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Rules and Posting Guidelines, Version 1.2
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  • No flaming or trolling. Keep it civil, and respect other people's opinions and viewpoints, idiot.
  • Don't post or link to pornography or content that's not "safe for work."
  • No posting pirated software, movies, or music, or other stuff that's obviously illegal.
  • Keep profanity to a bare minimum, or you'll receive a paddling.
  • Don't bring outside disputes onto the board.
  • Don't bump old topics without a valid reason.
  • Please try to use decent spelling and grammar.
  • Use just one account per person. Alternate accounts will be merged.
  • Have fun at all times.
Follow these guidelines or you may find yourself demoted to the dreaded Convicted Felon member group. And you don't want that.

Edited by: Bibby , Oct 19th, 2012 @ 3:58 pm
Course clear! You got a card.
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