Post your dreamsA topic for posting your dreams some of you may know, I am a gigantic dream geek, and dreams have always been a huge fascination of mine. I even keep a journal and a pencil beside my bed so I can catalogue mine. So here&#039;s a place where you can post all of your journeys to the whimsical, magical fantasy land within the recesses of the mind.<br /> <br /> <br /> Oh, and no wet dreams. We want to keep Bibby Team safe for work, now don&#039;t we?27Mon, 05 Mar 2012 18:35:40 +0000The_Shadow:,<br /> <br /> Their was one, I was playing SMB2,<br /> It started off normal enough, until i made luigi jump in to this pit,<br /> <br /> Things got weird from their,<br /> the pit, was filled with the rotting corpses of several characters<br /> <br /> After crawling out, Their was warts severed head on a stick.<br /> the place suddenly turned dark, and evil.<br /> <br /> This is actually the main inspiration for TTD.52Mon, 05 Mar 2012 18:46:22 +0000Friendly Dictator: was before the theme for the latest mgc was revealed. I dreamt that the theme was &quot;roller coasters.&quot; I have the weirdest dreams sometimes.49Mon, 05 Mar 2012 20:55:36 +0000Hypernova: dream is becoming a staff of MFGG and make a popular good game better than Mushroom Kingdom Fusion. And also get a iMac pro Desktop 12 cores and intel core i7 dell laptop.42Mon, 05 Mar 2012 20:57:16 +0000Genogenesisevangelion:<div class="quote"><div class="quotee">supernova</div>My dream is becoming a staff of MFGG and make a popular good game better than Mushroom Kingdom Fusion. And also get a iMac pro Desktop 12 cores and intel core i7 dell laptop.</div><br /> <br /> Umm... What I meant was, dreams you have when you sleep...27Mon, 05 Mar 2012 21:35:49 +0000Hypernova:<div class="quote"><div class="quotee">Genogenesis7</div>Umm... What I meant was, dreams you have when you sleep...</div><br /> <br /> Aw snap. My bad.<br /> <br /> A few weeks ago I got a dream about MFGG. It&#039;s weird. DarkBlueYoshi trolls and promoted to Admin and change my profile to cats and got a hello kitty badge from him. Hello joined the Midas machine team and DJ Yoshiman start making an engine.42Mon, 05 Mar 2012 21:46:14 +0000Genogenesisevangelion:<div class="quote"><div class="quotee">supernova</div><br /> A few weeks ago I got a dream about MFGG. It&#039;s weird. DarkBlueYoshi trolls and promoted to Admin and change my profile to cats and got a hello kitty badge from him. Hello joined the Midas machine team and DJ Yoshiman start making an engine.</div><br /> <br /> That&#039;s one weird dream, man.<br /> <br /> 27Mon, 05 Mar 2012 21:48:05 +0000Bibby:<div class="quote"><div class="quotee">Supernova</div>A few weeks ago I got a dream about MFGG. It&#039;s weird. DarkBlueYoshi trolls and promoted to Admin and change my profile to cats and got a hello kitty badge from him. Hello joined the Midas machine team and DJ Yoshiman start making an engine.</div><br /> <br /> <img src="" alt=":hello:"/><br /> <br /> It&#039;s kind of rare I have dreams of any type, and usually they involve me forgetting about responsibilities/traditions (taking a test when I haven&#039;t studied, or forgetting when Christmas is). However, a couple of times in the past year I&#039;ve dreamed about 4chan launching a raid on this forum. That was fun - once I woke up.1Mon, 05 Mar 2012 22:12:09 +0000Hypernova: 4chan?42Mon, 05 Mar 2012 22:16:07 +0000Genogenesisevangelion:<div class="quote"><div class="quotee">Bibby</div><br /> However, a couple of times in the past year I&#039;ve dreamed about 4chan launching a raid on this forum. That was fun - once I woke up.</div><br /> <br /> That would actually be a pretty crazy idea for a fangame. It&#039;d be super fun, except maybe if we release it 4chan really WOULD raid our forums.<br /> 27Mon, 05 Mar 2012 22:27:01 +0000Puddin:, I usually post my dreams on another message board, so I&#039;ll copy and paste the last few I posted.<br /> <br /> <div class="quote"><div class="quotee">Mason on March 2nd, 2012</div>I had a dream last night that I died and I was in some kind of Purgatory, which looked sort of like a school campus. Me and a few others were taken to an office with a waiting room, and there were two doors, &quot;one to Heaven and one to Hell.&quot; A secretary came and told us that roughly 2/3s of the us (including me) were going to Hell, so we went through that door.<br /> <br /> Inside that door was another waiting room, and there were already a few people in it. The secretary in that room explained that Hell was only a temporary place, and it was at maximum capacity so we would have to wait in the Hell waiting room for &quot;another&quot; week. The people who were already there groaned explaining how many weeks they had been waiting to get into Hell, and they &quot;just want to get Hell over with so they can go to Heaven.&quot;<br /> <br /> It became &quot;dinner time&quot; so we left the building to get dinner. (Why did we need food if we were dead?) Outside was still full of other people waiting to go to the Heaven/Hell waiting room (none of them seemed to know that the Hell waiting room led to another waiting room before Hell.) After dinner (and after each meal, the chefs explained) we had to go back to the hell waiting room and sit there day and night. If we refused to go back, we would have to eat our meals in the waiting room.<br /> <br /> After I ate dinner, I got back to the waiting room and the chairs were gone, and replaced with cots. The next morning (dream kind of had a jump here) I went back outside to eat breakfast, and there were &quot;new people&quot; (people who had just died I guess) who were Mormons and trying to convert everyone in Purgatory to Mormonism.<br /> <br /> Then I woke up.</div><br /> <div class="quote"><div class="quotee">Mason on February 26th, 2012</div>Last night I had a freaky Space Ghost Coast to Coast dream. In the dream, I was hired to do a reboot of the show, and for some reason I could do all the character&#039;s voices perfectly. Then some feminists made a female version of the show, where Space Ghost looked exactly the same except had boobs and lipstick. Zorak and Moltar looked the same but sounded more feminine.<br /> <br /> Brak wasn&#039;t in the dream, but strangely, I had a dream earlier that night involving him, but it was like he was a real person. I guess once I transitioned into the dreams I described above, he didn&#039;t appear, since in those dreams it was about them being characters, not real people. I&#039;m not quite sure how to explain it. Also, here&#039;s a mockup of how the female Space Ghost in my dream looked: <a href="[/quote" rel="nofollow"></div></a>13Tue, 06 Mar 2012 10:54:20 +0000Genogenesisevangelion: purgatory dream serously sounds like some sort of abstract visual metaphor in a surreal film.<br /> <br /> ...<br /> <br /> I JUST GOT AN IDEA FOR A FILM!27Wed, 07 Mar 2012 17:03:24 +0000Fujiko: don&#039;t remember my dreams often. No matter how many different things I try in order to fix that, nothing works.<br /> <br /> But when I do, they tend to be pretty cool. I remember one from a few years back where Paul McCartney took me on a date in Italy... Hahahahaha!<br /> <br /> In another fun one, I was dressed as Madotsuki from Yume Nikki, trapped in a mansion, and had to fight off zombies. It wasn&#039;t scary, it was in an arcade game kind of style. 6Wed, 07 Mar 2012 23:38:59 +0000Friendly Dictator: night I had a dream that an &quot;FM Object&quot; (Whatever that is, I think it was supposed to be some sort of asteroid or something) was going to hit the earth and we were all going to die. Then a flying manta ray flew past the window.<br /> <br /> My dreams are getting weirder and weirder.49Thu, 08 Mar 2012 07:50:10 +0000Genogenesisevangelion:<div class="quote"><div class="quotee">Terribletippisisters</div>Last night I had a dream that an &quot;FM Object&quot; (Whatever that is, I think it was supposed to be some sort of asteroid or something) was going to hit the earth and we were all going to die. Then a flying manta ray flew past the window.<br /> <br /> My dreams are getting weirder and weirder.</div><br /> <br /> Don&#039;t worry, it happens to everyone sometimes.<br /> 27Mon, 26 Mar 2012 20:10:44 +0000Hypernova: just took a short nap and I dreamt that I was at the Army graduation ceremony.42Mon, 26 Mar 2012 20:27:21 +0000Bibby: as well use this as an ongoing dreams-related topic, if Genogens doesn&#039;t object.<br /> <br /> Last night I dreamed I went to a soccer-themed party where Steven Tyler was shaking hands and chatting with everyone. His long, aging hairstyle lent him an intimidating air, but he was really nice. The funny thing is it&#039;s probably been months since I&#039;ve even thought about him or Aerosmith.1Sun, 02 Dec 2012 21:54:09 +0000smbmaster99: few nights ago I had a dream my car brakes were working exceptionally well, and then that morning after I got out of class I <em>almost</em> had a car wreck.<br /> 86Mon, 03 Dec 2012 14:34:00 +0000McKnackus: when I was still learning to drive I would have tons of dreams where I would be falling asleep at the wheel and barely missing oncoming traffic. Usually I&#039;d wake up while turning and find that I had almost rolled off the bed. Freakin&#039; hated those dreams.96Mon, 03 Dec 2012 22:51:07 +0000Miles:<div class="quote"><div class="quotee">McKnackus</div>Back when I was still learning to drive I would have tons of dreams where I would be falling asleep at the wheel and barely missing oncoming traffic. Usually I&#039;d wake up while turning and find that I had almost rolled off the bed. Freakin&#039; hated those dreams.</div>I&#039;ve had two like that within the last 3 months. In one of them I actually wrecked into someone, and then the guy got out and shot me.<br /> <br /> I think driving scares me a bit too much.12Tue, 04 Dec 2012 01:45:36 +0000The_Shadow: really a dream ive had, but still the stuff of nightmares,<br /> (and still relevant to the current piece of conversation)<br /> <br /> You would not believe how often you find people multitasking while driving,<br /> <br /> talking on the cell phone, texting, applying makeup, reading a book, playing video games, watching a movie, among certain THINGS i wish i hadn&#039;t seen that would scar people for life *shudder*<br /> <br /> I honestly dont blame you guys for being a bit scared of driving.52Tue, 04 Dec 2012 10:07:29 +0000Bibby: communication can be nightmare fuel, however. When I was 11 or 12 years old, I dreamed about this woman who went to the library while loudly talking on her cell phone and dropping French fries all over the floor, all whiling toting around a screaming baby. I&#039;m glad I haven&#039;t met her in real life... yet.<br /> <br /> And Miles, maybe you shouldn&#039;t be watching the local news right before bed!1Tue, 04 Dec 2012 15:51:23 +0000smbmaster99: once dreamed about Rainbow Dash and Applejack fighting monsters.<br /> <div class="media youtube"> <div class="summary"> Watch Youtube Video: <a href=""> </a> </div> <div class="open"> <a href="" class="popout"> Popout </a> &middot; <a href="" class="inline"> Inline </a> </div> <div class="movie" style="display:none"> <iframe width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="" src=""> </iframe> </div> </div><br /> 86Tue, 04 Dec 2012 23:47:21 +0000Hypernova: a dream last night about MFGG Newspaper. Wtf?!42Tue, 04 Dec 2012 23:50:19 +0000Cam: few days ago I had a dream I was at Walmart.<br /> <br /> And all the cash registers were in the parking lot for some reason. And I was drawing a very detailed sketch of Metal Man from Mega Man 2 while I was there, and then I was on a tall hill all of a sudden, with doors in the hills that I didn&#039;t bother entering.<br /> <br /> A long time ago I had a really weird, long dream, about crossing a metal rickety bridge that went on for what seemed forever, but I crossed in a matter of seconds. It was above a high, foggy river. There was a city on the other side, but all of the houses were connected. The one house I went inside was a coffee shop. Now that I think about it, it&#039;s wackiness seems fitting for an RPG title. But I just continued wandering around until I was closer to the river bank, and there was a crumbling palace of sorts, ruins, by the water. I entered, and there were lit torches on the walls. Masks were on the walls too (Phanto masks? No idea. Probably.) and there were woven baskets full of gold. I didn&#039;t take any, though. I crossed a stone bridge inside that went over more of the river that had entered the palace, and I found an old boat. So I got in and went down the river, ultimately finding myself in this dark expanse of space, with the only sound I could hear being the water. Suddenly my boat dropped, and I landed in a snowbank. I didn&#039;t even know where I was or how I got there. But I saw faint blue lights in the distance. So I continued forward shortly. I was in a huge snowy field, it was still pitch black, and the lights were large poles. The sky was lit different colors, like the Northern Lights. There was a hill to the side that I slid down, and found myself at a frozen warehouse. (40 Below Fridge? Probably. Either way, a lot cooler here in 3D.)<br /> <br /> I actually can&#039;t remember much of the rest of the dream, but I do remember taking a clear pipe for transportation that did all these crazy curves and bends, and shot me into the sky. I had this dream when I was a lot younger, too. <br /> <br /> If you wanna go even further back, when I was four years old I had a dream I had to save my family from Iggy in Super Mario World, and it even ended with me saving them and pulling the plunger on a box that detonated the castle. I remember telling my pap that dream when I woke up.29Wed, 05 Dec 2012 17:00:16 +0000The_Shadow: had a f***ing WEIRD dream last night.<br /> <br /> <br /> I was out in the woods, and saw a wolf.<br /> I picked up a branch off the ground, and threw it at the wolf,<br /> The branch obliterated the wolf on impact, (think the bloody mess perk from fallout 3) i turn around to run away from the rest of the pack, I&#039;m running through an endless metal corridor, I look to see whats behind me, and I see this massive Tidal wave, so I manage to get to higher ground to escape this, and see several people up on this hill having a barbecue, Im handed a rocket launcher, which i have to fire at this tank, the tank blows up, and all of a sudden We have to get to cover to hide from an air strike, I throw a rock at one of the jets, the jet explodes, and starts falling right at me,I catch it, apply some modeling glue to repair the damage, and put it on my nik-nak shelf. just in time to reprogram my moms computer to operate the dishwasher on the press of a key, after loading the dishwasher, i turn it on, and it launches a bunch of fireworks, a rather beautiful display as well,<br /> then i turn off the video game i was playing, stick a piece of bread in the toaster, and connect it to the TV to watch a movie. that&#039;s were i woke up.<br /> <br /> <br /> I ate half a pizza this morning after that dream....and it made absolutely no sense at all.......52Wed, 05 Dec 2012 17:20:57 +0000Bibby: this year I dreamed that the McLaren F-1 team opened a store in my neighborhood mall (a shopping wasteland frequently referred to as a &quot;ghetto mall,&quot; which makes the concept even more absurd) where they sold all these Jenson Button T-shirts and similar racing memorabilia.<br /> <br /> A few weeks ago, I dreamed about a final class presentation. All my teammates were procrastinating on the project, so I had to do everything myself. First I had to drive around the area late at night so I could research the topic - &quot;Ecotourism Involving Amphibians Native to Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia.&quot; Then I had to design a costume for a bisexual pirate with the incongruous name of Frijoles (&quot;beans&quot; in Spanish), as the presentation required participants to wear costumes. The presentation would begin with Frijoles waving his sword and shouting &quot;Frijoles!&quot; repeatedly. Everything was taking much longer than it was supposed to, and fortunately, I woke up before the presentation was set to begin.1Tue, 31 Dec 2013 14:19:54 +0000Miles:;ve gotten so I can&#039;t remember most of the dreams I&#039;ve been having, even right as I wake up. And I&#039;ve been having lots lately, strangely mostly when I went to sleep hot. I do remember one I had this morning relatively clearly, though.<br /> <br /> I was driving my dad&#039;s truck and for reasons unknown it had a truckload of trees on the back. Not in a trailer, just right there in the back. I remember very little about the seconds-long duration of that trip; most of the stuff between the start of me pulling out onto a road and the later part of the dream other than that is pretty much blank. I remember that I <em>didn&#039;t actually mean to</em> pull out onto the road though; a car was coming and my brakes refused to let me stop for them. They didn&#039;t hit me, at least. That&#039;s all I remember about that.<br /> <br /> After that bit I for even more unknown reasons was not in the truck anymore and was sneaking around my aunt&#039;s house, for some reason aware of some extreme hearing that I had but was not really using for anything other than making sure I wasn&#039;t making noise. I was apparently wanted for something I did in that truck, it was on the news and my aunt&#039;s friend was talking about it right as I was trying to sneak out the front door. They saw me but I for some reason (tired of that phrase yet?) had a blanket on my back and dropped it when I got out the door in hopes that it would somehow help me get away... and it almost worked. I somehow just could tell that it had distracted them. I went around the side of the house and just waited for a few seconds. Suddenly some friendly dog comes up and starts licking me, and the dude that was in the house finds me that way. He comes to talk to the dog and he sees me and jumps backwards with really big eyes like I had scared him. He then suddenly had a cop uniform on and said &quot;you know you&#039;re going to jail, right?&quot; while I was staring at his badge. It ended there after a few seconds of us just standing there staring at each other.<br /> <br /> That sneaking scene had a serious after-effect on me when the dream was over. My hearing went into serious overdrive. You couldn&#039;t get an ant to sneak across the street while I was in the house with earmuffs on. Okay maybe not quite that extreme but it was way way way on up there and I was wearing those things for a good bit of the day because of that. Have I ever mentioned to any of you how I don&#039;t like noise?<br /> <br /> ...Now that I&#039;m thinking about that truck part, I&#039;m about sick of dreaming of situations where I&#039;m driving for any reason because the brakes. Never. Work. I can&#039;t help but wonder if there&#039;s a greater meaning to that there recurring theme. Anyone know a dream expert?<br /> <br /> Edit: By &quot;this morning&quot; I meant on the day of Jan 12 - I just realized it was 2AM here.<br /> <br /> Edit 2: A line I&#039;d forgotten, I for some reason remember now.12Mon, 13 Jan 2014 02:26:54 +0000DustinVG: had something of a weird dream last night where they released a new Sonic game (or something) and Eggman had undergone a redesign of some sort.<br /> He was shorter and fatter, iirc.<br /> <br /> But that&#039;s not the weird bit.<br /> The weird part was that he suddenly gained a Mexican accent for no adequately explained reason.<br /> <br /> The part of the game I saw in my dream was apparently the final boss and it looked like the final boss of Colors, except it took place in a old castle of some kind.<br /> <br /> I remember Eggman declaring something along the lines of &quot;I am now <em>SUPER</em> Eggman!&quot; before the final boss, but he hadn&#039;t used the Chaos Emeralds or anything, so it didn&#039;t make a lot of sense.<br /> <br /> After defeating Eggman, Sonic had to either escape the castle or run away from him because... I dunno.<br /> You also had to collect books and other trinkets during this segment, but they didn&#039;t seem to do anything.53Wed, 15 Jan 2014 13:09:19 +0000Bibby: The &quot;no brakes&quot; dream might stem from a fear of all the crazy drivers on the road! Perhaps a generalized subconscious fear of loss of control, too. I&#039;m not sure, though.<br /> <br /> I wish I had memorable dreams more frequently.1Wed, 15 Jan 2014 19:34:28 +0000The_Shadow: had a strange dream last night.<br /> I was in a large tent, which appeared to be moving around due to some strong winds or something.<br /> I opened up the front to see what was going on, only to notise that I was camping in the middle of a war zone.<br /> After trying to get away by hiding behind a tree, I secured a weapon, and was aiming at one of those who was firing at me.<br /> Next thing I knew, somebody had me by the hair, and jerked my head back, as they slit my throat.<br /> It felt like I was on the ground for at least 5 minutes before everything went black, and I woke up.<br /> 52Mon, 20 Jan 2014 19:03:04 +0000Hypernova: like you&#039;re struggling on something. Most dream can actually be determined by the person&#039;s real life issues.42Mon, 20 Jan 2014 19:15:18 +0000Bibby: few nights ago I dreamed that my Google+ page was featured in a fashion special section of the Wall Street Journal. This writer said she loved my impeccable sense of style. It doesn&#039;t matter that no one cares about Google+, I&#039;m not a fashion expert, I don&#039;t wear expensive clothes, and I don&#039;t even have a photo of myself on the Vinny Google+ page. But I don&#039;t remember anybody ever telling me that my dreams had to make sense.1Thu, 30 Jan 2014 09:08:08 +0000Bibby: because why not.<br /> <br /> Last night I dreamed that I went through a cabinet full of old cases of 7-Up (some expired in 2006 or 2008) and video cassettes (anyone remember those?) that I&#039;d never seen before. Some of the videos looked extremely boring, such as &quot;Emergency Contact Information&quot; (because if an emergency happened, you&#039;d sure expect people to go through a cabinet full of VHS tapes to figure out how to get in touch with you). I also watched an obscure movie from the 50&#039;s where a wealthy couple (think &quot;Dennis the Menace&quot;) were being badgered by annoying neighborhood kids, so they decided to make their home look like a haunted mansion to scare the kids away.