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Post your dreams (Post) A lot of my dreams feature variations of much older versions of the house I live in. Modified due to dream abstraction, but still quite reminiscent of older layouts. Carpets, couches, TVs, etc - many things that we don't have anymore will for some reason be in their old places like nothing had ever happened to them. A dream I had just yesterday morning was this way.

One thing I might have touched on before in this topic was my childhood severe fear of malfunctioning electronics and the sight of any small lights in the dark. This dream features these as well.

Unfortunately I've forgotten almost all but the tail end of this particular dream. As usual, none of the following will make any sense. Most notably, time is not even a concept.

There was a point where I was trying to clean out a fan in a very strangely designed Wii which had a really big fan exposed on the side, freely accessible. Some weirdly long hair had gotten caught in it and said Wii would lose power whenever the fan tugged on it. This occurred in the "front room", towards my parents' end of the house. I don't know the exact time of day, but from the lighting I got "daylight but near the end of it so slightly less well lit".

I quickly got sick of diddling with the wacky Wii and went back towards the other side of the house where my room(s) were. (I've changed between two rooms here over the years; in the dream, they're both mine.)

I opened the door to one of the rooms, and the old black CRT TV that used to be in there was there and on, but it was not tuned to any channel; it was just a bright plain blue screen in a dark room. Why a dark room? Well, at the time I opened the door it was suddenly way late at night. A moment after looking at the TV that shouldn't have been on, it started squealing and flashing. Halfway paralyzed in fear, I fell backwards and had an extremely hard time getting back away from the room, but I did and ran to my folks' room. The dream ended as I stood in front of their bed, getting ready to explain what I had just witnessed.

For SOME REASON, the horrendous noise coming from the TV sounded a lot like mildly muddled Emergency Alert noises... as heard during one particular night of Dustin's Spelunky streams. The noise in the dream wasn't broken up, though, it was constant - but otherwise sounded mostly like that.

Side note: This'd be the second time Dustin stream audio wound up in my dreams. First time was around a week or two ago. I had won the "triple jackpot" in some lottery, and this (minus the percussion) was the tune playing in the prize claiming area of the nondescript building as soon as it was announced that someone had won at all. Perhaps needless to say, I woke up a very sad and disappointed man. There was a lot to this particular dream, but I sadly remember only two snapshots' worth of any of the rest of it and neither of those remembered mental images has much or any proper context to go with it. There might have been a climbing competition or race of some kind involved before I reached the "lottery" result area - that'd be my best guess.
Satilla Complex (Post) Oh, heck! I meant to reply a few days ago but I have forgotten entirely until now. (Also Jaxboards ate my post today so you are gifted with a more concise post now.)

My only issue has been with the drone controls. Sometimes Ascending and Descending are unresponsive. I'm looking further to see if this is actually the game, or if it's just my keyboard.
Don't worry. It's not your keyboard. The game doesn't do much to communicate to you that you need to raise the drone up to 75% height before you can lower it, and once you've started lowering it you must go all the way down before you can go back up again.


I have some further issues to report.

- You are always congratulated for a job well done if you don't wreck the drone, even if you never deliver a single package! You get 200 points at the end of a Work Day, and I've only ever seen a single Bad Man steal a package in a given Work Day, so it seems like there's no potential for a negative or zero score.

- If you get to either end screen (loss or victory), and then go to the Help screen, this occurs:

(Also, pressing X doesn't return you, but pressing Z does.)
Post your dreams (Post) Here's a new one for ya.

(Small note for later: When I was younger, I always had this weird extreme fear of any kind of malfunctioning tech - from frozen Furbies to Windows blue screens and beyond. I was also absolutely terrified of small lights in the dark, like VCR displays or itty bitty power signal lights on various devices, including some TVs and VCRs. These have mostly subsided. Mostly.)

This dream was actually consistently structured, which is a weird departure from the usual abstract fare where the setting can change and I never know it until later; there are still some Dream Brand Abnormalities, however. I don't remember a ton about this dream in the way of exact details with the main exception being the way it ended.

First half: There were two very mildly disorderly rooms in our house that were somehow a little bit larger on the inside than the outside. I was cleaning up both of said rooms by just picking up stray things and putting most of them in a huge closet. The final thing left to pick up in one of the rooms was a rogue "Christmas decoration", which for some reason was an American flag still in packaging. The same room's furniture was made of basic geometric shapes and were made like thick gym mattresses. Even the bed was like this.

