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I had a dream about needing to use the restroom, but the restroom just wasn't having it.

I was at some public restaurant and really needed to go do #2. So I went to the restroom and noticed that the lights weren't really on. There was enough light to barely see what things were, but it wasn't enough to comfortably do the full deed. The bathroom was very futuristic-themed. Instead of a lightswitch, there was a group of touch-panel lights and a touchscreen CRT TV. The top touch panel was supposedly the light control. Unfortunately, upon pressing the panel, the voice of Andy Field (the guy that voiced the hand unit in Sister Location and various other guides in those games) spoke to me and said "Not so fast! You must first type in the pass code. Touch the other panels for more information." You had to solve a puzzle before you were allowed to turn on the lights. I somehow got the code, "10101," but when I went to input it on the screen it didn't want to let me type it. The touch screen on the little TV was being aggravating, not reading my finger positions correctly or at all. Eventually I got the code put in but then when I hit the top panel to turn on the lights, "Not so fast! Your code has expired, and a new one needs to be generated. Touch the other panels for more information."

My dream then transitioned to another one, but I don't remember that one.
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That sounds like it'd be a good idea for a short game. You have to go #2, but you have to answer number puzzles like that before your bowels decide to blow.
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@Miles Ha, 2FA meets restroom lighting!

Last night, I dreamed that my mom worked for the power company and got me an internship there. She showed me how to do a maintenance task on power poles - the correct safety steps to take, and how to replace a certain part that needed replacing. None of it really makes any sense at all, for a whole bunch of reasons.

Later in the dream, I was in the garage at a house that resembled my old house. Across the street, there was a live band in someone's driveway, and they were playing an eclectic selection of music, including rock, rap, gospel, and jazz. Everyone started dancing when they played the jazz piece. The band included a black guy named Jackson and a white guy who didn't have a name.

After the music + dance party was over, I was playing a Mario Kart game in the garage. The track was based on the F-1 track in Tuscany but was lumpy and bumpy in places (think Wario Stadium). It was very glitchy - the HUD showed I was leading when I crossed the finish line, but the final results screen said I had finished a minute and a half behind the seventh-place driver.

I don't have much experience with ROM hacks, but I turned off the Mario Kart game and started playing some kind of SMB3 (specifically, the All-Stars version) ROM hack. The first level was easy and straightforward, while the second level descended into full-blown Kaizo territory - it started with a series of Donut Lifts over a pit that require squat-jumping because of the overhead ceiling.

Apparently a girl was watching me play - it was someone my mom taught a couple of decades ago. It's unclear how or why she showed up. Her name was Paige (the real girl's middle name), and she said she had a "crush" on the allegedly awesome game I was playing! I don't think she was ever too interested in video games, especially ridiculously tough ROM hacks, but I'm not sure - she seems to keep a low profile on social media, and I don't know anyone who's encountered her since she was in elementary school.
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