<br /> <br /> I also dreamed I went for an eye exam. I don&#039;t wear glasses or contacts, and I think my eyes are pretty good (although it&#039;s never been independently verified, since they&#039;ve never checked my eyes even when I&#039;ve been to the DMV to get a driver&#039;s license). The optometrist worked in an open-air market full of healthcare professionals, and while the atmosphere was neat, the lines were really long - so long, in fact, that my dream ended before I could take my eye exam.<br /> <br /> <span style="font-size:6px">The Grammar Nazis strike, six weeks later.</span>1Mon, 03 Feb 2014 20:04:30 +0000Miles:<div class="quote"><div class="quotee">Bibby</div>video cassettes (anyone remember those?)</div><br /> Yep. I think we still have a few laying around.<br /> <br /> --<br /> <br /> I had a couple of dreams this morning but can&#039;t really remember most of what happened in them.<br /> <br /> First one was a soft nightmare like I normally have. Nothing horrifying, but I wake up feeling fairly scared and slightly paranoid either way when I have &#039;em. First part I can remember is that out of nowhere our house was suddenly behaving like the whole place was being supported solely by a wheel axis. Like, it was rotating left and right and if it went too far either way it would almost fall over. Which way it rotated depended on what side of the house you were standing on. And for some reason we had no internal walls and our old blue carpet was back. The other part I remember was the one that actually scared me. I was in my bathroom about to walk out, and I turned on the light. There was a delay, then things started happening. That light itself never came on. The aforementioned things consisted solely of a power freakout throughout the side of the house it was on. Lights and all other electronic devices were powering on and off at a fixed rate, swapping states every third of a second. That noise that came with it was just <em>scary</em>. I told my dad about it when he walked out of his room to see what was going on but I don&#039;t recall his reaction or anything that happened after that. I might have woken up right at that point. The sound I kept hearing when the power issues started in my dream was echoing across my mind which kept me freaked out for the next few minutes until I went back to sleep.<br /> <br /> I&#039;m beginning to wonder if going to sleep when hot is a known cause of nightmares. Does it to me every time.<br /> <br /> The other dream was actually quite a bit longer, but I remember only a tiny bit of it. First part I recall was some giant audience in a fairly lit black room. I have no clue what the audience was actually there to see. Then suddenly it was me and some random folks being in a play where no one was watching and the stage was real life. The setting was our back porch, just much bigger. I have no idea what it was about or who any of us were. At some other point I was talking to a particularly nice-looking lady that was apparently a very important figure in gaming journalism. I asked her why she was trusting me alone out of all the people in the world with some serious behind-the-curtains info she had on major upcoming titles. I remember nothing past asking that.12Fri, 21 Feb 2014 16:34:35 +0000Bibby: That would indeed be a tad unsettling.<br /> <br /> Last night I dreamed that I was sitting in my Organizational Behavior class. The layout was similar to my normal classroom, except we were in a basketball gym instead of my normal low-ceiling classroom. It was the day we were choosing teammates for the upcoming group project. Unfortunately, all of the people who I had invited to join my group were absent, which was going to be a problem, since it looked like I was going to be assigned to a group I didn&#039;t want to be in. We saved the day by turning the lecture into a basketball game, since a lot of other people were out as well. Unfortunately, our game didn&#039;t last too long, because an overhead pipe started leaking. Apparently the water pipes in this gym were constructed from a decommissioned submarine, and because of this unusual structure, they would be difficult and time-consuming to fix.<br /> <br /> Once again, I never said my dreams were supposed to make sense.1Tue, 18 Mar 2014 12:49:41 +0000Bibby: this week, I dreamed that my mother made a Twitter account and hyper-optimistic televangelist Joel Osteen instantly followed her. I don&#039;t know why either.<br /> <br /> The week after I had my most recent team project dream, two of my teammates were absent from class, and another one (the girl who was the subject of a topic earlier this month) got so sick that her eyes turned blood-red, making her look like a cameo from a zombie film. She still hasn&#039;t fully recovered from her zombification. (That said, I did get the group I originally wanted, and we didn&#039;t play any hoops.) Then, a few weeks thereafter, I found myself manning a table in a room that looked somewhat similar to the gym in my dream, minus the overhead submarine.1Fri, 18 Apr 2014 09:28:50 +0000Miles: dreamed that I had hair issues.<br /> <br /> I don&#039;t recall the setting but I do remember that my head was itching, so I started scratching it. I noticed that I was pulling out lots and lots of hair with each scratch in the process, then proceeded to look in a mirror that was conveniently nearby. I thought that looked horrible, so I then purposely decided to pull some more out because there were a bunch of spots where there were small clumps of hair left. I then went to watch a mark3611 Billy Mays YTP video about a fictional product called Hair-Away, wishing it was real. I then woke up.<br /> <br /> (Said video and the desire to lose my hair are not real things.)12Sat, 11 Oct 2014 13:30:49 +0000fireball3k: isn&#039;t a dream i had, but my friend told me about a really good one he had a while back<br /> <br /> he had this dream that he met, fell in love with, and then had an affair with a girl. well, towards the end of the dream, he found her crying. when he asked her why she was crying, she said &quot;because you&#039;re real and i&#039;m not, so i won&#039;t be able to see you when you wake up.&quot; i probably forgot the majority of what happened in the dream, but i don&#039;t think anything i&#039;ve dreamed has ever come close to even that basic concept104Sun, 12 Oct 2014 18:11:45 +0000DustinVG:<div class="quote"><div class="quotee">fireball3k</div>this isn&#039;t a dream i had, but my friend told me about a really good one he had a while back<br /> <br /> he had this dream that he met, fell in love with, and then had an affair with a girl. well, towards the end of the dream, he found her crying. when he asked her why she was crying, she said &quot;because you&#039;re real and i&#039;m not, so i won&#039;t be able to see you when you wake up.&quot; i probably forgot the majority of what happened in the dream, but i don&#039;t think anything i&#039;ve dreamed has ever come close to even that basic concept</div><br /> <br /> Wow, that&#039;s pretty deep/meta for a dream.53Sun, 12 Oct 2014 18:32:02 +0000Bibby: I&#039;m pretty sure I&#039;m glad Hair-Away isn&#039;t a real product, although I would love to hear Billy Mays try to pitch it.<br /> <br /> FB3K: I love that dream. It&#039;s actually kind of touching, in a surrealist way.<br /> <br /> I haven&#039;t had many memorable dreams lately. Back in May or June, I dreamed that I watched a YouTube parody video made by a teenage girl who apparently disliked the Miami Marlins baseball team. The video used the same kind of perky Latin music used by the team&#039;s actual promos, but the video showed assorted Marlins players striking out and committing errors, and fans looking on in disgust when their team kept losing! In my dream, the video quality was exceptional for an amateur production, and it was surprisingly funny.<br /> <br /> Also, last week I dreamed about playing with a baby Pomeranian. Needless to say, the baby Pomeranian was insanely cute.1Mon, 13 Oct 2014 12:24:43 +0000Bibby: nights ago, I dreamed that my family bought a house. This house had been vacant for four or five years, and the woman who had most recently lived there was insane.<br /> <br /> No one was aware of this, but the home had a cellar. And this cellar contained mummified human remains. Apparently the woman&#039;s daughter died young, and she had her mummified - and left the body in the cellar. I don&#039;t know whether the woman lost her mind after this tragic event, or if she had always been insane. But it didn&#039;t matter, because now we had to figure out what to do with this deceased girl&#039;s body.<br /> <br /> In the dream, I suggested buying an inexpensive casket (since we didn&#039;t want to spend lots of money to bury somebody who&#039;s not even related to us) and giving her a proper burial beneath the cellar, since the cellar had a dirt floor. We weren&#039;t sure what to do, though, and fortunately, I woke up.<br /> <br /> While there weren&#039;t any ghosts or zombies in this dream, I think it&#039;s about time people toned down the macabre Halloween decorations!1Wed, 15 Oct 2014 13:27:46 +0000Monk:<div class="quote"><div class="quotee">Dustinvgmaster</div><div class="quote"><div class="quotee">fireball3k</div>this isn&#039;t a dream i had, but my friend told me about a really good one he had a while back<br /> <br /> he had this dream that he met, fell in love with, and then had an affair with a girl. well, towards the end of the dream, he found her crying. when he asked her why she was crying, she said &quot;because you&#039;re real and i&#039;m not, so i won&#039;t be able to see you when you wake up.&quot; i probably forgot the majority of what happened in the dream, but i don&#039;t think anything i&#039;ve dreamed has ever come close to even that basic concept</div><br /> <br /> Wow, that&#039;s pretty deep/meta for a dream.</div><br /> <br /> Agreed.<br /> <br /> Did the friend realize he was dreaming and the girl&#039;s response made sense or wasn&#039;t it until he woke that he realized she had said that in a dream. That would be my question.267Thu, 16 Oct 2014 16:34:51 +0000fireball3k: the first, if i had to guess<br /> <br /> this is getting more meta the more i think about it dfgdfghd104Thu, 16 Oct 2014 23:02:42 +0000Bibby: night, I dreamed about one of my most offbeat sort-of-friends. I&#039;ve known her for over a decade, and we&#039;ve followed each other on Twitter for a long time. However, I&#039;ve barely talked to her in real life in the past decade, other than one chance meeting this spring. But I digress.<br /> <br /> I went to her house to borrow a big box of books so I could conduct research involving <a href="" rel="nofollow"> content analysis </a>*. Apparently she was the only person who owned the books I needed. I have no idea why that was. I also don&#039;t know what kind of books they were. She wasn&#039;t home, but somehow I picked up the books anyway.<br /> <br /> Later, I went back to return her books. I drove through a traffic nightmare* to get to her house, which was located on the ocean at the fictional &quot;16th Avenue&quot; in Atlantic Beach (at the same location as the actual 16th Street, but named differently). I went inside, because the front door was wide open. However, the house was really dark inside* and I was somewhat creeped out. But eventually I stumbled to her room, knocked tentatively, and found her so I could give her back her books.<br /> <br /> When I walked in, she was working on some kind of blog, maybe a magazine.* I learned about the people collaborating with her:<br /> <br /> <ul><li> A girl with short blonde hair who wore glasses. She was the only other character I actually met in the dream.<br /> </li><li> A foreign exchange student from Peru who is passionate about photography. I saw some of her work in the dream, and she was actually pretty talented. She&#039;d taken a lot of stunning photos of Incan ruins.<br /> </li><li> A tall guy with dark hair. He holds the honor of being the only fictional character bestowed with a name.<br /> </li><li> A girl with pink hair. She is the younger, gender-swapped version of a guy I see every time I walk to class. Unlike her real-world male clone, she didn&#039;t wear glasses. She didn&#039;t give me good vibes. </li></ul><br /> <br /> I was unsure whether to leave and be thankful for her generously lending me a box of books, or to play the part of the future IT professional I am and ask if she or the blonde girl needed any IT support for their budding multimedia enterprise. But it didn&#039;t matter, because that was when I woke up.<br /> <br /> I never remember this many details about my dreams.<br /> <br /> * I can trace the origins of these dream elements if you really care.1Wed, 05 Nov 2014 21:39:13 +0000Bibby: few nights ago, I dreamed that a girl came up to me in my college&#039;s library and wanted to take a selfie with me. She was wearing a magenta and black dress, and I think she was inspired by a character in an Austrian music video that DJ Coco sent me. She was very cute, but her hyper-flirtatious attitude gave me the impression that she wanted too much too fast.<br /> <br /> I also dreamed that my college started an ROTC and launched a massive marching band. These events caused me to be late to my future Strategic Management class, which was (interestingly) taught inside a closet.1Sun, 28 Dec 2014 08:53:14 +0000The_Shadow: had a dream recently where I was flying above the clouds. <br /> I was throwing sparks from my hands at these cities below.<br /> Every time I did, I would hear joyful cheers, and singing.<br /> I threw some at this massive riot, and the fighting stopped, the people just looked around, then started staring at the sky, smiling.<br /> <br /> I then returned to my home, which for some reason had a tree growing through it, which was growing some strange gameboy cartridge shaped fruits.<br /> <br /> I was greeted at the door by my whole family:<br /> &quot;You&#039;ve done it! world peace has finally been achieved!&quot;<br /> The world faded to black, then white, and I found out that none of it was real (in the dream) as I was under a truck leaking gasoline.<br /> <br /> This is when I woke up.52Sat, 21 Mar 2015 22:41:37 +0000fireball3k: dreamed that guinea and i had been hanging out. he told me that he&#039;d taken a job working on a freighter vessel, and he wanted to show me some video he&#039;d taken of this intense storm he had been in while not far out from port. he&#039;d had his 3DS on him and he caught that while he was there, so he showed it to me. <br /> <br /> i&#039;m guessing it was a wind storm of some sort, because the sky wasn&#039;t that dark, but the waves were so intense that the boat was starting to buckle underneath their force. it was getting the s*** kicked out of it, so it sank pretty quickly. he didn&#039;t have any footage after the boat sunk, but obviously he found his way back to shore. i remember watching the video, probably getting beers or something while we were hanging out, and then going back to life as normal. the boat was getting contorted in such weird ways by the water that it scared me just to think about it for the rest of my dream.104Mon, 30 Mar 2015 19:03:37 +0000Miles: looked up at the sky to see a blimp-sized/shaped nuke falling (whatever dropped it wasn&#039;t visible, but in my head I somehow knew the nuke was Korean in origin?), which was soon hit by a gigantic U.S. rocket to produce a shower of harmless sparks. Nothing happened after that beyond all the sparks slowly falling and fading. Was just sitting there for a bit in confusion until I woke up.<br /> <br /> Not sure what brought that one on.12Thu, 25 Jun 2015 19:23:46 +0000Bibby: I&#039;ve been dreaming repeatedly about a nonexistent Major League Baseball expansion team being added to the American League West division. I think they were supposed to be based in North Carolina, which makes zero geographic sense. When I looked at the standings, this fake baseball team was leading the division but never came on TV for some reason.<br /> <br /> That&#039;s about all the dreaming I&#039;ve done lately. Believe it or not, I can explain the psychological gory details about what all this dream means, although it&#039;s not terribly exciting.<br /> <br /> In addition, Nite&#039;s dream was hilarious.1Sun, 20 Sep 2015 19:41:35 +0000fireball3k: had weird dreams last night, but i&#039;ve been dreaming a lot lately.<br /> <br /> the first one i had was of me playing a game. it was, more or less, a visual novel, and i was trying to get this guy and a girl together. i know there were multiple endings to the story, but i tried my d***edest to get the best ending. i don&#039;t really have much memory of the events that led up to me getting said ending, but it involved the two people tying the knot. the first time i ran this portion of the game, i managed to p*** off a cop or something like that, and he of course strangled me to death. i remember the &quot;game over&quot; font being this really creepy font, looking like it was written in blood or something like that. after that, i tried to find the girl my protagonist was supposed to marry, but for whatever reason, the game wouldn&#039;t let me find her. it turned out that i needed to talk to her friend, and when i did, she found the girl for me, and i actually was able to watch the best ending without getting strangled or seeing a terrifying game over screen written in blood.<br /> <br /> the second dream i had was about a bus trip i took. i&#039;m not sure where i went, but i felt like i&#039;d traveled a long way in this bus. we had driven this bus all over these crazy-ass hills with no trouble. it was a big thrill, and i remember that i was talking to some people while on the bus. well, at the end of the trip, we went onto a road very close to where i live. i guess i must have been really hyped to go home, because i remember singing something really loudly (i want to say a van halen song, but i can&#039;t remember.) while i was sitting there, i felt my calf muscle on my left leg start to cramp up, and immediately afterward, i woke up to the mother of all cramps in that leg. i woke up at, like, 8AM with this leg hurting, and now that it&#039;s about 12AM the day after, my calf muscle still kind of hurts.104Wed, 23 Sep 2015 00:07:55 +0000Bibby: few nights ago I dreamed about trying to take the <a href="" rel="nofollow"> Calculus CLEP test </a>. Why I would do such a thing is beyond me, but maybe it was a prerequisite for my dreamland grad school.<br /> <br /> For those wondering, calculus is defined as the point where my brain stops understanding (and caring about) math. I&#039;m glad I never had to take a calculus class.1Thu, 22 Oct 2015 22:07:00 +0000fireball3k: had a dream where i went to what i recognized to be disneyworld with my friend michael and his immediate family. i remember running into shigeru miyamoto and talking to him. (presumably, we could both speak the same language.) what i remember most about the dream was that my friend and his family went on a roller coaster which, when it reached the station again, ended up colliding with the train that was currently boarding. someone told me that there was this crash, and i ran over to find out what had happened. it was hard enough of an impact that his mom was injured, but they were okay. i remember having a morbid fear that they had been killed.<br /> <br /> sometimes i have dreams where i feel severely depressed the whole time i&#039;m dreaming, and i think this may have been one of those. i know i at least felt like that while i was fearing for my friends&#039; life, though.104Fri, 23 Oct 2015 02:05:30 +0000Miles: what was probably a result of my recent Avatar: The Last Airbender obsession, I dreamed a good ol&#039; dream where I was part of that world. I was a waterbender in a battle against another waterbender. It was kind of funny. The other guy kept trying to hit me with a bar of ice, but I would turn it back into water and move it out of the way and then he&#039;d turn it back into ice and fling it at me and the process would just repeat.<br /> <br /> uh oh ice attack NOPE THAT&#039;S LIQUID NOW oh crap it&#039;s ice again NOPE WATER HAHA oh he re-iced it HA NOW IT&#039;S WATER<br /> <br /> Felt like the dream only lasted for about 4 seconds, but man was it fun. I want more dreams like that one, man. Preferably they last longer as well. Getting kind of sick of the depressing/scary ones that wind up being the long ones, though lately dreams in general don&#039;t seem to be too common for me.12Tue, 27 Oct 2015 10:53:44 +0000fireball3k:, i&#039;m a bit too tired to remember both of the dreams i was gonna post, but here&#039;s one, at least.<br /> <br /> i had a dream last night where i was playing a zelda game that nintendo had made for the PSP, of all things. it was a collaboration between nintendo, sega, and sony, and it was much more action oriented than most of the zelda games i&#039;ve played. i could jump by pressing the X button and swing my sword while in the air or on the ground. its art style looked like ocarina of time 3D, but a bit less bright in terms of the colors it used. though there&#039;s already a zelda game called twilight princess, i remember telling my buddy derek that this game shared the same name, and he was surprised.<br /> <br /> the day i was playing this, me and some of my friends from my high school and college years were hanging out, and we were supposed to go bowling. i was at my grandmother&#039;s old house, even though it had been sold years ago, and we were all going to go bowling at some point. before we go, i have a sour patch kids flavored beer, and after one beer, i get seriously angry and violent. my buddies leave me after that, and i spend a lot of time running after them to try to catch up. i end up having to take the elevator through some place&#039;s arcade, up the elevator to a ghetto-ass retail shop like the big lots i worked at back in the day, and i forget where else. i know i woke up before i found my buddies, which was kind of disappointing. if i couldn&#039;t go bowling with a mix of my buddies from high school and college, it would at least be nice if i could go back into the dream world to get a copy of that twilight princess PSP game.104Wed, 11 Nov 2015 01:15:42 +0000fireball3k:;m starting to wonder whether or not my medicide is giving me dreams like this, but here&#039;s another<br /> <br /> i had a dream that seemed to be from multiple perspectives. my parents (at least i thought they were my parents) got a vacation home down somewhere on the beach. apparently it wasn&#039;t just them who owned it, because i remember some other families coming down and spending time with us. angie, one of my OCs, was there, for whatever reason. anyway, we stay down there for a few months in the summer, and like i used to do when my family went down to myrtle beach, i&#039;d gotten a lot of fireworks. this will come into play later.