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Incredibly useful office software comparison
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Microsoft Office remains the most popular office suite for large enterprises, but Google Docs and LibreOffice also have their fans in the world.

However, Google Docs is currently the undisputed champion in one area! This office suite's spelling checker is the best at recognizing the names of prominent video game characters. It consistently recognizes names and locations from prominent video game series.

Microsoft Word's spelling checker is quite limited - it recognizes a few names, but not most. It thinks Bowser and Robotnik are OK, but not Wario and Eggman! Curiously, Microsoft Word recognizes just a handful of Pokemon - Pikachu and the starters from the original Generation 1 games.

LibreOffice finishes last here - it won't recognize any proper nouns exclusive to the video game world.

This is the kind of research that propels humanity forward.
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