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Things from your childhood you didn't actually care for until now (Post) how about the opposite, pretty much most things i liked in my childhood are things i don't care for anymore.
art dumps (Post) WHOOPS here's some anatomy practice in the form of the scourge sisters

art dumps (Post) it took me a while to actually get into homestuck tbh. at one point i thought it was really stupid, then i warmed up to the characters, and then ended up reading the whole thing in a few days. it's definitely not the type of thing that's all that easy to get into, that's for sure, i just kind of eased my way into it slowly. also thanks!
art dumps (Post)

psst it's not weed
Chemistry Safety (Post)
Chemistry Safety (Post) people are dancing over the DANGER LASER don't they know not to mess with danger lasers??
Your D&D 3.5 Edition Alignments? (Post) i pretty much always played as chaotic neutral/good whenever i played dA, but our alignments never really came into play so it wasn't that big of a deal.

irl i guess i'd be chaotic/neutral good?? maybe???
art dumps (Post) thanks fujiko :D that's the one that received the least amount of attention on tumblr so it's nice to see people appreciating her STRONG shoulder pads eh eh

anyways here's a quick terezzles

I hate: HP Printers* (Post) my printer is always out of ink because ink is incredibly expensive and it gets used up WAY too fast.

the scanner part of it kicks ass though!!

disclaimer: my printer isn't an HP
what's your favorite? (Post) what pumpkins??