<br /> <br /> anyway, i remember that after a few months had passed, we were still down there. i think it had gotten to be november, and i asked my dream!parents if we were going back home anytime soon. they told me that we were going to end up staying there, which is something they had never told me or any of the other kids that we were going to do. anyway, i remember that i had packed my stuff and was ready to leave when i heard this, but couldn&#039;t. well, fair enough, i guess. i remember hanging out for the next few days or weeks with some of the children of the other families, all about my age. i&#039;m pretty sure angie was one of them, but i don&#039;t remember if she and i were flirting or not. i do remember that a lot of the girls from the other families were really hot, though. still, it was pretty innocent flirting, just young people being young people, i reckon.<br /> <br /> well, not too long after i had heard this, we had obtained a big thing of stevia. well, i think i was using it, but i don&#039;t remember who was the point of view character in this dream at this point. in real life, stevia isn&#039;t a fire hazard, but in the dream, i remember someone saying that it was. of course, something caught on fire and ignited the flammable!stevia. the condo we were in lit up pretty quickly after that, and i remember getting out of there as quick as i could. they didn&#039;t go up immediately, but the whole place was f***ed when the fireworks i&#039;d bought went off. i think the building collapsed on itself after that, and i don&#039;t know who made it out besides angie. i remember at this point that the camera, as it were, followed her while she fled and made her way back to her hometown. apparently the story had made national news or something, because i saw her get out of a plane to an applauding crowd. i think i woke up after that.104Sat, 21 Nov 2015 19:58:36 +0000Bibby: always like reading about Fireball3k dreams.<br /> <br /> Last night I dreamed that I was getting married. I&#039;ve had dreams like that many times over a period of many years, but this one was unusual because I was fully cognizant that I was in a dream. As with my other dream weddings, this one didn&#039;t work out quite according to plan.<br /> <br /> Anyway, the ceremony was about to begin. I was dressed up and ready to go, and people were arriving at the church or wherever the ceremony was to take place. Unfortunately, I was having second thoughts. I realized that I hadn&#039;t known the bride for very long, and perhaps marrying her would be a mistake. I was about to run away and go into hiding for a while, because fleeing is apparently the best way to avoid your problems (and since the bride wouldn&#039;t be upset about that or anything). Then I began to think about all of the people who would be disappointed if the wedding didn&#039;t happen (for some reason I was only thinking of my family and friends - not the unlucky girl who would&#039;ve been stranded at the altar). Since I knew I was in a dream, I decided it would be a lot more interesting to go through with the wedding and see what happens next. Unfortunately, I woke up shortly thereafter, so we&#039;ll never find out for sure.1Thu, 03 Dec 2015 19:58:50 +0000The_Shadow: had this weird dream where I was running through a dark, and foggy forest, with this figure behind me coming closer, and closer.<br /> I run through some trees to avoid him, and he floats by.<br /> I continue to run, and find this old barn. After determining that it wasn&#039;t going to fall apart, I walk inside.<br /> Nothing special about it. but it did seem like a good spot to rest for a second.<br /> <br /> After a few minutes, I feel something touch my shoulder.<br /> It was the figure that I was running from.<br /> &quot;Tag! You&#039;re it!&quot;<br /> <br /> So. I proceed to chase him, having somehow gained the abilities of a poltergeist. I&#039;m knocking stuff into his path to slow him down so I can tag him.<br /> <br /> This is pretty much the extent of it. This game of tag went on for a good while before devolving into total randomness that I have trouble remembering.<br /> <br /> Started off with the makings for a nightmare, but never actually erupted into one.<br /> Even at the beginning, the emotion wasn&#039;t fear. But rather, confusion, then playfulness, then a technical analysis (The barn), then more playfulness.<br /> 52Fri, 04 Dec 2015 11:50:44 +0000fireball3k:, well, i was gonna post this in the morning, but i was using my tablet and it was way too slow to type out something of this length. in short, this dream involves pretty much everything i normally dream about. *sigh*<br /> <br /> so i dreamed that i was going on a trip with a bunch of people somewhere. if i had to guess, i was going to orlando, florida, given how it went. i&#039;m on this bus with a load of people i either know through real life or know from anime. we&#039;re basically taking a party trip down to the disneyland resort down there, the one i went to as a child. we make it down there one night, and we&#039;ve all rented rooms at the hotel there. park the bus down there one night, and i look up at the clear night sky. all of a sudden, someone links their arm through mine and tells me there&#039;s something they want me to see. it&#039;s the girl i crushed on in middle school (2001? 2002? it was during my first year at MFGG), aged up to my current age. okay, she&#039;s coming onto me, so of course i go with. then, i hear it. it&#039;s a rapid, soft booming sound, and i remark that it sounds wonderful.<br /> <br /> okay, yeah, it&#039;s f***ing disneyland at night and it&#039;s me and i&#039;m with a girl, so of course it&#039;s a f***ing fireworks display. *sigh* sometimes i feel ashamed for being so predictable. it&#039;s not like it felt bad at all, it&#039;s that i&#039;m ashamed of liking what i like sometimes.<br /> <br /> anyhow, we plop down on the grass near the hotel, somewhere where we&#039;ve got a good view of it. she cuddles up against me, and she&#039;s like &quot;this is so romantic, isn&#039;t it?&quot; the most romantic thing i can think to say in the aether of this dream is an estimate of how big i think the individual shells being used in this display are. at some point, i realize that a critical document that i needed for something on this trip has gone missing from my back pocket. why it was there, i don&#039;t know, but i know it&#039;s gone.<br /> <br /> anyway, back to the romance horses***. you know how in the movies (or, hell, in real life) people just know when they&#039;re supposed to kiss somebody? that happens, one thing leads to another, and then here we are doing the french waterspout in the grass, if you know what i mean. (i mean having sex, of course.) the whole time i&#039;m talking to her, i&#039;m super nervous, so i can&#039;t perform well. i remember thinking okay, maybe we should go back to my hotel room and try it there. we head back that way, but when we get into the lobby, a number of the other people on the trip were waiting for me there. one of the organizers of the trip, a guy named <a href="" rel="nofollow"> koichi shido </a> from high school of the dead asks me if i&#039;d lost something, to which i said yes. in the show he&#039;s from, he&#039;s as smarmy of a sonofab**** as he looks, and he&#039;s no different here. he holds up the paper i&#039;d lost, reveals that he and other people had pranked me by nicking it from my back pocket while i wasn&#039;t paying attention. turns out the girl who was into me was in on this, and she was basically the bait they used so that i&#039;d be too distracted to notice someone take it from my pocket. of course, i feel betrayed and i&#039;m insanely angry. i leave to the common room, where shido and one of the guys on my trip follow. i open a bottle of lemon soda and demand to know from shido and this other douchebag who all was in on this. i pour part of my soda on shido&#039;s head when he just mocks me, then i turn to the other guy and get the same reaction. i fake like i&#039;m going to dump the soda on his head, and he laughs, which p***es me off enough that i go ahead and do it.<br /> <br /> a bit later, another one of the people who was on the trip, <a href="" rel="nofollow"> miyuki kobayakawa </a> from you&#039;re under arrest, came in and sat down at the table in the room. what the hell she was doing on the trip was beyond me, but since i&#039;d seen her with that group of people who had pranked me, i of course confronted her. she denied being in on it; in her home series, it&#039;d be really out of character for her to do something as bad as that, considering she&#039;s a japanese policewoman. i demanded to know who did it, then, and so she wrote down some of the names of people who had been in on it. i don&#039;t think i ended up actually doing anything about it, because the dream cut here to the next day.<br /> <br /> the next day, we went to this obstacle course sort of thing. it looked like fun, since they gave you special equipment that let you parkour on a level that you can only really do in the video games. i remember trying this out to actually impress the girl i was trying to nail the night before. after running and flopping around for long enough, she talked to me to ask me if i&#039;d like to go to some driving event she wanted to join that day. again, i was nervous and my throat was really dry, so i ran into the place this was at to try to get some water. by the time i got it, though, she&#039;d piled into the car with two other guys and was leaving just as i exited the door. i remember running after the car and actually being able to keep up with it somewhat, yelling and waving my hands to try to get her attention. finally, she stopped and let me in, and we rode somewhere and did something i forget. on the way out of the car, though, one of the guys just kissed her full on the lips, but she broke it really quickly. she actually apologized to me and told me she wanted me, but that guy was too heavily pursuing her. she thought that maybe she could convince the guys that she was a lesbian if they saw her make out with another girl, and either me or someone else would be dressed up as the girl. i have no idea who, because a few seconds later, i see her kissing some guy who&#039;s just wearing a pink shirt, skinny jeans, and a stupid-looking wig as if i&#039;m no longer the focus of the dream anymore. it just looked like some guy trying to dress like some scene emo guy or some s***. i think i woke up without actually getting anywhere with this girl.<br /> <br /> so much text for such a shaggy dog story of an ending.104Mon, 14 Dec 2015 15:40:35 +0000Bibby: likes lengthy dreams.<br /> <br /> Three nights ago, I dreamed that the date was May 28, 2016. This doesn&#039;t make a lot of sense, as May 28 is a Saturday, but no one ever said dreams had to make complete sense. I had recently acquired some fresh blueberries, and I went into work to do worky things with a young gentleman that I work with frequently. For some reason I went up to my college&#039;s library, where I saw <a href=";findpost=7881" rel="nofollow"> one of my former team project partners </a>. Apparently I wanted her to see an e-mail from someone else. I&#039;m not completely sure know what kind of e-mail it was. In real life, I had actually e-mailed her earlier in the day, so that&#039;s why former team projects still haunt my slumbers.<br /> <br /> In my dream world, my college had built a new NCAA-style basketball arena to replace their old gym, which is no fancier than a lot of high school gyms. However, they built this new arena over the existing library. Because the library&#039;s cooling system was unequipped to handle this new configuration, the library was extremely hot. I woke up shortly thereafter, soaked in sweat.<br /> <br /> Legend has it that one of the scenes for this dream is based on a Career Fantasy dungeon, which is another reason why such things must&#039;ve been on the brain. (Yes, I actually am working on that.)1Sun, 20 Dec 2015 09:03:53 +0000Vitiman: night, I had an incredibly odd dream that involved a lot of things happening at once. It began at my cousin&#039;s house, where he was relaxing and watching the Disney Channel for some reason (something he would never do aside, I could tell it was Disney because I glanced at the TV and they were playing some sort of commercial for a new show about Hannah Montana, which I&#039;m fairly certain stopped being relevant to their plans years ago, although maybe it was some sort of revival? Who knows!). Anyways, I went out into the hallway and I saw a giant, lego-esque mechanical wasp of some sort. Like, it looked like it was made from all sorts of various building toys but it was alive and in what I could only assume was &quot;attack mode&quot;.<br /> <br /> SO it chased me into the bathroom, which was now a luxurious balcony that lead outside via a screen-door (isn&#039;t that a wee bit of a bad idea for a bathroom of all things?) and a country side that I&#039;ve never lived next to in my whole life. After deciding it was safe to come out again, things got a bit blurry but now I was at the front door, looking near our driveway and noticing where we usually parked the car nobody can use was several cars all carrying college students. Me being as suave as humanly possible (and maybe a subtle reminder from my subconscious about my own positive socializing happenings lately), I confidently walk up to them and start to mess with them all by pretending to be one of them for no particular reason.<br /> <br /> For the most part, it seems to work. But then all of a sudden it started raining... while the sun was clearly out. That&#039;s not the weird part, the weird part was it was raining while the sun was out while there were *no clouds whatsoever*. I make note of this immediately and go back inside, where my little brother is in the living room watching not-TV (as in, he&#039;s in front of it, doing nothing else, but the TV isn&#039;t on). I ask him if he notices that it&#039;s raining without a cloud in the sky, and he confirms that he sees it too. As peculiar as it is, I had a much more worrisome problem at hand: the robotic lego wasp from earlier had spawned a group of REAL wasps, and they chased me into a spider web outside where I struggled for a bit until my brother helped me get out and could see again (because whenever you walk into a spider web in real life, it&#039;s always so nasty and bleh and it temporarily blinds you? I hate that). After that, I ran down to my house and sat on the porch swing. I looked up to the clear sky, no longer raining, and just briefly thought about how my life is a mess.<br /> <br /> Most dreams tend to be very confusing and nonsensical, but I vividly remember that ending and how it felt to almost kind of redundantly think about my life in a fantasy that could have been anything. It&#039;s especially jarring since the rest of the dream was more or less typical dream-antics. I&#039;ve had a lot on my plate as of the last month or two, so it might just be extra stress that seeped into my subconscious at such a random and inconsistent moment.<br /> <br /> Hm.75Sun, 20 Dec 2015 18:38:21 +0000Bibby: night I dreamed that I was at some kind of festival downtown, similar to Jacksonville&#039;s One Spark. Unfortunately, I badly needed to do that certain thing that humans have to do several times a day, and there were no facilities in sight. Finally, I found a bathroom from the lobby of a random tall building. It was a gender-neutral handicapped bathroom hidden behind the security guard&#039;s desk. (This probably violates several provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act.) It was not a very nice place - the toilet was basically a cross between a bedpan and a water fountain. Also, people could see you from the upper floors because of some poorly-positioned windows. I was happy to get out of there, but the dream ended shortly thereafter.<br /> <br /> Most of my dreams consist of random elements spliced together from random people, places, and phrases that crossed my mind during the previous day. As usual, I can clearly identify where each aspect of this dream came from, although it&#039;s not terribly exciting self-psychology.1Mon, 21 Dec 2015 15:57:41 +0000Bibby: nights ago, a serious oddity happened: I had two dreams that I could recall after I woke up.<br /> <br /> In the first one, I was walking down a rural road for some reason, and I came face-to-face with a mysterious man. At first this man was not very friendly, and he was about to shoot me with his slingshot. However, he calmed down, and we had a nice conversation. I later found out that this guy had escaped from prison.<br /> <br /> Later, I dreamed that I was on some kind of &quot;American Idol&quot;-like show, and I was somehow one of the final eight contestants. This show tried to differentiate itself from &quot;American Idol&quot; and &quot;The Voice&quot; by including a community service component. This community service involved spending all night remodeling the garage of a handicapped senior citizen. I remember thinking that I&#039;d probably get eliminated before reaching the final of the show, but I woke up before I could find out. (Note to self: Don&#039;t do this.)1Tue, 23 Feb 2016 21:28:56 +0000Bibby: few nights ago, I dreamed that I met 1996 Formula One world champion <a href="" rel="nofollow"> Damon Hill </a> at <a href=";findpost=9471" rel="nofollow"> another One Spark-like event </a> in Jacksonville&#039;s downtown. He was lambasting the state of modern driving (the kind of driving that regular people do) and said that former Formula One stars were also bad drivers off the track. He was telling some guy about a new product that was being marketed to truck drivers, cab drivers, and police officers that was designed to help them write (by hand!) while driving. For the record, this hazardous product was not being showcased at this event; it was some product he had read about.<br /> <br /> I&#039;ve had a bunch of short, mundane dreams lately, too. Several of them involve me talking briefly to random people I know in real life. I also dreamed about setting up Microsoft Outlook to manage some of the e-mail accounts that I don&#039;t check frequently.1Mon, 18 Apr 2016 20:45:28 +0000Bibby: this week I dreamed that I was about to fly to Puerto Rico, except I forgot to bring money. I only had $50 in my wallet, and I didn&#039;t bring a debit card or anything like that. Whoops.1Tue, 26 Apr 2016 22:09:46 +0000fireball3k: something you may or may not have known is that, in rollercoaster tycoon, renaming a park guest to damon hill will make him very fast if he gets on a go-kart ride.<br /> <br /> i had a dream where i met this girl who, for some reason, i interpreted to be an ex of mine. i started making moves on her and it turned really steamy really quick, to the point where we snuck off and she let me take risqué photos of her on my phone. before i could actually get with her, though, i said something or did something that made her say &quot;forget this&quot; and abruptly leave. i&#039;m not trying to censor it when i say i forget what i could have done that&#039;d make her react like that. i then remember complaining to some friends about how inept i was with girls and how this always happens.<br /> <br /> i don&#039;t know if the subject matter of this dream is inappropriate for this forum, but it seems like my dreams involving romance or sexuality are always abstract due to my dearth of experience104Wed, 27 Apr 2016 07:10:15 +0000Bibby: couple of weeks ago, I dreamed that I was watching the end of an LPGA golf tournament on TV for some reason (the actual reason stems from me checking the PGA, LPGA, and Senior Tour money leaders in the newspaper earlier in the day). The two golfers went to a playoff, and on the first playoff hole, they both landed just off the green. Instead of using an approach shot or chip like everyone else, one of the golfers decided to try to throw the ball into the hole. To her astonishment, the ball rolled into the cup, thus &quot;winning&quot; the tournament in a fabulously illegal way. The other golfer attempted the same feat, but her ball missed, and she had to settle for second.<br /> <br /> (Yes, this does violate the rules of golf. Big time.)1Mon, 23 May 2016 22:43:42 +0000Bibby: night I dreamed that I was going through old family pictures. I flipped through a stack of photos from 1994-1995 of people that I had no recollection of ever meeting. One of them was a little black girl with the unusual name of Ethos.<br /> <br /> I had a similar dream not long ago, although most of these characters were older than Ethos. Basically, it boils down to my long-standing fascination with historical &quot;DLC&quot; and interesting things forgotten by the winds of time - one of several recurring themes in my dreamy universe. Years ago I found a roll of pictures that had fallen behind a drawer, and it felt really cool to find all these interesting old things.1Thu, 16 Jun 2016 19:32:03 +0000Bibby: night I dreamed that I was going on a road trip with someone. Unfortunately, there was no room for me in the car, because this person decided that she needed to bring along several boxes full of automotive parts, including an oil filter. (This is another boring dream where I can tell exactly where each element came from.)<br /> <br /> As for my <a href=";findpost=9686" rel="nofollow"> April 18 post </a>, I finally set up a Microsoft Outlook account to manage some of the e-mail accounts that I don&#039;t check frequently.1Thu, 04 Aug 2016 21:43:42 +0000fireball3k: haven&#039;t been very diligent on writing my dreams down, but many of them have been very mundane, and many of them have involved work, hanging out with coworkers, and talking about the sort of things i&#039;d normally talk about with them.