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Since I might make an indie RPG...
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I've always wanted to make an RPG of some sort, though I was never quite sure how to go about it, since I never was able to get into RPG Maker. Making that Quest for MFGG minigame, however, taught me a lot about what not to do with a GM-based RPG, so I feel confident enough to consider trying one. This isn't an official topic for the game (I haven't even started the engine yet), but I was wondering: What would you like to see in an indie RPG? For me:
  • Avoid RPG cliches when possible
  • Implement some kind of action command system to make turn-based battles more interesting
  • Keep level grinding and cumbersome fetch quests to a minimum
  • Include interesting dungeon design
  • Add dynamic elements to the story, including multiple possible endings

Above all, I want vivid characters and a compelling story, and high-quality game environments.
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