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Deranged Wonderful World volume 1 so i obtained a pentium 1 pc recently with 32MB of ram. i installed windows 95 on it and then found my klik & play cd. from there, i gave myself until today to design as many minigames as i could, and this is what i finished.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YZJAMJjP_hni9lubGEutpQNZFlhBBGfl/view?usp=drivesdk should be a link to download it, but someone tell me if it doesn't work.

the ultimate shitpost

it's s- i mean, poop and it's a post. what else could you possibly want fron a fireball3k s***post?
Did everyone come to this forum for the WCW... The following topic has been paid for by the New World Order.

romantic fireworks (Thunder Over Louisville 2015)

just feel like we could all use a bit more romantic fireworks in our life. i'm really drunk, but i just want to make you boys happy.
doom x splatoon yeah, i finished this splatoon x doom fanfiction i was talking about doing. what came back is really, really dark and has a lot of profanity in it, but perhaps that's to be expected given it's written from the perspective of a PTSD-suffering space marine

here's a link to its pastebin
fireball's not-midi art i can't think of something pithy to describe the process that led to me making pin-up art of my fallout 3 character, so i'll just drop some images here. it's a hell of a lot easier than, you know, actually putting the effort in to make 3D models of my own for art like this. i tried to pick some tame images from my collection, but if anything doesn't fit that, let me know and i'll pull it.

here's a link to one of cassadee laying down and posing with her sawed-off shotgun in her favorite dress. most of the images i took were ones where i forgot to disable the in-game HUD, but i liked the way this one turned out.

here's a link to one of cassadee wearing a frilly version of lightning's outfit from final fantasy 13 while laying on a couch in megaton. this one was a bit harder to do than i thought it'd be, as she clipped through the couch when i tried to have her pose on it. after enough console commands, though, i managed to get her to look alright here.

here's one of cassadee using a pistol as a fashion accessory. (i think it complements her dress well, don't you?) she's in springvale in this shot. i like girls with guns, but i'm kind of self-conscious of that, so this was the only photo of her with a gun i saw fit to upload.

i ended up having to use a lot of mods to do this. among them were dimonized's type 3 female body mod, earache42's ling's finer things clothing mod, halofarm's pinup poser mod for fallout 3, and godofalcohol's usable cigarettes mod. i didn't have any facial expression mods or anything to hide the pip boy on her arm, so she doesn't smile and there's a big metal gauntlet on her arm. welp.

fireball's midi art hey i did stuff

want to hear a remix of this song? yeah, it's four notes looped ad nauseum, but i remixed it and this is what came back.
memorial day dog dirt topic i blew a pile of dog dirt up with a firecracker because it was on some steps leading down to the river at my camp. when was the last time you did that?

my memorial day was, by default, better than yours. that said, people who live in el americano should talk about what they did yesterday so i'm not left here trying to compensate for daddy issues or whatever
joe montana football '16 http://www.polygon.com/2015/3/16/8228333/joe-montana-football-16-unreal-engine-4

a couple of days ago, joe montana posted something on his twitter account about a new installment in that football game series he starred in back in the days of the sega. EA has the exclusive rights to the NFL's roster, but that doesn't extend to retired NFL players, it seems. it looks like this is going to run on the unreal engine 4, which means that if this really does become a thing, it's probably going to be a playstation 4 and xbox one game.

anybody got any thoughts on this? i don't play madden, but personally, i think it's exciting that someone who isn't EA is making a football game. i love old sega sports games, and even if this isn't being worked on by sega, it's still really cool whenever somebody does a throwback to an old series like this.
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