<br /> <br /> i&#039;ve had a few more romantically oriented dreams, but i failed to write them down, so i can&#039;t give juicy details.104Fri, 05 Aug 2016 00:09:20 +0000fireball3k: had a dream wherein i went to ride on this thing that was like a boat with a parachute on it. my coworker ian showed me this thing and rode on the back seat of it while i took the front. this thing operated by starting in the water, then being pulled by a mechanism that dragged it onto a track. once it reached the end of this, it would deploy its parachute so as to glide gracefully down through a city that just showed up from nowhere. it was neat, but i saw some visual glitches that made me wonder if i was in a virtual reality thing.<br /> <br /> after i got off that thing, i get in my car to leave. i take a wrong turn and have to turn around, noticing there&#039;s a kid playing nearby and trying not to hit him. i head back the right way when i get flagged down by a very baleful-looking cop with soulless eyes. he takes me into a room and asks me what i was doing, saying i almost killed that kid. i tell him i was trying to avoid him, so he finds the kid and interrogates him. our stories are similar but not quite identical, and it comes to light that i used profanity near the kid when i was turning around. clearly enjoying making me suffer by intimidating me, the cop writes me a ticket for saying a swear word. i&#039;m enraged by this, but there&#039;s nothing i can do about it. i visit with a husband and wife game developer duo i&#039;m somehow friends with, and they feel bad for my situation and lend me the fifty bucks needed to cover the ticket.<br /> <br /> last thing i remember is staying at their house and browsing the internet. i remember something while in the dream about a sound frequency which causes computers to crash, and i listen to it on my tablet with the expected results.104Tue, 30 Aug 2016 20:26:10 +0000fireball3k: had a very strange, depressing dream that i don&#039;t remember much of. i think it involved a version of pokémon, one that i somehow recognized as a generation 4 game, that i played. in it, i remember two things: there was a new type introduced called the dying-type, which consisted of very evil-looking new pokémon and evolutions of the old one that looked just as malevolent. as for the plot of the game, it was like i was viewing it through my own eyes. it started out with me, as well as a bunch of people of my generation, heading off to sign up for the army to participate in some war. everyone was talking about it as if it was going to be lots of fun, something like how people viewed the first world war before it began. i remember just knowing that it would kill the majority of people who had signed up for it, and that there wasn&#039;t anything i could do.104Tue, 13 Sep 2016 00:58:19 +0000Bibby: this week, I dreamed that I was driving to a factory located in the far northwest corner of Jacksonville. I&#039;m not sure why I was going there - I don&#039;t know whether it was a grad school project or a sales job. (I do know I wasn&#039;t working at said factory.) In this alternate reality, Jacksonville&#039;s manufacturing sector had grown by leaps and bounds, and factories and warehouses were everywhere on I-295 (the loop around Jacksonville, the road I was taking to reach my destination). I took a wrong turn and somehow ended up in an old neighborhood in the Mandarin area.<br /> <br /> On the same night, I dreamed that I visited a friend&#039;s out-of-state grandparents. I think I was invited to a family reunion even though I&#039;m not related to them. Apparently these grandparents were stereotypical rednecks. To get to their house, you had to cross a log bridge over a creek. Some of these logs were highly unstable, and they could easily roll out of control. The logs that were most prone to rolling out of control actually had names (I think one was named Betty). The house was overcrowded and wasn&#039;t in the greatest condition, and the people liked to drink a lot and sleep at odd hours. I felt out of place. As soon as it got dark, I locked myself in the guest bedroom, hoping that I could get a decent night of sleep.<br /> <br /> A couple nights later, I dreamed that I became the devil and tormented people using boiling Cheerwine. Bad Placeo apparently has a strict rule prohibiting use of the metric system, and the boiling Cheerwine had to be kept at a strict 212 degrees Fahrenheit.<br /> <br /> If these dreams sound dark to you, I can explain exactly where each dream element came from, and it&#039;s more boring than anything. And if you were hoping for something darker, then I&#039;m sorry for letting you down. (I&#039;m actually not sorry. Too bad.)1Fri, 23 Sep 2016 20:32:08 +0000The_Shadow: one was particularly odd:<br /> I was lost in the woods, it was foggy, cold, and I could barely see.<br /> <br /> Every now and again, I could see something move in the distance, but really quickly, it would be there, and would be gone just as fast,<br /> <br /> I kept moving along, looking for something... no idea what actually, as odd as that sounds... shelter perhaps?<br /> <br /> I hear this loud growl noise behind me, I turn around, and see this snarling beast, like a crocodile, werewolf, THING, charging towards me.<br /> My first instinct is to punch it.<br /> It gets knocked down, I find a steel fence post stuck in the ground and I pull it up, and begin swinging it like a sword.<br /> <br /> After smacking it with the fence post a few times, it finally lays down, dead.<br /> Shaking, I roll it over to get a better look at it&#039;s face...<br /> ...Nothing, just a hollow black void where it&#039;s face should be.<br /> <br /> The world turns black, and I hear a voice coming from all directions:<br /> &quot;Welcome to the black void. This is your world, do with it as you please.&quot;<br /> <br /> 52Thu, 22 Dec 2016 00:53:01 +0000Bibby:, that escalated quickly.<br /> <br /> Earlier this month I dreamed that I went to a small town and wanted to get something to eat. Without checking any reviews beforehand, I went to the diner, the only restaurant in town. This restaurant specialized in fried chicken, and it refused to serve black people. One African-American gentleman made the mistake of walking in and taking a seat, and the phrase &quot;if looks could kill&quot; is the best way to describe the reaction of the lady who owned the place. Despite being a white person, I felt uncomfortable being at a whites-only eatery, and I was about to leave when the dream ended.1Thu, 22 Dec 2016 08:52:21 +0000Miles: a couple of relatively short ones this morning.<br /> <br /> There was a heck of a lightning storm going on, but it wasn&#039;t dark or rainy at all. The clouds were very green and were close to the ground as well as up in the sky (I guess it could count as fog too?), and lightning arcs were shooting between random spots in them every so often, always perfectly visible through the clouds. I was in a frenzy to unplug everything before a bolt hit something and fried everything.<br /> <br /> For some reason I was trying to shut down a Windows 10 computer gracefully as to not mess up something somehow by force-unplugging it, and I couldn&#039;t find the shut down button. In the power menu in the start menu, there was sleep and log off and a bunch of recommended pictures from my Skype Received Photos folder but no shut down option to be found. I was heavily frustrated by Dream Windows 10&#039;s apparent newest update and unplugged it anyway.<br /> <br /> The dream ended and transitioned into another one there, but I can&#039;t remember much of the other one.12Wed, 04 Jan 2017 08:47:59 +0000The_Shadow: was dreamed last night.<br /> <br /> I&#039;m in this dark room, on a chair. I can&#039;t move.<br /> What appears to be black smoke all around, and a featureless dark figure in front of me, it looks like a person.<br /> It has it&#039;s arm extended, and is pointing something at me.<br /> I&#039;m asking it questions. &quot;Who are you? Why am I here? What do you want? among others. for what felt like an hour.<br /> I hear a deep voice say the words &quot;Worthless!&quot; and then I see a flash and hear a loud &quot;BANG!&quot; That&#039;s when I woke up the first time last night. <br /> <br /> I managed to get back to sleep after a bit.<br /> And had another.<br /> I woke up in what appeared to be a hospital, nobody else currently in the room.<br /> I walk around until I find someone. the secretary at the front desk, an older man. I feel as though I had seen this person before.<br /> &quot;Can I help you si- ...You&#039;re awake!&quot; he confirms that he is my brother, and tells me that I have been out for 40 years.<br /> And tells me that there are some people who would like to meet me.<br /> We get in his car, and he updates me on things along the way.<br /> Sad details about my parents, the neighbors, and even my sister.<br /> The world appears much darker than I remember it. As though it were in a state of decay.<br /> We get to our destination, and a number of people greet me as we leave the car. I feel a sudden sharp pain in my chest, I watch the world fade to white as the crowd of worried people rush to my side. No longer able to see them through the dense fog, I can hear whispers: &quot;I&#039;m sorry it had to be like this&quot; &quot;Why didn&#039;t we listen&quot; &quot;Please come back&quot;<br /> I woke up after this.<br /> <br /> Managed to get back to sleep one more time.<br /> This time, I&#039;m in my room. I turn on my computer, and am greeted a set of emails showing me my whole world crashing down on top of me.<br /> Banned from my favorite sites,<br /> Fired from every job I have,<br /> Numerous levels of just blatant hatred,<br /> Among other things.<br /> I leave my room to find that it appears to be the only thing that survived the house burning down.<br /> I walk to where the living room should be, to find the skeletons of 4 people. I gather those can only be my brother, sister, mother, and father.<br /> The rest of the dream is me wandering around in the fog, wishing they could come back.52Wed, 11 Jan 2017 10:42:24 +0000fireball3k: have no clue where the hell to start with this one, as it was so complex and loaded with detail that i am almost certain to forget some of it. in any event.<br /> <br /> i think the first part of this dream involved me reliving my life, or maybe experiencing it for the first time. problem is, it&#039;s way different: my parents are different people, and i live in a huge mansion loaded with all sorts of strange, wonderful contraptions to play on. i have several more siblings here, and my parents appear to be different people. i perceive the beginning of the dream to be occuring during 1995, when i am five years old.<br /> <br /> the first arc, if you will, involves me, at some point, perceiving that my life fell apart at some point after childhood. i use a time machine to travel back in time and somehow take control of my five year old self and modify some events that i don&#039;t remember. i know that, at some point, i get pulled back even further in time with these two girls, one of which is waiting to talk to their boyfriend or something to break it off with him. i didn&#039;t see what happened, but i think this came back into play later, as he becomes the general of the empire.<br /> <br /> i think after this, i returned to 1995 and managed to get my past self to begin to redo some of his past actions, though i don&#039;t remember what all they were. i know that i found it difficult to force him to do anything. i had the mind of a five year old and my adult mind coexisting, and just getting him to perform a different action made my mind strain really hard.<br /> <br /> one of the first things i remember trying to change took place in this continuity&#039;s 1997, and i suppose i&#039;ll refer to it as the tetramonde arc because of a critical plot point. sometime during 1997, i watched an oddly overbudgeted, yet groan-inducingly stupid commercial for a new... film, i think on the market that involved rebels in some european country i didn&#039;t recognize getting their troops showered in explodey death by the empire on the hill leading up to their home base. imagine a michael bay movie where everyone has bad accents and you have an idea of the look of this bit. i surmised somehow that this hill was called tetramonde, in typical dreamlike fashion. anyway, it cuts to the rebel leaders up on a hill talking about how they&#039;re getting destroyed, when one of them realizes they have the mythical weapon of tetramonde to turn the tides! it... turns out this is just a really large fireworks cake, but they use it and the empire is destroyed by its power!<br /> <br /> next, we cut to the final scene of tetramonde, so i&#039;ve got no d*** idea of how we got here. it turns out it&#039;s not a movie i&#039;m watching, this is real life, and me and my parents are being held hostage by the empire&#039;s general in our house. what is supposed to happen here is that the general forces us to fire the weapon of tetramonde in our own house, probably killing us. however, my dad rigs it so that it just produces smoke, and releases a contraption that summons rope which causes every member of the empire in the room to be hanged, including the general&#039;s wife. after this, however, the general realizes what my dad did and stabs him to death with a sword. i, however, am able to change this and stop the general from killing my dad. it happens as normal, with the general&#039;s pretty, wispy blonde wife coming out in her baby blue gown and ordering the discharge of the weapon. we do it, it acts up as planned, and the empire personnel are killed. i stop the general from killing dad, but find myself booted back to 1995: my child self was using the time machine to try to fix his life, but the scene just before meant that a paradox of some sort had been created, and he now ceased to exist.<br /> <br /> however, i am not gone from reality. what follows is, in very condensed form, my life flashing before my eyes as i am restored to the timeline by some mechanism i don&#039;t understand. as i go, i experience memories that i had long forgotten, and wake up to find that i had been dreaming and talking in my sleep about the past.<br /> <br /> this is already confusing, so i&#039;ll condense the next bit down. i then proceed to fall back asleep in the dream and run through a bunch more memories in the &#039;real&#039; world from my childhood to my adulthood, even though they aren&#039;t what i experienced in my actual life. i&#039;m missing a ton of detail, but i absolutely need to write a story based off of the fracturing of reality like this dream had104Tue, 17 Jan 2017 10:06:39 +0000Bibby: keep having dreams where I&#039;m reading technical reports about topics such as engineering, healthcare, finance, or technology. These reports are well-written and beautifully-presented - but the information thereon is incredibly false. These dreams are always unsettling because they mess with your mind just enough that you have to remind yourself that these &quot;facts&quot; are fake.<br /> <br /> Also, I know I&#039;ve already talked to you in Discord Land, but Nite needs a hug. If you ever meet me in real life, I owe you one.<br /> <br /> Fireball3k&#039;s dream was awesome indeed. I hardly ever have dreams as complex as that one, so it&#039;s always cool when super-detailed dreams happen.1Tue, 17 Jan 2017 20:56:14 +0000Bibby: few nights ago, I had two dreams in one night. This is quite a rarity for me! Needless to say, both dreams centered on team projects.<br /> <br /> In the first dream, I went with my Indian (India Indian, not Native American) team project partner to a dirt parking lot to record a video for our team project. I dropped my phone, but fortunately it didn&#039;t suffer any damage. It just bounced into the sand. In this same parking lot, I saw two people who are unlikely to appear in the same place at the same time (people from different compartments of my life), an underlying theme of Career Fantasy.<br /> <br /> In the second episode of Vinny Dreams About Team Projects, I went to a place with woefully insufficient parking (which undoubtedly came from the topic of my team project). This dream also involved forgetting about two different things I needed/wanted to do, another favorite dream theme.<br /> <br /> Also, I had yet another dream about team projects last night. I read one of the other teams&#039; drafts of their project, and they used citations in a really weird way. These &quot;reading fake technical reports&quot; dreams are apparently my latest dream addiction.1Tue, 07 Feb 2017 21:58:15 +0000fireball3k: had a dream last night where i was at a theme park, trying out a series of roller coasters with a bunch of people. the attraction in question was a series of coasters of varying intensity that you rode one after the other. i remember that one of them was a big one with a bunch of drops and inversions that looked scary. when i went to get on it, though, it turned out mei from overwatch was one of the riders, and she offered to hold hands with me to help me with my nerves. it was really sweet.<br /> <br /> the coaster turned out to be a ton of fun, so i went on the thing with mei again.104Tue, 21 Feb 2017 08:42:05 +0000The_Shadow: was in a black void... Absolutely nothing, as far as I could see, apart from myself.<br /> <br /> I waved my right hand in front of me, and it cut through the black, like it was smoke. I could see a forest. I waved my hand up into the sky, and was able to move the sun and the moon around. I could bring them closer, or push them farther away.<br /> I floated high above the world, and was able to control the seasons, and the flow of time itself. to the dawn of creation.<br /> I looked behind me, and could see a meteor, larger than earth coming toward it.<br /> I grabbed it, and chucked it as hard as I could...<br /> At this point I had to wake up... because I just tossed the cat off the bed.52Wed, 22 Feb 2017 23:20:46 +0000Bibby: is a great dream, but the best part is the ending.<br /> <br /> Poor kitty, though. #CatMeteor1Thu, 23 Feb 2017 15:25:58 +0000The_Shadow: had gotten up to realize I was in a different place. Smaller, enclosed. Like a closet, Not much room to move around. No door either.<br /> <br /> I got up, looked out the window, and the view was nothing but white.<br /> Not snow... just white.<br /> I pushed against one of the walls, and it opened up like a door. I was now out on the front porch. the view was still nothing but white, with the exception of the porch itself.<br /> <br /> I just rested on the railing, and said: Sheesh! I&#039;ve been here too long... Even my dreams are getting dull.52Tue, 07 Mar 2017 22:52:31 +0000The_Shadow:, I&#039;m wandering through the ruins of a very destroyed city.<br /> Alone... Looking around for any signs of life.<br /> <br /> I trip, and hit my head. As I&#039;m blacking out, I feel something grip my hand tight, and I hear the following song coming from an unknown source:<br /> <br /> <br /> When I was a young boy, My father, took me into the city, to see a marching band.<br /> He said, &quot;Son when you grow up, Would you be the savior of the broken, the beaten and the d***ed?<br /> He said &quot;Will you defeat them? Your demons, and all the non-believers, the plans that they have made?<br /> &quot;Because one day I&#039;ll leave you, A phantom to lead you in the summer, to join The Black Parade.&quot;<br /> Sometimes I get the feeling she&#039;s watching over me. And other times I feel like I should go.<br /> And through it all, the rise and fall, the bodies in the streets. And when you&#039;re gone we want you all to know.<br /> We&#039;ll carry on, and though you&#039;re dead and gone believe me, Your memory will carry on.<br /> We&#039;ll carry on, and in my heart I can&#039;t contain it, the anthem won&#039;t explain it.<br /> <br /> A world that sends you reeling from decimated dreams, your misery and hate will kill us all.<br /> So paint it black and take it back, let&#039;s shout it loud and clear. Defiant to the end we hear the call.<br /> <br /> To carry on, we&#039;ll carry on.<br /> And though you&#039;re dead and gone believe me, your memory will carry on.<br /> And though you&#039;re broken and defeated, your weary widow marches.<br /> <br /> On and on we carry through the fears, disappointed faces of your peers, take a look at me cause I could not care at all.<br /> Do or die, you&#039;ll never make me because the world will never take my heart go and try, you&#039;ll never break me we want it all, we wanna play this part.<br /> I won&#039;t explain or say I&#039;m sorry, I&#039;m unashamed, I&#039;m gonna show my scar, give a cheer for all the broken.<br /> Listen here, because it&#039;s who we are, I&#039;m just a man, I&#039;m not a hero, just a boy, I&#039;m not a hero<br /> I Don&#039;t Care!<br /> <br /> The world goes completely black at this point, When the world comes back, I find that I&#039;m gazing off a cliff into an endless ocean of fire, Something detonates in the background. I fall to my knees, and a strong feeling of sadness overcomes me.<br /> I woke up shortly afterward.<br /> <br /> I know this song from somewhere... where have I heard it? I&#039;m certain that I couldn&#039;t come up with it in my dream.<br /> 52Sun, 16 Apr 2017 01:36:46 +0000Bibby: like the song is <a href="" rel="nofollow"> Welcome to the Black Parade </a> by My Chemical Romance. I&#039;m only vaguely familiar with this group, but it&#039;s pretty cool that you have most or all of the lyrics memorized (or else the ability to learn songs that you haven&#039;t heard before just by sleeping!).<br /> <br /> My subconscious nighttime musings haven&#039;t been very exciting lately.<br /> <br /> A few weeks ago I had a dream where I went to see a dwarf (an actual man of diminished stature, although he kind of looked like <a href="" rel="nofollow"> them </a>). I had helped his daughter help him make a Web site for their neighborhood homeowners&#039; association (something that I&#039;ve done for my own HOA), but she&#039;d gone away to Florida State University and wasn&#039;t available to help. Unfortunately, their home had been vandalized, and these vandals wrote unkind comments all over the doors, windows, and walls of the home.<br /> <br /> The girl&#039;s name was Susanna, although she looked nothing like the Susanna I know in real life. A lot of other details didn&#039;t make a lot of sense - apparently the house was in my old neighborhood, which doesn&#039;t even have an HOA. However, nobody ever said my dreams had to make sense in any way.1Sun, 16 Apr 2017 23:10:18 +0000The_Shadow: looked that song up on youtube after seeing your reply... <br /> <a href="" rel="nofollow"> </a><br /> boy that sent chills down my spine... It&#039;s a perfect match to what I heard in my dream.