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Too Many Star Balls (Post) That's really cool! They look like something you'd see in a Mario game or something. The name would be fitting, too.
Pizza (Post) It's not DiGiorno, it's delivery.
How many U.S. cities can you name? (Post) It's all right y'all - this is an easy way to make your mind go blank!

I started by thinking of places I've been to before (especially towns in my own state), and then moving on to cities with NFL/MLB teams! That's a good way to knock out most of the big cities.
Welcome to USA Prime Credit (Post) Maybe the scammer wanted to talk to USA Prime Credit !
How many U.S. cities can you name? (Post) https://iafisher.com/projects/cities/usa/share/156825

This was kind of fun.

(I did it without Googling, so apparently I've forgotten about the existence of towns in West Virginia and New Hampshire!)
Post your dreams (Post) Last night I dreamed that I was watching the Tour de France on TV. The Tour organizers came up with a wacky idea for a mountain stage - it would go through a French amusement park! This theme park had a jungle theme and was called Tiki's (possibly a ripoff of this . The park had a major mosquito problem, and Egan Bernal , the 2019 Tour winner, was getting eaten up by mosquitoes. His bike had broken down and he was running (on foot!) to the team car so he could get a replacement.

Needless to say, I don't think I've ever dreamed about professional cycling before.
Callout Post for Bibby (Post) GASP

Oh no... Dusty "Dustin" VG Master, the man who needs to finish a game about antique door-locking equipment and another game about a cat, knows all of my deepest, darkest secrets! Well, most of them. He still doesn't know how I spent a decade and a half trying to get a floppy disk drive to work.
What are you listening to? (Post) Some Other Time from The Alan Parsons Project:

Video Game Reproductions (Post) That's an interesting point about comparing unofficial releases to eBay sales. Either way, the original creators aren't earning anything, and it might be better to have fans help keep old games alive.

I agree that copyright law should be used to stimulate creativity and innovation, not stifle it. And a lot of the time, modern copyright law does the latter.

Currently, in the United States, copyrights last practically forever, and that just doesn't make a lot of sense - especially for a rapidly-evolving medium like video games/computer software. I think it would be better if copyrights lasted for only a short time (maybe just 5-10 years) and could be renewed only if the holder continues to distribute the copyrighted work. This would provide an incentive for copyright holders to make sure that video games (and movies and music and TV shows) remained available and accessible, and it would keep older obscure games out of a legal limbo.

It would also be really cool if companies were more willing to collaborate with talented, passionate fans who make things like this.
Video Game Reproductions (Post) Interesting stuff! I've never actually played a TurboGrafx-16 game before - this console was a little before my time, and I was always more of a Nintendo person.

It's really cool to see fans make things like this that have such a high production quality. It's also nice that the original cartridge media seems to be more friendly to the modding/homebrew scene than, say, NES cartridges.

I don't know whether this is the case, but I'm not sure how I feel if they're making money (beyond the costs of cartridges and printing, of course) from the sale of repro games. On the other hand, they're helping keep old games alive - old games that are extremely unlikely to see an official re-release.
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