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Melody Raiser (Post) Thanks for sharing - this is quite an interesting little thing. I didn't know there were AI tools capable of generating coherent MIDIs way back in 1999!

It's not necessarily the most user-friendly interface ever, though.
the bearded man (fireball3k's music) (Post) Oh sweet!
Gregory Gief (Post) Thank you, good sir - the world needed this.

the bearded man (fireball3k's music) (Post) Thanks for the Frijoles song - this is really cool! It does a fine job of capturing the vibe of my favorite bean pirate OC!
the bearded man (fireball3k's music) (Post) You're welcome! And yeah, that sounds like the same CHORD.WAV I had on my Windows 3.1 PC.
the bearded man (fireball3k's music) (Post) Good stuff! I don't know much about Vocaloid things, but I think you did a good job!

Also, I loved how you used the Windows error chord in DNA 1994.
legendary taunt (Post) One of these days, Dan Hibiki is going to get a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct!
fireworx (Post) Wow... that was quite a kaboom !
Don't update Audacity (Post) Seems Audacity fixed the troubling details of its updated privacy policy.

That's definitely a step in the right direction, although this episode still didn't exactly inspire a lot of trust from Audacity's users and contributors.
Derp Sculpture (Post) @Nite Indeed! It's supposed to say "Jax" (for Jacksonville, not JaxBoards!), but the cursive is really ambiguous!