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Marioy 2
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Download it here!

An update to one of my earliest programming efforts! Marioy 2 is a Mario fangame I started waaaaaaaay back in 2007. In this game, Boom-Boom has decided to terrorize the Mushroom Kingdom by playing "YMCA" at high volume all day long, and only Mario can save the day!

This isn't the fanciest Mario fangame of all time, but it has 28 levels and a nice variety of enemies and features. I spent way too long trying to splice features into an old version of the Hello SMB1 Engine. However, this project ended up teaching me a lot about programming and probably played a role in me "going pro" in this career path! The 2020 update fixes a great multitude of bugs and adds some new features (a more reliable save system, a level select screen, online high scores, and Stop 'n Swop, to name a few).

Before you play, I recommend that you press F1 or go to the Game Information page to view the controls, story, and other tips.

Have fun.
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