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Melody Raiser https://archive.org/details/melody-raiser-1999 will take you to a download of this very windows 98-y music making tool.

if you want to install this thing on modern windows, open it with 7zip as an archive. i haven't been able to get it to do anything but give me a message that my windows version isn't supported, but opening the file with 7zip let me access it all
Gregory Gief

there is a new member named gregorygef. my first thought was zangief as a spambot
the bearded man (fireball3k's music) i do music at beardman63andathird.bandcamp.com

i just released this track: https://beardman63andathird.bandcamp.com/track/sinful-rose-2021-ver
legendary taunt

dan hibiki, the man in the pink gi, demonstrates his unparalleled ability to taunt

edit: post-eating bug happened again

1.8 million firecrackers at PGI 2021. i don't know what PGI stands for, but it's still pretty satisfying to see too many firecrackers going off in one go
Too Many Star Balls

ever get those big red star balls from the fireworks store? you know, the ones that look like oversized cherry bombs and make you think they're a particularly weighty firecracker, but just spin around on the ground instead? someone taped a bunch of these together, and the result looks like a constellation. i might have to try building a device like this at some point, since it looks pretty harmless as far as fireworks mods go

Deranged Wonderful World volume 1 so i obtained a pentium 1 pc recently with 32MB of ram. i installed windows 95 on it and then found my klik & play cd. from there, i gave myself until today to design as many minigames as i could, and this is what i finished.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YZJAMJjP_hni9lubGEutpQNZFlhBBGfl/view?usp=drivesdk should be a link to download it, but someone tell me if it doesn't work.

the ultimate shitpost

it's s- i mean, poop and it's a post. what else could you possibly want fron a fireball3k s***post?