<br /> ...Good song though, though definitely has some Gothic overtones. Looking up My Chemical Romance, they do a lot of music like this.<br /> ...But, now I&#039;m off track.<br /> <br /> Certainly an interesting dream you had too.<br /> It&#039;s weird how the brain jumps from point to point like that, isn&#039;t it? And almost seamlessly. Even if in a nonsensical manner.<br /> <br /> That bit about the unkind comments reminds me of one... &amp;$%!ing strange one I had a couple of nights ago.<br /> I had gotten up to find that the walls had all stuff written in blood all over them. I reach toward one to check one of the words written to see what it actually is, and all of a sudden a swirling vortex forms from the lettering. I walk through and realize that I&#039;ve somehow made my way into an old, run down, mansion.<br /> <br /> The gateway closes behind me.<br /> I spot something in the distance. Some form of shadow.<br /> After a few minutes of analyzing it. and trying to figure out what it is. It jolts forward toward me to reveal that it is Sonic the hedgehog from that Sonic.EXE creepypasta. at this point, it is in my face.<br /> I jump backward, and grab the first thing I can get my hands on (Which turns out to be the transmission out of a Dodge truck) and begin swinging it like a sword (Which would be impossible, considering the size of the thing). <br /> Cutting Sonic off at a demonic sounding interpretation of the words &quot;Your too slow&quot; I begin just wailing on him with the transmission. Eventually I stop, he&#039;s on the ground bleeding profusely at this point, He gets up, and starts walking away toward a nearby computer, While saying: &quot;This should...have never....been attempted...*Cough*&quot;<br /> At this point I approach the computer he just went in to, take off the maintenance access panel, and start heating up a soldering iron. I hear sonic say: &quot;Man, this just isn&#039;t my day!&quot;<br /> <br /> At this point, I woke up, for whatever reason, I was on the verge of laughing. Something about it just seemed to end up funny.<br /> 52Mon, 17 Apr 2017 02:25:59 +0000Bibby: night I dreamed that a girl asked to marry me*. It was one of those &quot;propose to someone in public&quot; things - in this case, in church**! It was sort of an arranged marriage, as I had never met her before (whether in real life or in the dream world). She was slightly on the chubby side, but she looked really sweet. I stammered and said maybe, being the indecisive person that I can be. I thought it might be prudent to go on a date or something before agreeing to spend our lives together.<br /> <br /> * No, it wasn&#039;t the other way around. This is a bit of an oddity in heterosexual relationships in the Western world, but then again, arranged marriage isn&#039;t exactly the norm here either.<br /> ** In terms of physical layout and decoration (but not behavior!), this church was a strange conglomeration of every church I&#039;ve previously been to.1Mon, 29 May 2017 21:13:17 +0000Bibby: seldom dream about video games, but last night I dreamed about video games. I was watching a college football game, and the game had just reached halftime. Since I didn&#039;t want to watch the studio talking heads yak about other football games, I turned on my Wii (or maybe the Switch I don&#039;t have). The video game seemed to be a sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, but set a few years in the future. The story began in Link&#039;s house. Inside, Ilia* was reclining on the couch, and there was another character outside, but otherwise no one was nearby. Link&#039;s house resembled the treehouses in Kokiri Forest in Zelda 64, except no one lived nearby. Link was on the computer (yes, really) and received a message that Hyrule was in grave danger (that happens sometimes). In this time of tumult, the King of Hyrule was threatening to invoke the secret Article Zero of the Hylian constitution, which allows him to take &quot;emergency powers&quot; and presumably override other articles of the constitution. Link also learned that in this timeline, he was not a &quot;legendary hero&quot; - instead, that title belonged to <a href="" rel="nofollow"> Alm from Fire Emblem Echoes/Gaiden </a>, and they would have to work together to defeat whatever menace Hyrule was facing. After a bit more discussion, the game took you outside Link&#039;s house. This area was kind of like a cross between the Twilight Princess Faron Woods and A Link to the Past&#039;s Dark Woods - a dark, creepy wooded area. In the dream, I knew the football was about to resume. I finally reached a point in the game where I could save and quit, so I did exactly that.<br /> <br /> * I know what inspired this. It arose from a previous discussion about the bones of the pelvic girdle - specifically, the ilia. I know what inspired some of the other off-the-wall aspects of this dream, but they&#039;re a bit more obvious.1Fri, 02 Jun 2017 22:40:52 +0000fireball3k:;m going to attempt to remember all of the stuff that happened in this dream, as i&#039;ve got 30 minutes before i get ready to go to work. it was probably about as complex as the tetramonde dream i had a while ago.<br /> <br /> <br /> i dreamed this morning that i went to go to a restaurant. when i get there, i think i... find a virtual reality game of some sort that&#039;s an obstacle course. it gives me the ability to fly and glide, and i&#039;ve got to make it to the end of the rooms and defeat the boss. it seems like i can quicksave in it, so i basically use that to make it through and get the ending i want. for example, one of the endings involves the world being destroyed, and i don&#039;t want that. i keep doing it until i get the result i want, which means me and the other people in my group get to sit down and eat. keep in mind that none of these people are anybody i know.<br /> <br /> <br /> everyone, except for me, i guess, ends up sitting down and getting their food. there is one set of people, however, who the owner refuses to serve- it turns out he&#039;s a nazi sympathizer or something, despite looking like your average coffee shop guy, and he won&#039;t serve them because their grandfather fought the nazis back in world war II. since i didn&#039;t get any food, i decide to just drift around with the flight ability i still have from the game somehow. i go in circles around the shop, and i see the owner is eating in a room behind the wall. when i see him, i flip the bastard off, and he doesn&#039;t respond. i glide around a few times before deciding i&#039;ve had enough. the guy who runs the place also has a section where you can buy used games, and i look at a n64 and some games with a coworker of mine. the owner, as revenge for flipping him off, has an employee accuse me of stealing. the cops get called and i&#039;m sentenced to my punishment: an impossible obstacle course with sadistic difficulty.<br /> <br /> <br /> basically, there are a few events you have to run out of a pool chosen at random, most of which i can&#039;t remember. if you win, you go free, but if you fail any of the objectives you must start over. i keep trying to get past the last event, which is a big arena fight that for some reason plays like smash bros. it&#039;s a gauntlet of opponents that you have to beat, but what they don&#039;t tell you is that it never ends no matter how well you do. i remember trying so many times to clear this event, failing, and being sent back to the start. i&#039;m not the only one in the course, but because we keep failing, we&#039;re all at different stages of the thing. all the while, the owner of the restaurant is taunting us, telling us we&#039;ll have our freedom if we win.<br /> <br /> <br /> however, the cops show up and bust the owner and his cronies who run this gig. it turns out that there were legions of people trapped in this maze, and that they were held under conditions worse than being a prisoner. they were almost never fed, they almost never slept, and they were never allowed to go to the bathroom. the real cops free us all, letting us escape. i next find myself in a church, with many of the guards who ran the maze there begging for forgiveness. i do find it in me to forgive them, and my dad calls me. he tells me he&#039;s heard about what happened, and he&#039;s arranged it with my work that i get some paid time off to recover from the stress of this punishment.<br /> <br /> <br /> everything after that is a blur, really. my friends and i hang out, and we see this girl who my buddy is making out of character, untoward comments towards. i follow her out the door to apologize for that, and she offers to walk home with me. we try to cross the street in a busy city at some point, at which point she summons a flying thing to fly us back home. as we ascend, suddenly the scene cuts to her looking in a magic mirror- it turns out she was the servant of a spirit who was looking for the chosen one, and i am apparently it. what for, i don&#039;t know, but there it is, i guess.104Tue, 11 Jul 2017 11:20:45 +0000Bibby: is a great Fireball3k dream. It also has tremendous potential for conversion to video game format.<br /> <br /> Last night I dreamed that I went to a New York Yankees game. I sat along the first base line at the Fantasy World Fake Yankee Stadium. Maybe it was a spring training game, because it looked nothing like Yankee Stadium. It wasn&#039;t a very big ballpark, but it was on a river. Some Yankees player hit a splashdown home run. Also, the game was delayed when a huge flock of birds occupied the diamond.<br /> <br /> Also last night, I dreamed that I went to church, and only about ten people showed up. They asked me to preach, even though I hadn&#039;t prepared at all. I had something I wanted to discuss, but I don&#039;t remember what it was. I decided that it would be a good idea to keep it short and sweet. It was 11:37 A.M. when I started, and I wanted to be done by noon at the latest.<br /> <br /> A few days ago, I dreamed that I decided to become a mailman as a part-time job to make a bit of quick money. I had no idea what to do, so on my one day on the job, I delivered very little mail. I quit very quickly. Apparently this job also involved getting on roofs - I guess people had mailboxes in their gutters in this alternate reality.<br /> <br /> I also had a recurrence of the dream where I go to my old house to retrieve a box of unimportant goods that I left there (in my dream world). The house always has someone else living in it, but they&#039;re never home.1Sun, 23 Jul 2017 19:40:33 +0000fireball3k: keep having these really complex dreams that i&#039;m not sure i can remember the entirety of when i&#039;m sleep deprived. here&#039;s another that came from a nap this morning.<br /> <br /> i had a dream that i explored two abandoned entertainment complexes that i somehow had a hand in. the first was much more recent: we called it the 2015 room since it was completed then. it was something like a family arcade inasmuch as there were all sorts of things to have fun with. there were arcade machines, ticket-printing games, and even some small rides like a small train track. i revisited this place and had a look at it, and it was utterly decrepit. no one had been there in a long time, and it brought back painful memories of seeing this place in its prime. however, the reason i was up there was because i was with a crew of maintenance people, and i succeeded in starting the ball rolling on renovating the room so that it could operate once more.<br /> <br /> the second part may have been an extension of the first, but regardless. i dreamed then that i had been involved in starting something like a go-kart league. i keep wanting to say it was called the darda league, but darda is also the name of some pull-back scale cars that i had when i was a kid, so who knows. regardless, this was how it worked- they were these little buggies with small engines on them that were big enough for two kids to fit into. i don&#039;t think you had to have two people in the carts to compete, but still. anyway, there would be these complex tracks you&#039;d race on, both indoor and outdoor. they had gotten so popular that you&#039;d have events for these things just about every weekend, and in the dream, i had great memories of driving these things as a child despite being a kid when i started it.<br /> <br /> i believe the first track was one some friends of mine and i set up out in the country. it wasn&#039;t very complex, but it drew a lot of people who wanted to play. as a result, they built a few courses in my hometown, which i had great memories of riding on and watching events at. you&#039;d do a race, then at the end you&#039;d have a trivia question or puzzle you had to solve. they gave you a question and six answers to pick from, and you&#039;d have to order them from most likely answer to least likely answer. depending on how close the right answer was to the first spot, you&#039;d get more points. in any event, the league was run by this hot latina lady who turned out to have mob ties, and she got assassinated for doing something to said mob. it was probably this combined with the racing thing being a fad that meant it went out of style in a year or two.<br /> <br /> anyhow, i remember in the dream that i got really nostalgic for this league, and went to check out what the old locations of the tracks looked like now. many of them were still part of family fun centers and the like, but had been replaced with new things. i did manage to find one abandoned course, and i found out that it even had experienced a revival in activity... one that ended in 2016.<br /> <br /> that&#039;s omitting a lot of detail, but the point i want you to take away is that this dream had a severely nostalgic feeling throughout.104Mon, 14 Aug 2017 12:25:45 +0000Bibby: This is a slightly late response, but that is another great super-detailed FB3k dream.<br /> <br /> A couple of nights ago, I dreamed that I got a job as a teacher&#039;s assistant at <a href="" rel="nofollow"> a slightly sketchy local high school </a>. It was the first day of a single-semester AP Criminal Justice class. This is peculiar, because the College Board does not offer AP classes in Criminal Justice. Regardless, my job was to read tests and quizzes to people (whether because they&#039;re ESL, they have a learning disability that affects their reading skills, or they have a visual impairment). I peeked at the first quiz and saw that it looked very corny.<br /> <br /> As part of this job (as with nearly every other job on the planet), I sometimes needed access to a computer. My laptop is literally falling apart and would probably die for good if I attempted to take it any farther than my real-life desk, so I had to use the computer in the classroom. It was an aging Windows 7 machine. Whenever anyone turned it on, the <a href="" rel="nofollow"> NFL on FOX theme song </a> would begin to play at a moderately high volume - loud enough to get everyone distracted for a bit. When I first turned it on, I had a hard time figuring out how to get the music to stop. I closed Windows Media Player, but it still took a while to figure out how to get it to stop.<br /> <br /> There weren&#039;t many students in this class. I guess nobody wanted to take a fake &quot;AP Criminal Justice&quot; class if they could avoid it (even though college-level Criminal Justice programs have a reputation for being rather easy). I recall seeing a black dude with a lot of &#039;tude, a nice but dumb white girl who wore a short-sleeved maroon dress, and a nonbinary person who naturally had a mix of blond and red hair. Perhaps one or more of these characters will appear somewhere in Career Fantasy.<br /> <br /> Also, I keep getting really iffy-quality dream jobs.<br /> <br /> <em>3/5 Edit: Fixed a dumb usage error. You didn&#039;t see anything.</em>1Wed, 03 Jan 2018 11:27:21 +0000Miles: had a very, very, very strange dream today.<br /> <br /> I was riding a school bus that my grandmother was driving (something that hasn&#039;t actually happened since I was in elementary school, I believe) and was standing up behind her seat. Everyone else on the bus was standing, too. I saw her pull her phone out and check something, but then right at that moment a car pulled out in front of her and it got hit out of the way. It scared the bajeezus right out of her, and she lost control and plowed through a nearby house. There was no resistance from said house; the bus just powered right on through. Pretty much immediately afterwards I started trying to talk her into turning herself in, and then everyone on the bus crowded up at the front as if they were in support of this. May be worth noting that I recognized absolutely none of the students on the bus.<br /> <br /> When we got to the police department (this was a jump cut in my dream, as well), which for some reason looked more like a hospital, there was a news thing on a small-ish wall mounted widescreen TV showing what had happened. On display were mysteriously acquired cinematic shots of both the car hit and the carnage at the house. Among those affected in this incident was 3D Chester Cheetah (the actual fictional character who somehow existed outside of commercials), who was in that house at the time of the plowing. He managed to survive and make an appearance in front of the news camera, but his frontmost teeth were less than fortunate. Apparently they were compromised as a result of where he was in that house when it all went down. Ouch. Dream ended there, because my folks had just returned home and blew the horn to summon me for something.<br /> <br /> I don&#039;t know why an ad kitty for snack foodables was floating around in my subconscious, but apparently it was.12Mon, 05 Mar 2018 22:39:14 +0000Bibby:<div class="quote"><div class="quotee">Miles</div>There was no resistance from said house</div><br /> <div class="quote"><div class="quotee">Miles</div>a news thing on a small-ish wall mounted widescreen TV</div><br /> <div class="quote"><div class="quotee">Miles</div>mysteriously acquired cinematic shots of both the car hit and the carnage at the house</div><br /> <div class="quote"><div class="quotee">Miles</div>at the time of the plowing</div><br /> <div class="quote"><div class="quotee">Miles</div>his frontmost teeth were less than fortunate</div><br /> <div class="quote"><div class="quotee">Miles</div>an ad kitty for snack foodables</div><br /> <br /> The above post has an especially great collection of Miles-isms. I almost lost it at &quot;the car hit&quot;, as well as &quot;ad kitty for snack foodables&quot;.1Mon, 05 Mar 2018 23:02:46 +0000Bibby: few nights ago, I dreamed about Ice Fencing - basically, participating in swordfights while skating at an ice rink. This activity requires excellent balance. Everybody used big medieval-style blades rather than regular fencing equipment, but nobody got hurt.<br /> <br /> Last night, I dreamed that I took home a girl I vaguely knew many years ago (&quot;many years ago&quot; meaning &quot;I haven&#039;t heard anything from her since 2003&quot;). Our dreamy encounter was somewhat romantic, but we didn&#039;t do anything steamy - we just hung out for a while.<br /> <br /> Also last night, I dreamed about building things with Legos. I converted a castle I made when I was little so it would be on stilts (to prevent it from getting soaked in the event of Lego Storm Surge, I suppose). I built a cute little Lego ladder so Lego people could climb up to the doorway.<br /> <br /> I can explain where the first and third dreams came from (some combination of the Winter Olympics, Fire Emblem games, and going to a beachy place), but I have no idea what made me think of the young lady I hadn&#039;t seen since 2003. (For the record, I Googled her and it looks like she&#039;s in a serious relationship with somebody who&#039;s not me - and she lives in a distant land, too.)1Thu, 22 Mar 2018 18:40:23 +0000The_Shadow: dreamed that I was on my computer. Just doing the everyday tasks. Just, nothing was right.<br /> When I went into my bookmarks, there was nothing. just a black void.<br /> I checked discord. All my contacts were gone.<br /> I checked my bank account. Funds were negative.<br /> Checked the various online forums. Nothing.<br /> Checked my Email. Contacts an emails were gone, except one message: &quot;Are you proud of yourself?&quot;<br /> <br /> When I clicked on it, There was a bright flash, then I woke up.<br /> The words &quot;I&#039;m sorry&quot; echoing in my mind.<br /> 52Mon, 02 Apr 2018 21:47:27 +0000Bibby: couple of nights ago, I dreamed that I cuddled with a cute girl in a mansion full of spiders.<br /> <br /> Apparently I was staying in a large vacation home that I shared with many other people. This place hadn&#039;t been used in a long time, so some of the hallways were completely blocked by spider webs. I had to use a stick to poke a hole in their arachnid domicile so I could make it to my room.<br /> <br /> During this vacation, I met a cute girl* and we had a slightly romantic time. Nothing explicit happened, though.<br /> <br /> * I don&#039;t think I&#039;ve ever seen this cute girl before, but she may be vaguely similar to someone I saw on one of those Instagram story thingies. This cute girl is the friend of one of the model-like people I sort of know.1Fri, 22 Jun 2018 16:55:15 +0000Miles:;s a very short one because I only remember the tail-end of this one, but I find it amusing.<br /> <br /> Have you ever dreamed about watching streams, of all things? I was watching someone play a very different version of the PS2/Xbox Spider-Man 2 (it looked like a generational leap ahead, graphically).<br /> <br /> Not too long after a combat encounter on a weirdly placed stairway, they jump out of said stairway into an open area and stop for a moment and we all then notice something happening in the background, which the streamer dude quickly calls attention to with an &quot;Umm&quot;. In the distance, just visible in the lower right corner of the screen, there was an enemy dude that had been incapacitated earlier by an electrical trap (he was still showing some &quot;electric&quot; effects). What made it funny was the fact that some generic NPC pedestrian&#039;s AI had wigged out, and so this random generic dude just kind of starting stepping on the electrified guy and standing there, occasionally turning around but not ever really moving. He wasn&#039;t electrified as a result or anything because this dream game apparently wasn&#039;t developed with that situation in mind, but it looked funny. Just suddenly some electrified bad guy is getting stepped all over by a random dude. The stream ends there, after a good string of &quot;Umm... Maybe you shouldn&#039;t do that. That&#039;s probably not a good idea.