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Backing up a bricked LG G4 phone (Post)
Ouch. Sorry to hear about that, man.

Yeah, I never keep anything important on my phone. It's on way too often, and with no way to physically remove the storage media, it's just too much of a risk if it breaks.

That is a very good point! Any electronic device can fail at any time, but a phone is especially risky because it's always on and because you carry it with you so much. It's all too easy to drop your phone in a storm drain or flush it down the toilet (I know a very intelligent person who accidentally did just that).
Game Title Generator (Post) http://letsmakeagame.net/game-title-generator/

I've been having way too much fun with this.

Big Weight Loss Racer
Strategize of Rule
Hideous Rabbit X-treme
Remote Cookie Uprising
Command of Lies
Everybody Loves the Love Jihad
Forgotten Cannibal Temple
Shoot of Hypocrisy
Irritating Terrorist Prophecy
Year and Cult
Internet Quiz Fiasco
Ye Olde Desert Rescue
Create Your Own Combat Forever
Corporate Monster Revolution
Supreme Hillbilly of Doom
Crossdressing Yoga Demolition
Samurai Vocabulary Restaurant
Roman Lacrosse - The Movie
Bionic Volleyball for Kids
Red State
Jedi Florist Legends
My First Car Attack
Revolution and Skeletons
Kosher Sword Creator
Celebrity Equestrian on Wheels
No One Can Stop the Android in the Outback
Wrath of the Buddhist Dudes
My Little Turtle Spies
Soviet Platypus on the Road
British Drug-Dealing Man
Day of the College Scam
Retro Nudist Smuggler
Darkest Basketball Zone
Scottish Wrestling Story
Backing up a bricked LG G4 phone (Post) Back in late 2015, my brother bought an LG G4 phone. It was a great phone... at first. However, the phone turned out to be a lemon - because of a defect in the hardware, after a while the phone got caught in a "bootloop" - when you turned it on, it would get stuck on the LG loading screen. We couldn't find anything to revive it - restarting it, removing the battery, trying to load recovery mode, and so forth. This problem happened to thousands of users, resulting in petitions, lawsuits, and innumerable complaints on social media and support forums.

My brother ended up buying a new phone when the problem happened in 2017. However, the broken LG G4 had been sitting on his shelf for over two years, and we decided it would be fun to back up all the stuff he didn't get a chance to recover (don't follow his example in not backing up your files!).

After a bit of Googling, I found that there was no cure for this problem - LG could replace the broken part, but that would wipe out all your data. Various users complained about this problem on forums and social media, and the general consensus was that there were two ways you might be able to temporarily revive the phone (at least long enough to do a backup): fire and ice. You could expose the phone to high temperatures or stick in the freezer.

Before we go any farther, I'd like to warn you that you should be very, very careful in exposing a phone (or any electronics, especially those containing batteries) to extreme temperatures, or using microwaves or ovens used for preparing food to heat up electronics - this can release all kinds of interesting harmful substances.

I started by sticking the phone in the freezer. I removed the battery, loosely wrapped the phone in a towel, and stuck the phone in the freezer for an hour. Then I re-inserted the battery and tried to turn it on. After a few attempts, the phone turned on for a few seconds. However, it quickly died again.

Realizing the freezer trick was probably futile, I tried Plan B: exposing the phone to high temperatures. I decided to start by using a heating pad - the kind you might use to soothe a sore muscle. I knew the heating pad would generate heat but probably wouldn't make things dangerously hot. After removing the battery, I wrapped the phone in a heating pad and switched it to its highest temperature. After about 20 minutes, I removed the phone and tried to turn it on. It took a couple of tries. I had almost given up, but I decided to keep the phone on the bootloop screen while it was wrapped in the heating pad.

A few minutes later, I heard a loud notification sound and saw the T-Mobile logo appear - a very good sign. I was able to connect the phone to my laptop using a USB cable and copy all of the stuff we wanted - photos, audio, and other original content. The phone stayed alive for a couple of days before perishing again.

The moral of the story?

  • Back up your stuff regularly
  • If you manufacture phones, try not to make dud products
  • If stuff breaks, don't be afraid to Google around and try creative solutions (but don't do anything stupid or dangerous, and talk to a pro person if you're dealing with very important data)
What are you listening to? (Post) Baby Shark Dance. I'm (not) sorry.

It's possible that this was the theme song for a baby shower at work. I wasn't involved in the music selection. I promise. Probably.
Post your dreams (Post) Weird Vacation Dreams strike again. A few nights ago, I dreamed that I hung out with three incredibly random people:

1. A very good friend of mine who was my successor as president of my college's defunct IT club. I talk to him just about every day.
2. A girl that my mom taught 15 years ago. We talk every blue moon.*
3. Some random guy on another team at work. I barely know him, but I pass him in the hallways from time to time.

We went to Wendy's. Exciting.

