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My MFGG retirement party
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I should post a topic here too, since most of our members have some kind of MFGG connection.

As y'all probably know, I was an admin on MFGG - for almost seven years, in fact. It was a fun and interesting adventure, but my new job has significantly cut into my time to do online things, and I got a bit burned out with the online world in general. That's why I'm stepping down from my admin role - this is my first day without a red name! It's a weird feeling not to be the Big Boss™ anymore, but I think I'm making the right call.

It's the end of an era, for both myself and for MFGG, but I also think I'll feel better when I don't feel obligated to keep a close eye on the ever-dramatic online world. Plus it'll give me more time to make games and do fun/useful Real Life things.

Fear not - I'll still check MFGG reasonably often, and I'll still be an admin here (of course).
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Congratulations of holding that title for so long.

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