&quot; (etc) and then an outro by the stream guy.<br /> <br /> ...<br /> <br /> The next stream, somehow in the same dream but on a very different day entirely, begins. He loads up his save file which has the player standing in the same place and the camera facing the same direction. The incapacited dude is still there, but he is no longer showing the electrical effects and the random NPC guy from before is not there. But it&#039;s not long until another random dude shows up and starts doing the same thing; he gets stuck there, just standing on top of the bad dude and occasionally turning around (but not moving laterally; so he&#039;s effectively just stomping on the guy.) The streamer reacts appropriately, &quot;UMM..!&quot;<br /> <br /> The dream ends there. I woke up prematurely due to my nose being a jerk and being blocked, so I had to manually resume proper breathing.12Sun, 10 Mar 2019 05:34:52 +0000The_Shadow: had a dream that I was messing around inside SMB1 on NES and found the value that controls the level type an music. I messed around with switching levels between the various types of overworld, castle, underground, underwater, and sky. <br /> I moved on to the music part of things, and came across what sounded like an extended 1-up sound. Trying to make sense of this I had set it to play at the end of the bonus area.<br /> I woke up shortly after this, to find something rather interesting in my recommended videos on youtube.<br /> <a href="" rel="nofollow"> </a> the exact same jingle I heard in my dream. Likely a coincidence, but strange nonetheless.52Sat, 13 Apr 2019 03:43:32 +0000The_Shadow: had a dream that I was playing N64 with my brother. We were playing Mario Kart, and ended up goofing off around the castle area in Royal Raceway. I realized something was off though, when I noticed that we were racing in the Mario 64 version of the castle, and that my brother was driving around in the moat.<br /> <br /> Something clicked at this point, and it was as if time stopped.<br /> I knew I was in a dream, and had full control over it.<br /> <br /> I got up, and went outside, where I decided to try some things.<br /> I started off with altering our car.<br /> Like clicking in a computer program (literally) I was able to change the paint job, and even what it actually was. until looking away and then back at it anyway. for some reason after looking away from something it would reset it back to what I remembered it was.<br /> <br /> I decided to try some Magic, like in The Elder Scrolls.<br /> This was interesting, I could do it, but it had no effect on the world. Any structure of immune to even the most powerful I could think of. I never tried it on any people or animals.<br /> <br /> After I was done experimenting, I re-entered our house, to continue the game I was playing with my brother.<br /> There was the game, still paused and my brother holding the controller.<br /> I sat down picked up my controller, then looked over at my brother, to realize that his eyes were black voids, his nose looked like it had been cut off, and his mouth was sewn shut.<br /> I jolted awake at this point.52Sat, 25 May 2019 15:29:01 +0000Miles: wow, quite the mood whiplash at the end there.<br /> <br /> My own experience with managing to stay asleep when I realize I&#039;m dreaming is a bit similar. I can sort of do a few things if I will them, but not necessarily everything I want to do. This is something I really want to explore further, though the chance doesn&#039;t come often.12Mon, 27 May 2019 17:29:39 +0000The_Shadow: can confirm that you can learn to do this, but in the process it is very easy to deprive yourself of sleep.52Tue, 28 May 2019 16:13:17 +0000The_Shadow:, bit of a short one here. I successfully induced a lucid dream.. I walked by someone (My sister) holding a kitten. I decided to turn around to look at it, and saw it staring directly at me... This startled me awake. It wasn&#039;t so much scary, as it caught me by surprise, and left me thinking: &quot;DAMMIT!&quot;<br /> 52Wed, 05 Jun 2019 00:49:06 +0000The_Shadow:, after various attempts to intentionally lucid dream, I&#039;ve come to the realization that my brain runs at about a million miles per hour.<br /> Any little stray thought or distraction changes things, and I loose focus real quick.<br /> <br /> In the end... I really cannot describe some of the results... It&#039;s been full-on random.52Mon, 17 Jun 2019 16:28:22 +0000Bibby: nights ago I dreamed that I became an Indian.<br /> <br /> Not someone from India, or a Native American, but a Cleveland Indian!<br /> <br /> I was checking my personal Gmail account and noticed an interesting e-mail. Supposedly it was from the Cleveland Indians baseball team. Out of curiosity, I opened it. To my shock, it informed me that I had been drafted by the Indians organization in the 18th round of the Major League Baseball draft. The communication was quite polished - it had a dark blue &quot;letterhead&quot; with the Indians&#039; modern &#039;C&#039; logo (no Chief Wahoo here). The text of the e-mail said something similar to the following:<br /> <br /> <div class="quote"><div class="quotee">Dream World Cleveland Indians Message</div>Hi &lt;name&gt;,<br /> <br /> Congratulations on being drafted by the Cleveland Indians baseball club in the 18th round of the 2019 Major League Baseball draft. We&#039;d like to congratulate you on joining a franchise with 118 years of winning tradition. One of our representatives will be reaching out to you shortly to discuss all the details with contracts.<br /> <br /> Best regards,<br /> Carlos (I think the guy&#039;s name was Carlos)</div><br /> <br /> I was initially skeptical of this communication, since I haven&#039;t exactly been a baseball superstar at the college or high school levels! However, I logged on to and saw that someone with my name and college (the one I went to for grad school) had indeed been selected by the Indians in the 18th round of the MLB draft.<br /> <br /> Now I was trying to figure out what to do next. I&#039;m not really qualified to be a professional baseball player, but ever since I was a little kid, I thought it would be awesome to become one. I thought maybe I should reach out to a coach and do a cram course in baseball fundamentals so I could try to fake my way through the rookie leagues (which might make for a great baseball comedy movie!). It would&#039;ve been better to get picked by the Cubs, of course, but it&#039;s hard for me to be too picky when I hadn&#039;t even been trying to get drafted!<br /> <br /> However, I also began to weigh the downsides of this. I&#039;d have to quit my current job and turn my life upside-down, and I knew my odds of reaching the big leagues are really, really low. I also knew there was a good chance that I was taking away an opportunity from someone who&#039;d attended the same school who had a realistic chance of turning his love of the game into a career. (I suspected that this draft choice stemmed from a case of mistaken identity - they somehow thought I was someone else who actually was a baseball player from my college).<br /> <br /> Sadly, the dream ended before it could reach a resolution, but this was quite an interesting one!<br /> <br /> Also, I haven&#039;t had much experience with lucid dreaming before. <a href=";findpost=9435" rel="nofollow"> This </a> is about as close as I&#039;ve ever gotten.1Sat, 24 Aug 2019 19:31:55 +0000The_Shadow: odd I&#039;ve noticed about lucid dreams. Trying to read text, it appears as a mess of jumbled letters and numbers, in varying size. This isn&#039;t the case when I&#039;m not in full control of the dream, text seems to be perfectly legible.<br /> <br /> Such was the case of a recent dream. It started off I was a McDonalds ordering a burger...or something...<br /> I ordered the 1/2lb grillburger. (Yeah, I know. That&#039;s a DQ item. I never said my dreams made much sense.)<br /> <br /> I had the realization that something was out of place, in this case the order system. they had long since phased out the person at the till, in favor of an automated system.<br /> <br /> At this point I had the realization: &quot;Wait... I&#039;m dreaming!? Darn... that sounds d*** tasty too!&quot;<br /> <br /> Things didn&#039;t last much past this as after looking at the items available to order, it was suddenly a bunch of illegible randomized text, and seemed to be moving, and floating as well.<br /> <br /> With a &quot;Wait, what the hell!?&quot; I woke up...and had to eat something.52Sun, 25 Aug 2019 03:43:39 +0000Miles: dreams tend to be very, very abstract. Settings can change in an instant. There will be no logic or cohesion to any of the following, so add &quot;for some reason&quot; to basically every statement ahead.<br /> <br /> Anyway...<br /> <br /> At the start, I&#039;m following the perspective (in first person) of a nurse who has very mild suspicions that brain control technology was being worked on in her hospital. She asks a coworker about it and gets rather rudely shot down about it, then when said coworker storms off she spots something on the wall down the hall the other way that was labelled like it was meant for her. She goes and grabs a thick tube-looking thing off the wall above the weirdly targeted label and then some voice message plays in her head (which as a side note was somehow more audible on the... right side... of the back of her head... yeah, I don&#039;t know how to adequately explain this bit) while she falls on the floor and convulses and has a headache in the upper leftward region but is still completely aware of everything no differently than before. Also her left leg turned green for the duration of this. The voice in the voice message sounded like your average TV or movie flavor of psycho, and he was putting on a show in said hospital meant to slowly show the people within it that brain control was a real thing and they needed to &quot;open their eyes&quot; or something. The grab-tube-and-get-message thing happened two more times with different messages and leg colors (red, then blue), and each time there were additional labels showing up where they were before underneath the thing holding the mysterious tubes.<br /> <br /> A lot happened between then and the next bits, but sadly I&#039;ve forgotten most of it.<br /> <br /> There was a part where I was with my best friend who was temporarily back from Colorado, and his dad was somehow alive again. His dad notices me eyeballing an interesting looking small CRT TV with a very weird layout on it, and asks me what I want to give for it. For whatever reason, the thing I was interested in on that TV was the fact that it looked ancient (think wooden furniture and brown coloring, but somehow in small form) but had S-Video proudly on it.<br /> <br /> At some point this segment just switched into part of some cartoon that looked like it was drawn in the Justice League style, but I remember next to none of this part of the dream. ;-; There was some kind of invasion of little robots, but it was quickly contained and sent away from the Earth. When the Earth itself was shown, it was a low poly imperfectly-shaped sphere with rather low resolution textures. And said textures were not linearly blended or anything - they were raw and pixelly.<br /> <br /> After that the setting completely changed again. Instead I was now following the perspective of some Indian looking teenager who was now walking out of a huge-normous grocery store. He walks out the door, and gets into the back of some box truck with the back of said box open. He sits down and looks out the back, and is then confronted by some police investigator that had just walked up. Apparently he was a witness for something, but the police dude didn&#039;t actually want him involved, so after they talked the cop gave him a very sad look and didn&#039;t try to get him back off the truck. The truck then slowly takes off, all the while the cop is just standing there watching him with a very sad look on his face.<br /> <br /> Suddenly things switch up again, but the setting doesn&#039;t change much. The person in the back of the box truck is now me. I&#039;m riding without any kind of seatbelt or things to hold on to - it&#039;s just a flat rubber bed. (I&#039;m not sure that&#039;s even a real thing in real box trucks.) Eventually as we go down the road, I somehow climb up on top and move up to the cab (still on top) and try to hold on for dear life that way. At that point I realize that the driver is my dad. For the duration of this trip, my dad talks to me about memories of stuff that happened on the street we were riding down. Eventually we reach a point where the truck can&#039;t make clearance (there was an entrance it needed to get through but it was too tall to make it), so we stop and I climb down.<br /> <br /> There was yet another completely different section of dream here but I&#039;ve forgotten it pretty much entirely.<br /> <br /> Suddenly I&#039;m inside a huge house with lots of stairways, and I&#039;m just running up and down some of those stairs for my own amusement. A lady walks up from a sideways hallway and sees me, and kindly asks what I&#039;m up to. I let her know that I&#039;m procrastinating (which I was doing, actually, I went to sleep out of stress because I can&#039;t figure out some work thing that&#039;s due Monday - but I just left it at &quot;I&#039;m procrastinating&quot; in the dream.) She says, &quot;Procrastinating, huh? Hey, how old are you?&quot; &quot;26.&quot; &quot;Can you help me with something?&quot; &quot;I guess, sure.&quot; &quot;Are you familiar with housewife shopping?&quot; I give her a weird look, then through dream magic we&#039;re instantly in a different room but yet I knew I had followed her there. There&#039;s a small muted &quot;flatscreen&quot; CRT TV mounted in the wall with various ads being cycled through on some nondescript shopping channel, and there&#039;s a big bearded fellow sitting on a plastic chair in front of it and to my left. The lady explains that it&#039;s simple, it&#039;s nothing, I just choose a product and call up a publisher (???), which she then assures me that they somehow know less about this process than I do, and I&#039;m to let the round fellow in front of me do most of the talking. She then takes off with no more to go on than that. I look at the TV again, and it&#039;s showing a lady&#039;s hand slowly shaving the side of some beach-browned white guy&#039;s leg. I then woke up extremely confused.<br /> <br /> I have no idea if &quot;housewife shopping&quot; is actually a thing but if it is it&#039;s probably nothing like... uh, whatever that was!<br /> <br /> Edit 10/12/2019: I should clarify that in the hospital part of the dream, where I said that the lady&#039;s leg changed colors, I don&#039;t at all mean in a gross or realistic way. I really truly meant that they, for whatever dream magic reason, turned <em>entirely</em> (no skin texture or anything) solid colors, like the first one was even greener than Piccolo from Dragon Ball green.12Mon, 07 Oct 2019 06:15:59 +0000Bibby: dreams are always interesting indeed. The latest one is particularly interesting because many of the details bear an uncanny similarity to the medical adventure a certain friend of mine had been through just a few days before your dream. I&#039;m pretty sure that Miles has never met this friend in real life, but the dream actually sounds like something she could&#039;ve had!<br /> <br /> For those worried about my friend, she&#039;s all right - they just ran some special tests to get to the bottom of some health problems she&#039;d been wrestling with for a long time. I am also fairly confident that she was not a test subject for the latest innovations in mind control.<br /> <br /> It&#039;s interesting that the sounds seem to be more audible on the right side of the nurse&#039;s head. Perhaps the Brain Control Technology folks are focusing their efforts on certain regions of the brain responsible for different tasks. For example, the right parietal lobe plays a key role in language processing, and if you&#039;re trying to control someone&#039;s mind, it would be useful to be able to transmit messages directly to the brain (or perhaps block stimuli that you didn&#039;t want the subject to receive). I am no neuroscientist, but those are my random comments on the latest Zany Miles Dream.<br /> <br /> I&#039;ve had a couple of entertaining dreams lately.<br /> <br /> A few weeks ago, I dreamed that I attended a wedding in a church I&#039;d never seen before. The groom was apparently the pastor of said church. The groom resembles the younger version of a gentleman I knew years ago - he was the son of my late next-door neighbors. Like the dream world person, he was a pastor. The bride looked a little like the older version of the new girlfriend of one of my friends. After the wedding ceremony was over, all the guests were going to surprise this pastor with a surprise reception (he spent so much time working that he hadn&#039;t even planned a party for the wedding!). However, the pastor had already retreated to his study in the church basement. There was a &quot;normal&quot; way to access this study through a staircase somewhere in the church, but we didn&#039;t know how to get there. So instead we took the alternate entrance - a long, narrow slide on the outside of the building. I am not chubby in real life, but apparently I got stuck near the bottom of the slide, and the dream ended. (Freud would probably have a field day with this.)<br /> <br /> Yes, I have a lot of dreams about weddings, even though I&#039;ve never really attended a wedding before!<br /> <br /> I had another dream while I was on vacation (possibly the same night Miles had his dream). My company&#039;s IT department recently held a bowling tournament - it took place a few days after my dream. I dreamed that I went to this bowling tournament but was very surprised to see what I saw! We weren&#039;t expecting this, but assorted corporate VIPs had suddenly informed us of their plans to attend. The co-chair of the committee I&#039;m on (the group that plans these events) was very dressed up - she wore a red dress shirt and a kind of fancy black skirt. I saw my department head, and he was also dressed more formally than usual (especially considering the invitation specifically asks attendees to dress casually). At the bowling tournament, people typically help themselves and sit where they want, but some of us were preparing plates full of food and assigning seats for the executive folks who were rumored to be coming. The dream ended before I got a chance to find out whether the VIP-y folks were actually going to visit.1Fri, 25 Oct 2019 01:32:44 +0000Bibby: Vacation Dreams strike again. A few nights ago, I dreamed that I hung out with three incredibly random people:<br /> <br /> 1. A very good friend of mine who was my successor as president of my college&#039;s defunct IT club. I talk to him just about every day.<br /> 2. A girl that my mom taught 15 years ago. We talk every blue moon.*<br /> 3. Some random guy on another team at work. I barely know him, but I pass him in the hallways from time to time.<br /> <br /> We went to Wendy&#039;s. Exciting.<br /> <br /> Also, the girl&#039;s dreamy counterpart decided to dye her hair black and cut it shorter than usual. I have no idea why (it could have something to do with her Pokemon Go persona).<br /> <br /> Later in the dream, we all went to a church service on a Thursday morning. I don&#039;t know why. Maybe it&#039;s because my department at work tries to discourage working from home, but if we convinced them that we were expected to go to church at this odd hour, we could convince the IT executive folks that some people needed to work from home and take an hour break during the morning for religious reasons.<br /> <br /> And no, this doesn&#039;t make sense. At all.<br /> <br /> * Coincidentally, this girl is the inspiration for one of the four default characters in my Bibby RPG Engine. The groom in my previous dream is also a member of this party.1Wed, 06 Nov 2019 03:18:21 +0000The_Shadow: had a dream that I was on a marathon run trying to program a game in Construct, and actually having success with it.<br /> Granted the commands I was using made no sense... some of them included things like &quot;On collision with death then Angry Video game nerd&quot;<br /> <br /> The whole thing felt like it went on for several hours.<br /> <br /> I was focused, I knew exactly what I needed to do, and ultimately saw my original vision for The Twisted Dream come to reality. Violent, dark, Metal, and yet, still Mario.<br /> (And creepy, but in a badass way)<br /> <br /> I got to the point I was uploading it, and had to wake up because it got really super hot...<br /> <br /> I had just overheated the wood stove. (DAMMIT!)<br /> <br /> <br /> After that, I might give that game anothertry at some point.<br /> 52Sun, 15 Dec 2019 15:45:49 +0000Bibby: love the ending to Nite&#039;s most recent dream.<br /> <br /> About a week ago, I dreamed that I went to Russia to hear Vladimir Putin give a speech in a small auditorium. It was about the size of the room where we had a lot of my presentations in grad school - it seated approximately 75-100 people. Putin spoke about how he planned to lead Russia forever. He was actually quite funny in this dream. After giving his speech, he played a video where Putin starred in a skit demonstrating why he doesn&#039;t want to return to private life. In this skit, he becomes a professor who tries a little too hard to relate to his students - he&#039;s making silly faces and dancing in the video.<br /> <br /> Suddenly, there&#039;s a disturbance in the room. It&#039;s hard to tell what&#039;s going on, but it looks like one of Putin&#039;s bodyguards had confronted someone in the audience. A suitcase spilled open, but there&#039;s nothing particularly interesting inside - just a measuring gauge for tuning aircraft, as well as a pair of eyeglasses. I am not sure whether there was a legitimate threat, or whether one of Putin&#039;s bodyguards decided to rough up someone who laughed at the wrong time! Either way, a photographer from my city&#039;s newspaper was there, and she got some interesting photos of the incident. The dream ended before I could look at the photos or find out what happens next.