Also, the girl's dreamy counterpart decided to dye her hair black and cut it shorter than usual. I have no idea why (it could have something to do with her Pokemon Go persona).

Later in the dream, we all went to a church service on a Thursday morning. I don't know why. Maybe it's because my department at work tries to discourage working from home, but if we convinced them that we were expected to go to church at this odd hour, we could convince the IT executive folks that some people needed to work from home and take an hour break during the morning for religious reasons.

And no, this doesn't make sense. At all.

* Coincidentally, this girl is the inspiration for one of the four default characters in my Bibby RPG Engine. The groom in my previous dream is also a member of this party.
Post your dreams (Post) Miles dreams are always interesting indeed. The latest one is particularly interesting because many of the details bear an uncanny similarity to the medical adventure a certain friend of mine had been through just a few days before your dream. I'm pretty sure that Miles has never met this friend in real life, but the dream actually sounds like something she could've had!

For those worried about my friend, she's all right - they just ran some special tests to get to the bottom of some health problems she'd been wrestling with for a long time. I am also fairly confident that she was not a test subject for the latest innovations in mind control.

It's interesting that the sounds seem to be more audible on the right side of the nurse's head. Perhaps the Brain Control Technology folks are focusing their efforts on certain regions of the brain responsible for different tasks. For example, the right parietal lobe plays a key role in language processing, and if you're trying to control someone's mind, it would be useful to be able to transmit messages directly to the brain (or perhaps block stimuli that you didn't want the subject to receive). I am no neuroscientist, but those are my random comments on the latest Zany Miles Dream.

I've had a couple of entertaining dreams lately.

A few weeks ago, I dreamed that I attended a wedding in a church I'd never seen before. The groom was apparently the pastor of said church. The groom resembles the younger version of a gentleman I knew years ago - he was the son of my late next-door neighbors. Like the dream world person, he was a pastor. The bride looked a little like the older version of the new girlfriend of one of my friends. After the wedding ceremony was over, all the guests were going to surprise this pastor with a surprise reception (he spent so much time working that he hadn't even planned a party for the wedding!). However, the pastor had already retreated to his study in the church basement. There was a "normal" way to access this study through a staircase somewhere in the church, but we didn't know how to get there. So instead we took the alternate entrance - a long, narrow slide on the outside of the building. I am not chubby in real life, but apparently I got stuck near the bottom of the slide, and the dream ended. (Freud would probably have a field day with this.)

Yes, I have a lot of dreams about weddings, even though I've never really attended a wedding before!

I had another dream while I was on vacation (possibly the same night Miles had his dream). My company's IT department recently held a bowling tournament - it took place a few days after my dream. I dreamed that I went to this bowling tournament but was very surprised to see what I saw! We weren't expecting this, but assorted corporate VIPs had suddenly informed us of their plans to attend. The co-chair of the committee I'm on (the group that plans these events) was very dressed up - she wore a red dress shirt and a kind of fancy black skirt. I saw my department head, and he was also dressed more formally than usual (especially considering the invitation specifically asks attendees to dress casually). At the bowling tournament, people typically help themselves and sit where they want, but some of us were preparing plates full of food and assigning seats for the executive folks who were rumored to be coming. The dream ended before I got a chance to find out whether the VIP-y folks were actually going to visit.
Adventures in 3d printing. (Post) Wow! That is very impressive indeed.

I know this one's a gift, but if you wanted to go in this direction, you could probably make money from high-quality 3-D printed things.
Adventures in 3d printing. (Post) It's off to a good start!
Adventures in 3d printing. (Post) Good luck! That's looking pretty sharp!
Cheerwine Deluxe 1 + 2: Eighth and a Halfth Anniversary Edition (Post) Download here!

Have you ever dreamed of helping Iggy Koopa save the glorious province of Saskatchewan from the extremely evil Council of Evil? Of course you have! That's exactly what happens in Cheerwine Deluxe, the greatest game of all time (unless it's not). And to make the best game even better, I bring to you: Cheerwine Deluxe 1 + 2: Eighth and Halfth Anniversary Edition!

Yes, it's here. It's the original two Cheerwine Deluxe games in a two-game megapack (OK, there's nothing mega about it, but it sounds nice that way).

Probably the most noteworthy addition is a save system - the game saves your progress at the beginning of each level. I've made a few incremental improvements to gameplay, graphics, audio, and text. I've also ported the game from GM 8 to GM Studio 1.4.9999 and made my ancient code marginally less bad.

Cheerwine Deluxe is a series of surrealist joke games. While most of the game is pretty zany, I hope there's still some semblance of actual gameplay. Keep in mind that this game was made way back in 2011, so it's pretty old stuff. The game is "safe for work", but there is no shortage of content that some might deem offensive! There's also tons of frustrating gameplay, trippy flashing lights, and annoying noises, so if you have a problem with such things, you may want to steer clear of this game.

Have fun.
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