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LucaEA (Post) The spambot flood has slowed, but we still get them every once in a while. LucaEA is the latest member of the Spambot Club (or at least the "Members That Show Up in StopForumSpam" Club).

This spambot is a good candidate for Admin Power Abuse. Choose a good avatar:

logo (Post) After the upgrade to HTTPS, a lot of skin images broke. That's because I used Tinypic as an image host in a previous life, and apparently Tinypic doesn't support HTTPS even in 2018.

Don't worry - I have all the original images, and I'll be sure to upload them to a more modern image host when I get a bit of free time.
...How stupid do they think I am? (Post) This is awesome indeed. I guess this proves that those tech support scammers aren't always the brightest bulbs in the batch.
The Groovy New JaxBoards (Post) Hey everyone. I have some news - the kind of news that's very good news! Sean is working on a major revamp of the JaxBoards software. He's made massive architectural improvements to the codebase, which also means that some new features and modernizations are on the way! In fact, the BT Forums moved to the dev version today. There may be a few bugs and oddities lurking in the shadows, but don't worry - these are actively being worked on.

One important improvement is we're now running on HTTPS instead of HTTP. If you have any bookmarks that point to the old HTTP link, be sure to update them - you might not be able to log in if you use the old URL. Use https://bibbyteam.jaxboards.com instead.
Nite's art thread (Post) That's an awesome take on Whomp's Fortress.
The NESronomicon (Post) One of the most impression console mods I've ever seen. There's a lot of folks who'd like to see this!

And in the upper-left corner of this picture , we meet the man who made it all possible .
What are you listening to? (Post) I heard Judy in Disguise playing in a restaurant about a week ago. Fun classic bubblegum rock.

The (awesome) theme song from an old soccer management sim. I've never actually played the game myself, but I once spent a fair amount of time watching it.

The NESronomicon (Post) This'll be fun.
The NESronomicon (Post) That is a very intense Nintendo Entertainment System.
What are you listening to? (Post) Champs-Élysées, inspired by the final stage of the 2018 Tour de France:

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