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Post your dreams (Post) A few nights ago, I dreamed that Ross Perot was still alive! I posted something about technology on Twitter, and some random guy I don't know made a rather off-topic response to my post. Then Ross Perot made a really funny reply to the Random Stranger's post. I don't remember what any of the tweets were about, though.

Then, I tried to like Ross Perot's tweet, but somehow I pressed the wrong button and called him instead. I canceled the call before Perot could pick up, since I was shocked that Twitter had a functionality for calling people who liked your tweets!
Post your dreams (Post) Last night, I dreamed that Miles wrote a dream post that utterly tickled me. Sadly, I don't remember any of the details! It's fun to dream about other people's dreams, though.

Some people have been dreaming more frequently and vividly during the COVID-19 pandemic, but this hasn't been the case for me.
Adventures in 3d printing. (Post) This is very cool!
Nite's art thread (Post) Good stuff, as usual. I like the song that goes with the most recent one!
Adventures in 3d printing. (Post) That is a very good use for a 3-D printer! I'm glad you're using it to help out.
Satilla Complex (Post) Download it here!

Satilla Complex is on the bleeding edge of delivering industry-leading shipping solutions to our customers! Or something.

This might not be a real corporation, but in this game, you get to be a drone operator! You spend a day controlling the delivery drones that ship packages from the Satilla Complex warehouse to customers.

Use Shift or 'X' to take off, and Ctrl or 'Z' to land the drone. While in flight, use the arrow keys to move the drone.

Watch out for the Canada geese that are migrating this time of year, as well as the vile Despicable Desmond who loves stealing packages from the warehouse.

Thanks SmithyGCN for making most of the sprites, HansAgain for the logo, Miles for testing, and K16 for the music.
What are you listening to? (Post) Every year, around St. Patrick's Day, I end up listening to Irish music on one of the Music Choice channels.

"Whiskey on a Sunday" might be more English than Irish, but it's always a good one. (They usually play Tony Kenny's version, but these work too.)

Every year they play Phil Coulter's version of "The Green Leaves of Summer", which was originally a song about the Alamo rather than Ireland. It always sounds like something that you'd hear in an Olympic figure skating performance.

Speaking of this song, Herb Alpert's version is fun.

@Nite Agreed - the resemblance is definitely startling if it's new to you.
Adventures in 3d printing. (Post) Nice! I'd love to see what you could do with your fancy new toys...
Post your dreams (Post) I love the ending to Nite's most recent dream.

About a week ago, I dreamed that I went to Russia to hear Vladimir Putin give a speech in a small auditorium. It was about the size of the room where we had a lot of my presentations in grad school - it seated approximately 75-100 people. Putin spoke about how he planned to lead Russia forever. He was actually quite funny in this dream. After giving his speech, he played a video where Putin starred in a skit demonstrating why he doesn't want to return to private life. In this skit, he becomes a professor who tries a little too hard to relate to his students - he's making silly faces and dancing in the video.

Suddenly, there's a disturbance in the room. It's hard to tell what's going on, but it looks like one of Putin's bodyguards had confronted someone in the audience. A suitcase spilled open, but there's nothing particularly interesting inside - just a measuring gauge for tuning aircraft, as well as a pair of eyeglasses. I am not sure whether there was a legitimate threat, or whether one of Putin's bodyguards decided to rough up someone who laughed at the wrong time! Either way, a photographer from my city's newspaper was there, and she got some interesting photos of the incident. The dream ended before I could look at the photos or find out what happens next.

In other news, Person #3 in my November 5 post now sits across from me at work.
MFGG and lessons learned (Post) @Nite I don't mean to toot my own horn - there are many reasons why things happened the way they did - but I think of the 2012-2015 period as a golden age for MFGG. Obviously, the post volume wasn't as high as it was during the IPB era, but we enjoyed a high-quality community and many of our best games ever.

Things took a sharp turn for the worse around the time you resigned from your staff position - things got especially bad in summer 2017 and in the second half of 2018. We've had some fun times since then, and I believe the "new guard" of staff members are generally doing their best, but MFGG isn't the same these days. Forum activity is pretty slow, but I'm still hopeful that things will improve.

I hate that you had to deal with a handful of not-nice people - you didn't deserve any of the mistreatment you've received online. Most people on MFGG think you're really cool, and if there's someone who's causing trouble, we can take appropriate action. I can understand if you'd rather not hang out in a place where you've had problems in the past, but I hope you'll feel comfortable paying MFGG an occasional visit.
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