Second half: At first, I'm in a van, working on some game project on a laptop. For whatever reason, I'm parked closer to a neighbor's yard. I finish fiddling with the game (sadly I remember nothing of this dream game), then move the van back to our yard and go inside, leaving the laptop in the van. A gadget of mine is slightly messed up, and my dad met me to show me that he was about to try to fix it. The way my dad went about trying to fix it was more likely to make it worse than to fix it, so we just fought about that for a bit. Dream Me is worse than a supposed sailor when it comes to swearing, for some reason, even though I'm not actually a person that tends to do that.

There was one particular constant in this dream that showed up at the end of both halves. Our kitchen counters were up much higher and we had this weird white microwave and baking oven hybrid. After a while of being plugged in, it would have a sort of stroke: It'd make a sequence of seven distinct warped noises (the "tune" of which is still playing in my head as I write this; I hate it) and slowly flicker between temperature display for baking and a timer for the microwave. Also, the power in the rest of the house would flicker; this dream house had no proper breakers, apparently.

The first time this happened, we just turned it off for a bit and then turned it back on and everything was fine. Second time wasn't so great. I was so shaken with fear that when I tried to hit the off button, I missed; my hand stopped just short of touching the button because I drew it back too quickly. I was expecting the thing to explode, and I ended up thinking of the consequences of that happening when it was right there in front of me. Due to that, I had the misfortune of picturing some freaky caricature (though not of myself) with some awful, awful eyes... they looked like big circular flesh wounds. This was basically a scene transition of sorts - the microwave no longer existed nor did anything else, just that demonic looking person. I woke up after maybe a quarter of a second of looking straight at it, or rather, it looking straight at me. Between that and the microwave incident, I was so spooked I had to go talk to my folks (I ran as fast as I could to the front room, where they are currently watching TV) so I could calm down. They could tell I was spooked right from the get-go from the way I was breathing, even though I was talking like I was calm.

Let me tell you, even when you know something is a nonsense dream, it can still give you the severe spooks. Or at least that's how it is with me.
Post your dreams (Post) My dreams tend to be very, very abstract. Settings can change in an instant. There will be no logic or cohesion to any of the following, so add "for some reason" to basically every statement ahead.


At the start, I'm following the perspective (in first person) of a nurse who has very mild suspicions that brain control technology was being worked on in her hospital. She asks a coworker about it and gets rather rudely shot down about it, then when said coworker storms off she spots something on the wall down the hall the other way that was labelled like it was meant for her. She goes and grabs a thick tube-looking thing off the wall above the weirdly targeted label and then some voice message plays in her head (which as a side note was somehow more audible on the... right side... of the back of her head... yeah, I don't know how to adequately explain this bit) while she falls on the floor and convulses and has a headache in the upper leftward region but is still completely aware of everything no differently than before. Also her left leg turned green for the duration of this. The voice in the voice message sounded like your average TV or movie flavor of psycho, and he was putting on a show in said hospital meant to slowly show the people within it that brain control was a real thing and they needed to "open their eyes" or something. The grab-tube-and-get-message thing happened two more times with different messages and leg colors (red, then blue), and each time there were additional labels showing up where they were before underneath the thing holding the mysterious tubes.

A lot happened between then and the next bits, but sadly I've forgotten most of it.

There was a part where I was with my best friend who was temporarily back from Colorado, and his dad was somehow alive again. His dad notices me eyeballing an interesting looking small CRT TV with a very weird layout on it, and asks me what I want to give for it. For whatever reason, the thing I was interested in on that TV was the fact that it looked ancient (think wooden furniture and brown coloring, but somehow in small form) but had S-Video proudly on it.

At some point this segment just switched into part of some cartoon that looked like it was drawn in the Justice League style, but I remember next to none of this part of the dream. ;-; There was some kind of invasion of little robots, but it was quickly contained and sent away from the Earth. When the Earth itself was shown, it was a low poly imperfectly-shaped sphere with rather low resolution textures. And said textures were not linearly blended or anything - they were raw and pixelly.

After that the setting completely changed again. Instead I was now following the perspective of some Indian looking teenager who was now walking out of a huge-normous grocery store. He walks out the door, and gets into the back of some box truck with the back of said box open. He sits down and looks out the back, and is then confronted by some police investigator that had just walked up. Apparently he was a witness for something, but the police dude didn't actually want him involved, so after they talked the cop gave him a very sad look and didn't try to get him back off the truck. The truck then slowly takes off, all the while the cop is just standing there watching him with a very sad look on his face.