<br /> <br /> In other news, Person #3 in my November 5 post now sits across from me at work.1Sat, 01 Feb 2020 23:29:55 +0000Miles:;s a new one for ya.<br /> <br /> (Small note for later: When I was younger, I always had this weird extreme fear of any kind of malfunctioning tech - from frozen Furbies to Windows blue screens and beyond. I was also absolutely terrified of small lights in the dark, like VCR displays or itty bitty power signal lights on various devices, including some TVs and VCRs. These have mostly subsided. Mostly.)<br /> <br /> This dream was actually consistently structured, which is a weird departure from the usual abstract fare where the setting can change and I never know it until later; there are still some Dream Brand Abnormalities, however. I don&#039;t remember a ton about this dream in the way of exact details with the main exception being the way it ended.<br /> <br /> First half: There were two very mildly disorderly rooms in our house that were somehow a little bit larger on the inside than the outside. I was cleaning up both of said rooms by just picking up stray things and putting most of them in a huge closet. The final thing left to pick up in one of the rooms was a rogue &quot;Christmas decoration&quot;, which for some reason was an American flag still in packaging. The same room&#039;s furniture was made of basic geometric shapes and were made like thick gym mattresses. Even the bed was like this.<br /> <br /> Second half: At first, I&#039;m in a van, working on some game project on a laptop. For whatever reason, I&#039;m parked closer to a neighbor&#039;s yard. I finish fiddling with the game (sadly I remember nothing of this dream game), then move the van back to our yard and go inside, leaving the laptop in the van. A gadget of mine is slightly messed up, and my dad met me to show me that he was about to try to fix it. The way my dad went about trying to fix it was more likely to make it worse than to fix it, so we just fought about that for a bit. Dream Me is worse than a supposed sailor when it comes to swearing, for some reason, even though I&#039;m not actually a person that tends to do that.<br /> <br /> There was one particular constant in this dream that showed up at the end of both halves. Our kitchen counters were up much higher and we had this weird white microwave and baking oven hybrid. After a while of being plugged in, it would have a sort of stroke: It&#039;d make a sequence of seven distinct warped noises (the &quot;tune&quot; of which is <em>still</em> playing in my head as I write this; I hate it) and slowly flicker between temperature display for baking and a timer for the microwave. Also, the power in the rest of the house would flicker; this dream house had no proper breakers, apparently.<br /> <br /> The first time this happened, we just turned it off for a bit and then turned it back on and everything was fine. Second time wasn&#039;t so great. I was so shaken with fear that when I tried to hit the off button, I <em>missed</em>; my hand stopped just short of touching the button because I drew it back too quickly. I was expecting the thing to explode, and I ended up thinking of the consequences of that happening when it was right there in front of me. Due to that, I had the misfortune of picturing some freaky caricature (though not of myself) with some awful, awful eyes... they looked like big circular flesh wounds. This was basically a scene transition of sorts - the microwave no longer existed nor did anything else, just that demonic looking person. I woke up after maybe a quarter of a second of looking straight at it, or rather, it looking straight at me. Between that and the microwave incident, I was so spooked I had to go talk to my folks (I <strong>ran</strong> as fast as I could to the front room, where they are currently watching TV) so I could calm down. They could tell I was spooked right from the get-go from the way I was breathing, even though I was talking like I was calm.<br /> <br /> Let me tell you, even when you know something is a nonsense dream, it can still give you the severe spooks. Or at least that&#039;s how it is with me.12Thu, 13 Feb 2020 20:31:28 +0000The_Shadow:, this dream didn&#039;t last very long.<br /> <br /> I was wandering around this hallway. I really should know the location...a school I think.... Kids were everywhere surrounding someone.<br /> <br /> I waited for the crowd to disperse. and casually went up to the person who was walking away. Turned out it was Patrick Stewart.<br /> <br /> He looks at me and says: Well now, I don&#039;t remember you in the crowd.<br /> <br /> Me: I didn&#039;t want to deal with the masses, and perhaps see who they were all excited about.<br /> <br /> Him: *Nods*<br /> <br /> Me: So, any chance I might get a selfie with you?<br /> <br /> Him: well I suppose that&#039;s alright, but it likely isn&#039;t winning any awards..<br /> <br /> Me: Nah, I don&#039;t care about that...I just know a lot of star trek fans I would just love to p*** off.<br /> <br /> Him: *Smiles and nods* Hand me your phone.<br /> <br /> I see the flash go off... and I wake up...52Thu, 05 Mar 2020 01:35:38 +0000Bibby: night, I dreamed that Miles wrote a dream post that utterly tickled me. Sadly, I don&#039;t remember any of the details! It&#039;s fun to dream about other people&#039;s dreams, though.<br /> <br /> Some people have been dreaming more frequently and vividly during the COVID-19 pandemic, but this hasn&#039;t been the case for me.1Sun, 26 Apr 2020 22:36:26 +0000Bibby: few nights ago, I dreamed that Ross Perot was still alive! I posted something about technology on Twitter, and some random guy I don&#039;t know made a rather off-topic response to my post. Then Ross Perot made a really funny reply to the Random Stranger&#039;s post. I don&#039;t remember what any of the tweets were about, though.<br /> <br /> Then, I tried to like Ross Perot&#039;s tweet, but somehow I pressed the wrong button and called him instead. I canceled the call before Perot could pick up, since I was shocked that Twitter had a functionality for calling people who liked your tweets!1Sat, 09 May 2020 22:49:30 +0000Miles: lot of my dreams feature variations of much older versions of the house I live in. Modified due to dream abstraction, but still quite reminiscent of older layouts. Carpets, couches, TVs, etc - many things that we don&#039;t have anymore will for some reason be in their old places like nothing had ever happened to them. A dream I had just yesterday morning was this way.<br /> <br /> One thing I might have touched on before in this topic was my childhood severe fear of malfunctioning electronics and the sight of any small lights in the dark. This dream features these as well.<br /> <br /> Unfortunately I&#039;ve forgotten almost all but the tail end of this particular dream. As usual, none of the following will make any sense. Most notably, time is not even a concept.<br /> <br /> There was a point where I was trying to clean out a fan in a very strangely designed Wii which had a really big fan exposed on the side, freely accessible. Some weirdly long hair had gotten caught in it and said Wii would lose power whenever the fan tugged on it. This occurred in the &quot;front room&quot;, towards my parents&#039; end of the house. I don&#039;t know the exact time of day, but from the lighting I got &quot;daylight but near the end of it so slightly less well lit&quot;.<br /> <br /> I quickly got sick of diddling with the wacky Wii and went back towards the other side of the house where my room(s) were. (I&#039;ve changed between two rooms here over the years; in the dream, they&#039;re both mine.)<br /> <br /> I opened the door to one of the rooms, and the old black CRT TV that used to be in there was there and on, but it was not tuned to any channel; it was just a bright plain blue screen in a dark room. Why a dark room? Well, at the time I opened the door it was suddenly way late at night. A moment after looking at the TV that shouldn&#039;t have been on, it started squealing and flashing. Halfway paralyzed in fear, I fell backwards and had an extremely hard time getting back away from the room, but I did and ran to my folks&#039; room. The dream ended as I stood in front of their bed, getting ready to explain what I had just witnessed.<br /> <br /> For SOME REASON, the horrendous noise coming from the TV sounded a lot like mildly muddled Emergency Alert noises... <span style="text-decoration:underline"> <a href="" rel="nofollow"> as heard </a> </span> during one particular night of Dustin&#039;s Spelunky streams. The noise in the dream wasn&#039;t broken up, though, it was constant - but otherwise sounded <em>mostly</em> like that.<br /> <br /> Side note: This&#039;d be the <em>second</em> time Dustin stream audio wound up in my dreams. First time was around a week or two ago. I had won the &quot;triple jackpot&quot; in some lottery, and <span style="text-decoration:underline"> <a href="" rel="nofollow"> this </a> </span> (minus the percussion) was the tune playing in the prize claiming area of the nondescript building as soon as it was announced that someone had won at all. Perhaps needless to say, I woke up a very sad and disappointed man. There was a lot to this particular dream, but I sadly remember only two snapshots&#039; worth of any of the rest of it and neither of those remembered mental images has much or any proper context to go with it. There might have been a climbing competition or race of some kind involved before I reached the &quot;lottery&quot; result area - that&#039;d be my best guess.12Tue, 12 May 2020 06:28:17 +0000Bibby: That is the perfect music for the prize claiming area.<br /> <br /> Last night I dreamed that I was watching the United States men&#039;s national soccer team play Trinidad &amp; Tobago on TV. The USMNT&#039;s coach apparently deemed the current generation of American players to be inadequate, so he decided to call up a player from the distant past, <a href="" rel="nofollow"> Mark Chung </a>. He&#039;s now 49 years old, but he entered the game and scored a goal. The announcers were saying that his nickname was &quot;Cully McBride&quot;, which was the name of a character in an obscure indie game in this dream world. (I did a search for &quot;Cully McBride&quot; and didn&#039;t see anything relevant to video games).<br /> <br /> My dreams usually aren&#039;t very abstract, and most of the time I can clearly identify what caused a particular element to wedge their way into my slumber. However, I have absolutely no idea why I was thinking about this particular soccer player.<br /> <br /> I also dreamed that I went to the downtown campus of the school where I got my undergraduate degree. I have no idea why. It was late in the evening (and things were still affected by the pandemic), so most services were closed. We passed by the baby Starbucks and saw they put up all these meme-y signs of various students getting their favorite orders from Starbucks.1Sun, 07 Jun 2020 13:16:41 +0000Bibby: nights ago, I dreamed that I was pregnant and about to go into labor!<br /> <br /> Every once in a while I&#039;ll have a dream where I&#039;m a totally different person - and this is one of those times. I had a husband (something I definitely don&#039;t have in real life!) and a mom that wasn&#039;t my real-life mom.<br /> <br /> I was well into my pregnancy and finally showing signs that the baby-birthing process was about to commence. We called the doctor, and he wanted to start taking steps to accelerate the process, as we had already passed the official due date. My husband and mom insisted on driving me to the hospital right then and there. I sat in the back seat of the car and couldn&#039;t see the faces of my fictional husband and mother. I was wearing a slightly cheesy gray maternity dress.<br /> <br /> We arrived at the hospital and were getting out of the car. I didn&#039;t feel super-great, and I felt uneasy about hospitals in general (and especially during a pandemic). Then the dream ended, so I&#039;ll never know whether I successfully delivered a healthy, beautiful baby!<br /> <br /> I think this dream was triggered by a few different things - hearing friends discuss health issues and family problems. I&#039;m also a tad concerned about the possibility of my September work being delivered late!1Sun, 30 Aug 2020 15:23:41 +0000Bibby: night I dreamed that I was watching the Tour de France on TV. The Tour organizers came up with a wacky idea for a mountain stage - it would go through a French amusement park! This theme park had a jungle theme and was called Tiki&#039;s (possibly a ripoff of <a href="" rel="nofollow"> this </a>. The park had a major mosquito problem, and <a href="" rel="nofollow"> Egan Bernal </a>, the 2019 Tour winner, was getting eaten up by mosquitoes. His bike had broken down and he was running (on foot!) to the team car so he could get a replacement.<br /> <br /> Needless to say, I don&#039;t think I&#039;ve ever dreamed about professional cycling before.1Wed, 16 Sep 2020 01:46:51 +0000The_Shadow: a strange one recently.<br /> I was at the gas station getting a coffee. When I came out, I watched this person get hit by a car, near the pumps.<br /> <br /> I ran over to see if they were okay. they were laying face down.<br /> <br /> All of a sudden the crowd is gone, and everything is shrouded in fog. <br /> <br /> I roll the person over, and it turns out to be someone who looks exactly like me. Same face, same wallet, and contents.<br /> <br /> I try calling 911 on my signal... at this point I consider going back into the gas station... but...where is the entrance?<br /> <br /> I wander the fog for what felt like hours, until I finally found something... A car, parked out in the fog...One headlight missing, and a huge crater in the hood... where ever the hell I was... I go up to the car and brush the sludge off of it. (Something black... seemed to have the consistency of algae.) Nobody inside... tried starting it... no luck... the battery was completely dead.<br /> <br /> I keep wandering until eventually I hear something. A voice... I follow it. eventually finding a drive-in theater running some cartoon on an endless loop... <br /> <br /> I look around, and eventually kick in the door to the concession stand. At this point things got fuzzy, and I woke up... the dogs started barking because I kicked my bedroom wall.52Fri, 02 Oct 2020 04:25:24 +0000The_Shadow: a dream last night that I was running down this mountain, the slope kept getting steeper and steeper, until eventually, I was running so fast, my feet lifted off the ground, and I took off flying like I was in Dragon Ball Z or something.<br /> I must have been in a race or something, as I passed everyone in front of me, some shouting in shock as I crushed them with a Sonic Boom!<br /> <br /> I ended up at the finish line first. I was being interviewed by a reporter afterward, with the question: &quot;How did you do that!?&quot;<br /> <br /> I responded: ...I have no idea!<br /> <br /> <br /> ---------------------------------------------------<br /> As an observation: this is strangely enough, something that remains consistent in many of my dreams: If I am trying to gain an absurd amount of speed, eventually I stop running, face forward, and fly like a jet with my arms at my side. Typically these end up being situations where I am running (such as in a race, or escaping from something).<br /> as a side: This also happens when confronted with something in a nightmare scenario, usually accompanied with me turning around, and attacking what has me so frightened...<br /> 52Fri, 30 Oct 2020 21:06:28 +0000Bibby:;ve had an increase in COVID-related dreams lately - usually I find that I&#039;ve gone to a crowded place and forgotten to bring a mask.<br /> <br /> Recently I dreamed that an older family member decided to get a puppy (I think a Rottweiler)! We all got in the car (dog included) and started driving somewhere. The puppy was good-natured but hyperactive and impulsive. He decided to jump out of the window when he saw something interesting! We spent some time trying to find the lost dog, but he eventually found his way back home.<br /> <br /> I had another pet-related dream last night. There&#039;s a yellow tabby cat that lives next door to me in real life. I dreamed that she got really, really excited when I was carrying a stuffed kitty (I&#039;m not sure if it was laced with catnip or something!). This kitty was so excited that she was jumping several feet in the air. (The real-life version of this cat can do some interesting tricks, including somersaults, but I haven&#039;t seen that - at least not yet!)1Wed, 06 Jan 2021 03:06:31 +0000Miles:<div class="quote"><div class="quotee">Bibby</div>I&#039;ve had an increase in COVID-related dreams lately - usually I find that I&#039;ve gone to a crowded place and forgotten to bring a mask.</div>This reminds me of a dream I had in November; one aspect of it was affected by the virus being a thing. I think the fact that we&#039;re dreaming about it speaks to how seriously we take it and that we&#039;ve very much internalized the fact of it at this point.<br /> <br /> For reasons completely unknown, I was traveling with my dad to the UK. In this dream, the UK was very small and easy to reach via bridge, and my dad drove us there in a box truck. At some point I &#039;realized&#039; &quot;hey wait a minute, I could totally meet Langton&quot; and got ready to pull up Discord on my phone to try to arrange a meeting, but then figured &quot;maybe it&#039;s not such a great idea during Covid.&quot; Most of the dream was just spent trying to navigate a weird old-timey-ish looking cityscape that I&#039;m pretty sure doesn&#039;t exist anywhere. When I say &quot;cityscape&quot;, I mean like, lots of small brick houses bunched up together, with yellow and stone walls and autumn-colored rooftops (red, yellow, brown, orange, etc). I have absolutely no idea what led to the generation of this picture of the world, but generated it was.12Wed, 06 Jan 2021 14:04:30 +0000Bibby: Well said! Also, that was a cool Miles dream. Perhaps The Fictional Bridge to the Old-Timey United Kingdom was subconsciously inspired by all the Brexit talk.<br /> <br /> A few nights ago, I dreamed that my brother bought a big old house in a town in Iowa. The property spanned two city blocks. Behind the house was a great big garden in fine condition.<br /> <br /> However, this property also included some other features - like an abandoned church that had been destroyed in a tornado many years ago. An old handrail blew down as we walked past the church, whose original main entrance was located just behind the garden.<br /> <br /> To the right of the garden, there was an old guest house. It appeared to be a weird chimera of a mobile home and a permanent wooden structure.<br /> <br /> A narrow road - basically an alley - went through the middle of the property. There was a very random stoplight near the church.<br /> <br /> On the left side of the property, you&#039;ll find an old factory/warehouse that was painted blue. It had a large bell you could ring. I wanted to go in and ring it, but considering how old and rickety the building was, I wasn&#039;t sure if it was even remotely safe to enter.<br /> <br /> If you keep walking beyond the church, you&#039;ll find another abandoned factory. It was rumored to be haunted, but really it was just a place where kids would break in and spray graffiti. The previous owner of the property built a tall brick wall around this factory to keep the troublemakers out, but occasionally people would still trespass there.<br /> <br /> I recommend against buying this property.1Sat, 09 Jan 2021 14:02:00 +0000Bibby: week, I dreamed that my mom and I went to a restaurant. The Saints-Buccaneers game was on one of the TVs in the restaurant. Then I left, got in the car, and listened to the game on the radio - by then, it was the third quarter and the Bucs were winning decisively. However, I got home and turned on the TV, and Drew Brees led a great drive to score a touchdown, narrowing the Bucs&#039; lead to 3. The third quarter ended - and so did my dream. (In real life, the Saints lost in what was probably the last game for Drew Brees.)<br /> <br /> Earlier this week, I dreamed that a girl I know decided to live with my family. This girl is someone I know from both my grad school and undergrad days. She was finishing up her bachelor&#039;s when I was in grad school, and she was getting her A.A. degree when I was in my bachelor&#039;s program. She is slightly obsessed with horses (the real kind that you actually ride!). It&#039;s possible that a character in Career Fantasy is inspired by her. But that&#039;s beside the point.<br /> <br /> In the dream, this girl had been living with us for quite a few years, and it&#039;s never explained why! She isn&#039;t related to any of us, and there wasn&#039;t anything even remotely romantic going on. Her long, curly hair was cut much shorter than normal. In the dream, I was thinking about how her dream self was really sweet and I&#039;d never appreciated her enough, and I was trying to figure out what to buy for her birthday.1Sat, 23 Jan 2021 13:45:30 +0000Bibby: of you might have heard a rumor that I have a &quot;complicated&quot; relationship in real life! My Not Really Girlfriend had a starring role in last night&#039;s dream.<br /> <br /> In this dream, she became the starting quarterback for the Carolina Panthers! The Panthers were playing the Jaguars at EverBank Field in Jacksonville, and I was watching the game on CBS (apparently I didn&#039;t bother to attend her game in person!). While not exactly qualified to be an NFL quarterback, my friend somehow managed to complete a handful of passes for 97 yards. The Jaguars eked out a narrow victory - something they did only one time in 2020. The dream was set during a sunny late afternoon in fall 2021, but Gardner Minshew was still taking snaps for the Jags, which was interesting. My friend wasn&#039;t the starting quarterback at the beginning of the season, but apparently she&#039;d started a few games.