neighborhood watch sign that expired last year? There's a few possibilities:

Apathy: You stop caring so much. You don't do anything when you see the dudes in ski masks taking out your neighbor's 65-inch television, and you don't see anything risky about leaving a few iPhones and guns unattended in your unlocked car.

Surrender: You give up completely. When the dudes in ski masks break into your home, you help them take your 4K TV to their getaway car and wish them a safe trip back to the shady downtown pawn shop.

Reversal: The tables have turned! Instead of passively watching for criminals, you become one yourself! You don the ski masks and break into your neighbors' homes - especially those nasty neighbors who forget to pay their HOA dues. Or, if you're a team player, you team up with your neighbors to bring your crime wave to other neighborhoods.

Strike: You haven't given up, but the cops have. You can call 911 or the local non-emergency police number as much as you want, but the police won't do a thing when you tell them about the dudes in ski masks taking out your neighbor's oversized television, as you forgot to update the sticker on the neighborhood watch sign.

Escalation: A neighborhood watch program isn't enough. Now you're hiring heavily-armed mercenaries - such as Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme, or Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - to patrol the streets.

Nothing: Neighborhood watch programs don't mean all that much, and nobody really notices or cares if the sign hasn't been touched in the past year.

Also, don't take this topic too seriously - I just think it's funny that a neighborhood watch sign would have a time limit on it.
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