Suddenly things switch up again, but the setting doesn't change much. The person in the back of the box truck is now me. I'm riding without any kind of seatbelt or things to hold on to - it's just a flat rubber bed. (I'm not sure that's even a real thing in real box trucks.) Eventually as we go down the road, I somehow climb up on top and move up to the cab (still on top) and try to hold on for dear life that way. At that point I realize that the driver is my dad. For the duration of this trip, my dad talks to me about memories of stuff that happened on the street we were riding down. Eventually we reach a point where the truck can't make clearance (there was an entrance it needed to get through but it was too tall to make it), so we stop and I climb down.

There was yet another completely different section of dream here but I've forgotten it pretty much entirely.

Suddenly I'm inside a huge house with lots of stairways, and I'm just running up and down some of those stairs for my own amusement. A lady walks up from a sideways hallway and sees me, and kindly asks what I'm up to. I let her know that I'm procrastinating (which I was doing, actually, I went to sleep out of stress because I can't figure out some work thing that's due Monday - but I just left it at "I'm procrastinating" in the dream.) She says, "Procrastinating, huh? Hey, how old are you?" "26." "Can you help me with something?" "I guess, sure." "Are you familiar with housewife shopping?" I give her a weird look, then through dream magic we're instantly in a different room but yet I knew I had followed her there. There's a small muted "flatscreen" CRT TV mounted in the wall with various ads being cycled through on some nondescript shopping channel, and there's a big bearded fellow sitting on a plastic chair in front of it and to my left. The lady explains that it's simple, it's nothing, I just choose a product and call up a publisher (???), which she then assures me that they somehow know less about this process than I do, and I'm to let the round fellow in front of me do most of the talking. She then takes off with no more to go on than that. I look at the TV again, and it's showing a lady's hand slowly shaving the side of some beach-browned white guy's leg. I then woke up extremely confused.

I have no idea if "housewife shopping" is actually a thing but if it is it's probably nothing like... uh, whatever that was!

Edit 10/12/2019: I should clarify that in the hospital part of the dream, where I said that the lady's leg changed colors, I don't at all mean in a gross or realistic way. I really truly meant that they, for whatever dream magic reason, turned entirely (no skin texture or anything) solid colors, like the first one was even greener than Piccolo from Dragon Ball green.
Post your dreams (Post) Oh wow, quite the mood whiplash at the end there.

My own experience with managing to stay asleep when I realize I'm dreaming is a bit similar. I can sort of do a few things if I will them, but not necessarily everything I want to do. This is something I really want to explore further, though the chance doesn't come often.
Post your dreams (Post) Here's a very short one because I only remember the tail-end of this one, but I find it amusing.

Have you ever dreamed about watching streams, of all things? I was watching someone play a very different version of the PS2/Xbox Spider-Man 2 (it looked like a generational leap ahead, graphically).

Not too long after a combat encounter on a weirdly placed stairway, they jump out of said stairway into an open area and stop for a moment and we all then notice something happening in the background, which the streamer dude quickly calls attention to with an "Umm". In the distance, just visible in the lower right corner of the screen, there was an enemy dude that had been incapacitated earlier by an electrical trap (he was still showing some "electric" effects). What made it funny was the fact that some generic NPC pedestrian's AI had wigged out, and so this random generic dude just kind of starting stepping on the electrified guy and standing there, occasionally turning around but not ever really moving. He wasn't electrified as a result or anything because this dream game apparently wasn't developed with that situation in mind, but it looked funny. Just suddenly some electrified bad guy is getting stepped all over by a random dude. The stream ends there, after a good string of "Umm... Maybe you shouldn't do that. That's probably not a good idea." (etc) and then an outro by the stream guy.


The next stream, somehow in the same dream but on a very different day entirely, begins. He loads up his save file which has the player standing in the same place and the camera facing the same direction. The incapacited dude is still there, but he is no longer showing the electrical effects and the random NPC guy from before is not there. But it's not long until another random dude shows up and starts doing the same thing; he gets stuck there, just standing on top of the bad dude and occasionally turning around (but not moving laterally; so he's effectively just stomping on the guy.) The streamer reacts appropriately, "UMM..!"

The dream ends there. I woke up prematurely due to my nose being a jerk and being blocked, so I had to manually resume proper breathing.
3298 Appreciation Topic (Post) I highly approve of using "3298" as a test number. I may or may not be entirely unbiased.
My laptop went kablooey (Post) I was getting worried after not hearing from you for a while! Sadly, laptops and hard drive oopsies are a common combination.
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