<br /> <br /> There are approximately 5,000 reasons why the events of this dream are fabulously implausible, but as is often the case, I know exactly what caused each of these dreamy elements to come together.1Sat, 20 Feb 2021 14:33:28 +0000Bibby: night, I had a tripleheader of weird dreams.<br /> <br /> In the first episode, I dreamed that I went to a party - and Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish both happened to be there. I took a photo of them talking to each other and posted it on social media, and it attracted a fair amount of attention!<br /> <br /> Later, I randomly went to one of the campuses of the college I attended in my undergrad days. A lot of people were there for some reason - including the professor who taught my Systems Analysis &amp; Design class. She said hi.<br /> <br /> In the last part of the dream, my mom was on the piano playing <a href="" rel="nofollow"> Non più andrai </a> from Mozart&#039;s <em>The Marriage of Figaro</em>. We have an old copy of this sheet music, but my mom was playing a different arrangement with a different chord progression. I could hear and see the music in my dream.<br /> <br /> [12/15 Edit: That silly typo never happened.]1Sat, 19 Jun 2021 15:19:47 +0000Bibby: nights ago, I dreamed that I went to a bookstore with a real-life friend. I found a book written by a black pastor I follow on Twitter. The book was weighty but interesting.<br /> <br /> Later that night, I dreamed that I went on vacation with my mom and brother. Unfortunately, a tire blew out while we were driving in the middle of nowhere. We pulled into a sketchy place that was part automotive repair place and part fish camp. Despite being a purported seafood restaurant, there was a small wheat field next door. When we walked in to the place to talk to the mechanic, a waitress greeted us and asked how many of us were eating. We said none, as we needed a tire fixed! We waited outside a while, and I woke up.1Sat, 10 Jul 2021 01:12:55 +0000The_Shadow: dreamt that I was on some ship, just as it was getting ready to set sail, and was loaded full of cargo. I think ore.<br /> Things were going fairly smooth at first, then a huge wave hits the side of the ship. The wind start blowing hard.<br /> The wind was howling, the ship was rocking all over.<br /> Something made a weird twang noise. Like wire under a lot of stress.<br /> We waited for what felt like hours. I could hear someone signaling on the radio. A distress call.<br /> After some fine, the ship tipped over. Sending the crew into the water.<br /> It was cold. It felt like a million daggers piercing my skin.<br /> As hard as I tried to make it to the surface, The world around me went dark. And eventually, there was nothing.<br /> <br /> This was a particularly strange dream.<br /> Everyone kept calling me &quot;Edwards&quot;52Wed, 21 Jul 2021 01:40:03 +0000The_Shadow:, I may have figured this one out.<br /> Most of the events in that dream matched up with a documentary about the wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald. And some things from a random fps video game, and a survival game I&#039;d played recently.<br /> The description of the water at the end is because I&#039;d fallen into icy water before.<br /> <br /> As for how I was being addressed in the dream, the name matches that of an engineer on that ship.<br /> It&#039;s possible I just looked it up and forgot.<br /> <br /> Strange nonetheless.52Wed, 21 Jul 2021 15:50:17 +0000Bibby: Indeed!<br /> <br /> A couple of weeks ago, I dreamed that my family sold all of our belongings and moved into a large, fictional house that belonged to the extended family of one of my friends. Said friend did not actually appear in this dream, but several of her aunts, uncles, and cousins resided in the house. Former Cubs catcher Miguel Montero also lived with us all. (Apparently I saw a random Facebook post featuring said family, and I had just finished reading Cubs manager David Ross&#039;s book, so that&#039;s how these gloriously random things showed up during my slumbers.)<br /> <br /> A few days ago, I dreamed that I was watching NBC&#039;s coverage of the Summer Olympics, and they randomly played a MIDI of ABBA&#039;s &quot;Thank You for the Music&quot; during the broadcast. I can blame one thing, and one thing only: Waligie.1Mon, 02 Aug 2021 21:29:17 +0000Bibby: week, I dreamed that I played <a href="" rel="nofollow"> Clue </a> with a group of five other people. I&#039;m not sure who all was playing with me - the focus was on the game rather than the social aspect of playing a board game. I&#039;m not sure whether I was playing with friends, family, work buddies, or some combination thereof. Regardless, I chose to play as Colonel Mustard, as I always do (even if it&#039;s been two decades since I last played Clue). The game was nearing its conclusion. I was pretty sure that Mrs. White was the culprit, and that she committed this heinous deed in the Conservatory using a broom (not a traditional Clue weapon!). However, I woke up just as I was getting ready to make the decisive &quot;accusation&quot;.<br /> <br /> Also last week, I dreamed that I went out for lunch with an older lady in my work team. (Don&#039;t worry - this was not a romantic thing, so I was not dating someone twice my age!) She lives out of town, but she was finally paying a visit to Jacksonville. She also invited a young Indian lady from my team to join us, but she was out of office that day. I saw a strange billboard on the way to the restaurant - it was a countdown of the number of days until Christmas. This fictional eatery was a somewhat questionable place. It was not a front per se - it served excellent Italian food - but we learned that it was known for its mob ties. I ordered some water, and the dream ended.1Sat, 23 Oct 2021 13:43:16 +0000Bibby: nights ago, I dreamed that I went on vacation right before Christmas. I&#039;m not sure exactly where I was, but I was in a fairly large room in a restaurant. I was very surprised to learn that Taylor Swift was coming to this restaurant to sing! She started the mini-concert with &quot;Last Christmas&quot; and then went on to sing &quot;Bad Blood&quot;. She concluded with a song that no one had ever heard before! It was a rambling ballad about the #MeToo movement and the Major League Baseball steroid scandals. The last song didn&#039;t make a lot of sense, and the people in attendance didn&#039;t like it very much. Taylor looked very sad that the audience disliked her new song. After the performance, I said hi to her, and I was able to snap a selfie before I woke up.<br /> <br /> <a href=";page=13&amp;pid=10685#pid_10685" rel="nofollow"> Apparently Taylor Swift has been a recurring theme this year. </a>1Thu, 16 Dec 2021 01:20:09 +0000Bibby: night, I dreamed I bit into a luscious burrito loaded with cheese, refried beans, onions, and Russian dressing. It tasted as bad as it sounds. It&#039;s rare for me to have food dreams, but this was a food dream.<br /> <br /> A little over a week ago, I dreamed that I went to the moon! However, I realized I left some useful things at home, and I started to wonder whether I should go home and grab them. (Then I came to my senses and realized that space travel was expensive, so even if it was possible to turn around whenever you pleased, doing so might cost NASA billions of dollars. Oh well.)<br /> <br /> Also, this morning marks 15 years since I had one of my all-time favorite surreal dreams. This was the inspiration for the level that eventually became Para-Beetle Paranoia in Mario&#039;s Steroid Adventure. In this 2007 dream, I opened a semi-random old hymnal at church, and inside were several papers my brother made years ago - about <a href="" rel="nofollow"> Super Bowl XXVII </a> and Para-Beetles. I have no idea how they got there.<br /> <br /> Later that day, in real life, my brother looked at a scan of the SMB3 enemies list from <a href="" rel="nofollow"> an old Nintendo Player&#039;s Guide for Super Mario All-Stars </a> and specifically pointed out the picture of Para-Beetles. This was when I was just starting to get into fangaming and was unaware of the existence of usable sprite rips, so I used that scan as a reference for making sprites. My brother also talked about Super Bowl XXVII that day. Until today, I never did tell him about this dreamy oddity.<br /> <br /> Years later, I made it a point to open up a hymnal in the same position as the one in my dream, but we didn&#039;t find anything unusual inside - just a dedication from a lady named Virginia. She passed away a couple of years ago, sadly. Many things have been reshuffled lately, and I don&#039;t know if these old hymnbooks even exist anymore.1Fri, 21 Jan 2022 02:27:16 +0000Miles: had a dream that transformed and then transformed back, and then it featured transformation.<br /> <br /> It started with me in an older version of our front room, late at night. I was laying down on a couch sitting by the wall, and on the opposite end of the room was a big boxy TV. It was very dark except for said TV. I was watching some drama movie that was nearly over. I couldn&#039;t understand what one character was saying, so I kept rewinding it and eventually had to turn on subtitles. But when I did that, I started thinking about something else, so that part of the dream was prematurely ended in favor of something abstract. What it was I was thinking about, I&#039;m not sure, but it didn&#039;t last very long. When the abstract bit ended I was actually sent back to my previous setting: an older version of our front room with the big boxy TV. This time a vlog-style documentary was playing. It was about a couple that was miserable because even though they were plenty nice to each other, they weren&#039;t able to feel love for each other and it was driving them nuts.<br /> <br /> At this point I &quot;wake up&quot; because I was too hot, but I&#039;m still in that old version of our front room. I don&#039;t realize this at the time. This time the TV is off and the room is very dark, but with some very slight night visibility. I&#039;m covered with a blanket that I haven&#039;t had since I was of a single-digit age. I decide to take it off and use a bedsheet instead so I can cool off, and I start thinking, &quot;man, I used to be terrified of this kind of darkness.&quot; I lay my head down and suddenly hear a noise and I look at the small table in front of the couch I was on and see a silhoutte. I can&#039;t make it out, and it was just barely poking up over the table. I figure it&#039;s nothing and lay back down. Sure enough, I hear something again, and I look over by the TV and there&#039;s a skull statue sitting there, looking not at me but towards the glass sliding door to my left. I cover my eyes for just a moment, and then when I look again it&#039;s looking towards me. I get up and go grab it, and it struggles. I pull it in half; the bottom was the jaw of the skull and the platform it was on, and the top was the rest of the skull. I open the sliding glass door and toss them out, where suddenly it&#039;s day time and there&#039;s a few cats on our porch. I close the sliding glass door and then the two halves of the skull statue start gliding towards the door and hit it with a small thunk. They try twice more, and then they give up. The last thing I see them do is slide backwards and reform, but instead of becoming a full skull statue again, they become a cat. Not a cat statue, but a full-on cat. The cat does not become a skull again when I look away.<br /> <br /> I then wake up again because I was too hot, but this time it&#039;s for real; I&#039;m in my actual real life bed, actually waking up and being too hot under my heavy blanket. This just adds to the mounting pile of evidence that sleeping hot leads to dreams, at least in my case.12Sun, 23 Jan 2022 12:35:50 +0000Bibby: Miles dreams are always a hoot - I especially like the skull statues that turn into cute felines.<br /> <br /> Last night, I dreamed that I saw two girls riding bicycles down a hill - backwards. That&#039;s not very safe. For some reason they asked me about the Queen of England, and they believed that the Winter Olympics were still going on. Also, Dave (my scrum team&#039;s &quot;product owner&quot; at work) happened to be staying in my house - I have no idea why.<br /> <br /> Earlier this week, I dreamed that I joined my brother in doing some kind of ridiculous TikTok challenge! I do not TikTok, and it will take a Herculean effort to convince me to join. However, in my dream, someone set up a curling sheet where people would earn prizes for sliding down the ice while covered in oil. This curling sheet included little bumpers that would fling you backwards or to the side if you hit them at the wrong angle. I don&#039;t know what the prize was, but I think whoever got to the end with the fastest time (without standing up - standing was against the rules) would win something. I&#039;m sure this dream was inspired by watching Olympic curling (and the closing ceremony).<br /> <br /> A few weeks ago, I dreamed that I was lying in a field full of cute little puppy dogs. They were very cute... except one of them was stinky. This dream undoubtedly arose from a discussion with a guy I know from work, who recently got an adorable Goldendoodle. However, he admits that this otherwise cute puppy has a tailpipe that occasionally emits less-than-cute smells. (The closing of my <a href=";page=2" rel="nofollow"> Twilight Princess review </a> may have been on my mind as well.)1Sun, 27 Feb 2022 20:59:09 +0000Bibby:<div class="quote"><div class="quotee">February 2022 dream</div>For some reason they asked me about the Queen of England</div><br /> This detail probably would&#039;ve made more sense if it had happened earlier this year...<br /> <br /> A couple of nights ago, I dreamed that I was reading random articles on Wikipedia. One of these articles was about a supposed North Vietnamese military leader named N.D. Bean. He was a frontrunner to become a general during the Vietnam War, but he was deemed too much of a hard-liner even for North Vietnam. He had a very deep voice - the Wikipedia article included a brief audio clip of him speaking.<br /> <br /> I also read a Wikipedia page about a fictional magazine called &quot;Man, Sir, and Home.&quot; It was aimed at men living in New York City, especially Manhattan. Its emphasis was supposedly on decorating and interior design, but it also had some material that strayed far from its mission. For example, it had a long-running comic parodying fact-checker sites. The article included a list of all the characters that appeared in these comics, along with a detailed analysis of their backgrounds and personalities.<br /> <br /> Last month, I had a stretch where I had a memorable dream four nights in a row. This is <em>extremely</em> unusual for me!<br /> <br /> 1. In one, I lived in a different house. This house had two very large TVs in the living room (which is funny because my real-life TV broke this weekend). I never told anyone that I had moved. I realized I&#039;d just voted, and I think my ballot would&#039;ve been slightly different if I&#039;d updated my address like the Supervisor of Elections probably wanted me to.<br /> <br /> 2. In another dream, I moved to Spain. Apparently my employer wanted to give employees an opportunity to live in other countries and learn about different markets and stuff. I think we lived in our office, and there were a bunch of people drinking some kind of interesting nonalcoholic beverage out of ceramic cups.<br /> <br /> 3. In this one, some of the librarians at the college where I got my undergrad degree wanted me to give them a presentation about computer programming. One of them was a little flirty (I think she wanted this as an excuse to hang out with me). Before my presentation, I went to a nearby mall and saw a friend I hadn&#039;t seen in a while. We got ice cream, and there was a TV on the wall showing hockey highlights. Apparently the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team had unveiled a new set of mascots - anthropomorphic cheesesteaks that were also influenced by the Phillie Phanatic. These three mascots &quot;hatched&quot; from giant eggs on the ice and started skating around the rink before the game. I couldn&#039;t hang out with my friend too long because I had to leave for my presentation thingy.<br /> <br /> 4. In the last one, I had a wife (!) and a 15-year-old daughter (!). My wife was unnamed, and she always remained &quot;off camera&quot; (this tends to be the case for dreams where I find myself in a committed relationship). My wife and I were concerned about our daughter because we had a strong suspicion that she was becoming &quot;active&quot; - not the kind of active that involves going to the gym. Our daughter wasn&#039;t very up-front about her budding relationship - we didn&#039;t even know her new boyfriend&#039;s name. Apparently my wife and I weren&#039;t sure how to share our concerns, and we looked at a couple of really cheesy sex ed books about how to approach this topic. Neither one was helpful, and the dream ended before we could have our awkward conversation.<br /> <br /> As strange as these dreams are, as usual I have a pretty good idea of what triggered each of them.1Wed, 07 Dec 2022 00:47:22 +0000fireball3k: the time that Elon Musk was sworn in as the Chief Twit of Twitter 2.0, I had dreams where he was showing up in them. I can only remember one of them, and only barely at that.<br /> <br /> There&#039;s a McDonald&#039;s in my hometown about five minutes away from there. I had a dream that Elon Musk was there for some reason, and that he asked me if I wanted to hang out and play video games or smoke weed or something. It was like I was observing all of this from the outside, but somehow, I still perceived it as being a conversation between me and him. That&#039;s really about all I can remember.104Thu, 15 Dec 2022 02:04:55 +0000The_Shadow: dream was short:<br /> <br /> My family and I were eating (dinner I think)<br /> We see a very, very bright flash outside. we all get up to investigate.. only to see pitch blackness...<br /> <br /> Brother: &quot;Where did the sun go?&quot;<br /> *Frost starts forming across all windows*<br /> TV (Interupted for news): *Nonsensical.. ended with Solar boom*<br /> Dad: Well, looks like this is it.<br /> Mom: Guess I&#039;m not planting any corn this year<br /> Brother: Eh.. saw it coming.<br /> Sister: guess I have an excuse to get out of work<br /> Me: ...something is off here... *shines a flashlight outside, causing everything to revert back to normal*<br /> The dream goes nonsensical from this point...52Thu, 29 Dec 2022 06:10:30 +0000Miles: had a dream about needing to use the restroom, but the restroom just wasn&#039;t having it.<br /> <br /> I was at some public restaurant and really needed to go do #2. So I went to the restroom and noticed that the lights weren&#039;t really on. There was enough light to barely see what things were, but it wasn&#039;t enough to comfortably do the full deed. The bathroom was very futuristic-themed. Instead of a lightswitch, there was a group of touch-panel lights and a touchscreen CRT TV. The top touch panel was supposedly the light control. Unfortunately, upon pressing the panel, the voice of Andy Field (the guy that voiced the hand unit in Sister Location and various other guides in those games) spoke to me and said &quot;Not so fast! You must first type in the pass code. Touch the other panels for more information.&quot; You had to solve a puzzle before you were allowed to turn on the lights. I somehow got the code, &quot;10101,&quot; but when I went to input it on the screen it didn&#039;t want to let me type it. The touch screen on the little TV was being aggravating, not reading my finger positions correctly or at all. Eventually I got the code put in but then when I hit the top panel to turn on the lights, &quot;Not so fast! Your code has expired, and a new one needs to be generated. Touch the other panels for more information.&quot;<br /> <br /> My dream then transitioned to another one, but I don&#039;t remember that one.12Fri, 13 Jan 2023 14:20:54 +0000fireball3k: sounds like it&#039;d be a good idea for a short game. You have to go #2, but you have to answer number puzzles like that before your bowels decide to blow. 104Fri, 20 Jan 2023 03:39:15 +0000Bibby: Ha, 2FA meets restroom lighting!<br /> <br /> Last night, I dreamed that my mom worked for the power company and got me an internship there. She showed me how to do a maintenance task on power poles - the correct safety steps to take, and how to replace a certain part that needed replacing. None of it really makes any sense at all, for a whole bunch of reasons.<br /> <br /> Later in the dream, I was in the garage at a house that resembled my old house. Across the street, there was a live band in someone&#039;s driveway, and they were playing an eclectic selection of music, including rock, rap, gospel, and jazz. Everyone started dancing when they played the jazz piece. The band included a black guy named Jackson and a white guy who didn&#039;t have a name.<br /> <br /> After the music + dance party was over, I was playing a Mario Kart game in the garage. The track was based on the F-1 track in <a href="" rel="nofollow"> Tuscany </a> but was lumpy and bumpy in places (think Wario Stadium). It was very glitchy - the HUD showed I was leading when I crossed the finish line, but the final results screen said I had finished a minute and a half behind the seventh-place driver.<br /> <br /> I don&#039;t have much experience with ROM hacks, but I turned off the Mario Kart game and started playing some kind of SMB3 (specifically, the All-Stars version) ROM hack. The first level was easy and straightforward, while the second level descended into full-blown Kaizo territory - it started with a series of Donut Lifts over a pit that require squat-jumping because of the overhead ceiling.<br /> <br /> Apparently a girl was watching me play - it was someone my mom taught a couple of decades ago. It&#039;s unclear how or why she showed up. Her name was Paige (the real girl&#039;s middle name), and she said she had a &quot;crush&quot; on the allegedly awesome game I was playing! I don&#039;t think she was ever too interested in video games, especially ridiculously tough ROM hacks, but I&#039;m not sure - she seems to keep a low profile on social media, and I don&#039;t know anyone who&#039;s encountered her since she was in elementary school.1Fri, 17 Mar 2023 20:03:43 +0000Tue, 30 May 2023 11:45:19 +0000