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Hey guys, I am new to the game creation world. Actually, this is my first game ever. I expect it to be somewhat boring and simple. I hope to have better creations in the future. I will try to post all of the ones I can make on here. Please comment on them! I want you to be very judging on them because I want to make the best games I possibly can. Tell me what I can do better or what I can change.

Here is the first game I have ever created. I call it Fruit Clicker ( I am not very creative when it comes to names ). Press F1 for instructions.

I will add others as I create them.
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OK, it is "somewhat boring and simple," but I've seen worse. More importantly, what you're doing is a great way to get into the game-making rhythm, and my advice is to just keep playing around with the different tutorials, and don't be afraid to ask if there's anything you have trouble understanding.
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