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The Last Person Standing in the Floppy Disk Business https://eyeondesign.aiga.org/we-spoke-with-the-last-person-standing-in-the-floppy-disk-business

This was an interesting read. Yes, there really is a company that's still making money from selling old floppy disks.
Facebook wants to be more like TikTok https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-07-27/why-facebook-instagram-look-like-tiktok


Staying in touch with real-life friends is the only reason I still use Facebook, and Facebook's leadership wants to emphasize algorithmically-chosen content from random strangers over updates from people I actually know. I have no interest in TikTok (not just because TikTok's owner is in bed with the CCP!), and this change might give me a good reason to stop checking Facebook altogether.
ShlinkedIn https://twitter.com/ShlinkedIn

This is a parody social network that pokes fun at a certain flavor of LinkedIn #influencer culture. #hustle #grinding #entrepreneur #girlboss #crypto #nft #blockchain

I had way too much fun generating resumes and "content" .

Sorry Sean - please don't hurt me!
Dear Russia Dear Russia,

I think it would be great if you stopped attacking neighboring countries. Your unjustified and illegal war with Ukraine has resulted in the loss of thousands of innocent lives, untold human suffering, and tremendous economic loss in Ukraine, Russia, and the whole wide world.

But if that's asking too much, could you please stop getting Russian spambots to register accounts on this small-fry forum? You know that I've enabled manual admin approval of new accounts, and there's no way I'm going to be approving these accounts with obvious spambot names - and e-mail addresses and IPs that light up the StopForumSpam database.

I don't want to have to resort to playing Baywatch Trivia to defeat you, after all.

Looks like the Bibby Team Facebook page is getting retired Farewell old friend. I hardly knew ya.

Many years ago, in a former life, I created a Facebook page for this place. I didn't have a concrete vision in mind for it - I just thought it would be a fun experiment. This was back when Facebook seemed like a fun new thing, rather than something that has the capacity to drive humanity off a cliff!

I created the BT Facebook page without having a personal account, which means it's something called a "gray account" - a weird bit of Facebook limbo. Facebook stopped supporting the creation of new gray accounts many years ago, and now it's disabling gray accounts.

I could keep maintaining the BT Facebook if I attach my personal Facebook to it, but I don't think I want to do that - I've never used the BT Facebook page for anything substantial, and I like keeping a certain firewall between my online persona and my real-life identity.

It seems the BT Facebook will be up for one more month and will then get deleted. I doubt anyone will notice though.
Bibby Platformer Project Many years ago, back when I was a little person, I enjoyed drawing out maps for video games that existed in my head. My brother did likewise when he was a kid (some of my early works were definitely influenced by things I saw him make).

Unfortunately, I knew nothing about programming, and my digital graphics skills were limited to scribbles in MS Paint. So nothing became of these ideas for a very long time.

However, years later, I discovered Game Maker and Clickteam and thought, "Hey, maybe mere mortals could make their own games!" I made lots of Mario fangames early on, since I had always been a Mario fan and thought it would be fun to my own spin on some of the cool concepts the official Mario games introduced but hadn't fully explored. (Of course, it helped that places like MFGG, TSR, and VGMusic made it really easy to find graphics, music, sound effects, and tutorials for making Mario fangames.)

Ever since I first discovered GM and Clickteam, though, I'd had something simmering in my mind - making a fully original game based on these old ideas. A few of these concepts (and occasionally characters - one of my old enemy concepts, Tirgy, ended up squeezing his way into one of my fangames) were used in my fangame projects. However, I really wanted to make a game built around these old ideas.

And this is what the Bibby Platformer Project is! That global pandemic gave me a lot more time to catch up on projects that had been sitting on the back burner for far too long. This game is a platformer with a lot of Mario influences, along with a hint of Zelda and Kirby.

This game hearkens back to a somewhat simpler time in the world but also endeavors to apply modern standards to writing quality code, designing creative and fun gameplay, and delivering respectable graphics and sound. I'd be lying if I said this is the most innovative game in the history of humanity, but I hope you'll find it to be an enjoyable thing to play! There are still lots of placeholder graphics that are subject to change in the final version.

I'll share a demo and screenshots shortly.
Incredibly useful office software comparison Microsoft Office remains the most popular office suite for large enterprises, but Google Docs and LibreOffice also have their fans in the world.

However, Google Docs is currently the undisputed champion in one area! This office suite's spelling checker is the best at recognizing the names of prominent video game characters. It consistently recognizes names and locations from prominent video game series.

Microsoft Word's spelling checker is quite limited - it recognizes a few names, but not most. It thinks Bowser and Robotnik are OK, but not Wario and Eggman! Curiously, Microsoft Word recognizes just a handful of Pokemon - Pikachu and the starters from the original Generation 1 games.

LibreOffice finishes last here - it won't recognize any proper nouns exclusive to the video game world.

This is the kind of research that propels humanity forward.
Arich's Ambush It's February 8! Every year when February 8 rolls along, I think about how on this day in 1997 I defeated Donkey Kong Country 3's Arich boss for the first time. My mind is weird like that.

When I first beat Arich in February 1997, my second-grade self was super-excited to get past what I felt to be an unreasonably difficult boss. Months later, I obtained a strategy guide for DKC3 and learned the truth: that there's actually a much easier way to beat Arich.

I was trying to beat Arich by standing on the top ledge, grabbing a barrel, and throwing it in an arc so that it hits the narrowest part of Arich's near leg. If I did it just right, the barrel would clip into what should be a solid spot and brush Arich's jaw, thus scoring a hit. I found it much easier to do this using Dixie, but Kiddy could pull it off as well. So it turned out that this boss was really hard because I was trying to exploit a glitch to beat it!

This fact may or may not be particularly interesting.

@Miles I filled up my car's gas tank this morning. The price happened to land on a very good number.