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My experience of Mario Open Golf
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This is the Japanese version of NES Open Tournament Golf. Like it's NTSC-U counterpart this game is very difficult but it kicks the difficulty up a notch. Greens are hillier, there's a par limit for stroke plays, there's more water hazards and sand traps, and it's more difficult to earn cash than in the NA version. Sometimes the holes are easy, other times they're extremely frustrating. The worst hole I've seen is hole twelve in the Australia course. You have to hit the ball over a fairly large river, and this isn't a par 5 so there's not much room to screw up. But overall, the game is difficult but it was a pioneer for Mario Golf and it's sequels so you've gotta give it some credit. I like it because it has taught me that not all games are a walk in the park.
What's your favourite course in the game? (I couldn't post a poll so I have to ask a question in the actual thread).
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Oh yeah, Mario Open Golf is quite a thing! It's definitely one of the hardest sports games I've played, although considering the number of hours I put into NES Open Tournament Golf during the previous decade, it was doable.

The music in the Britain course always cracks me up.
Course clear! You got a card.
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