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Nite SodaStream Alchemy (Post) Finally tried some of the seltzer flavors...

This...is an acquired taste... if you don't like straight carbonated water, then you likely won't like these to begin with. I would start with the pre-canned variants before attempting to flavor your own with a sodastream. the ratio is finicky, and unfortunately, I could not give you an accurate ratio, as everyone's taste is different.

Not bad, a bitter-citrus flavor... good with Vodka.

This is pretty good, definitely a sour flavor.
Might experiment further with this... maybe mix it with cola.

Ugh... there isn't even any sugar in this... why does it remind me of froot loops!? ...blegh...

A mild, fruity flavor. almost sweet smelling, I like this one.

....I really don't know what I was expecting with this one...
If it weren't a drink, I would suggest ranch dressing... not bad...just disappointing...Maybe if I mixed it with tomato juice...
How to change the last modified time on a folder or file in Windows 10 (Post) A handy command indeed. Especially if you didn't actually modify something.
Installing a GoTek floppy drive emulator in a Tandy 1000 RLX (Post) EXCELLENT! Glad to hear that you were able to get everything working!
Nite SodaStream Alchemy (Post) Small update:

mixing syrups and adding extra shots.
1.5 shots cola: actually tastes like Jolt Cola... Haven't had this in years..
Cola 1 shot + 1/4 shot lemon lime: This is interesting. just off from CocaCola... I might have better results if I had just lime...
2X lemon lime: ...way too sweet... perhaps if I go the opposite direction with this one.

Using syrups for other purposes:
Root beer in particular has made for an interesting ice cream topping.
Lemon-lime taken as a straight shot (I don't recommend this if you are unprepared) is a tangy, neutral taste, I may explore the possibility of using this as a base for a barbecue sauce.

Seems Cola Syrup is also sold as medicine. This has gotten in my way so many times in searches. I can't help but wonder if they are similar.

I can't believe this! There's a Pepsi-Cola bottling plant 1-city away! I may have to pay them a visit!
Nite SodaStream Alchemy (Post) So, now that I know I have a means of filling a canister with CO2, I think I can start preparing for the next step.
Albeit out of reach due to overall cost as of current, the same theory should apply, and I know exactly what I need.

https://beveragelements.com/beverage_elements_shop/gas-cylinders-regulators/co2-cylinders/20-lb-co2-cylinder-aluminum-new/ 20lb CO2 tank (No gas)
(These can go up to 50lb, but that's very unlikely to happen)

CGA320 to Sodastream direct connection hose adapter.

And about 20lb of dry ice.

A 20lb tank would be over 20x more than the small tanks sodastream sells, and overall would be much, much cheaper.
Nite SodaStream Alchemy (Post) I think the issue with root beer syrup in particular is just how thick it is, compared to things like cola, or fruit flavors.
Mixing it is doable easy enough, it's just tricky if you don't want to make a mess.
As a side, mixing root beer at 2x strength makes a really d*** good ice cream float.

I finally secured enough dry ice to fill two CO2 canisters today. they are currently frozen solid, but the concept seems to have worked as planned so far. I'll know more once they thaw.

Note: I don't expect to get quite as much out of this due to the fact I favored the weight ratio toward the lighter end of the scale, for safety reasons. (Although the worst case scenario would have just been the rupture disc...well..rupturing... )

Update: Awesome! The dry ice idea worked like a dream! roughly $5.00 per canister to refill this way, as oppose to the $15.00 for the canister exchange.
Nite SodaStream Alchemy (Post) So, it would seem that the window for getting dry ice is much much shorter than expected, and is often in short supply.
I was able to refill one co2 tank via this method. Which lasted about as long as the other tanks.
My next plan is to acquire a large co2 welding tank.looking up kits for making beer have turned up results, as a 20lb welding tank is often used for kegerators. Adapters exist to hook a 20lb tank straight in to the sodastream as well. No modding would be needed from there. (Also 20lb would be roughly 20X of what one of the standard tanks is.. That would last me a long time)

As a bit of an update on the syrups:
Lemon Lime tastes like sprite. As would be expected. I like this one.

And root beer tastes awesome! This one os tricky to mix, because as it turns out, root beer has about the same consistency as dish soap, and can react violently when mixed with carbonated water. I had to get creative with this one. What I ended up doing is putting the syrup in an empty bottle, and carbonating the water in a separate bottle, then I added the carbonated water to the root beer syrup by trickling it down slowly along the sides. Patience is definitely a must for this one. But it's worth it.


aaaaaaaand the larger tank wouldn't work out either...Apart from the fact that they ship empty, seems nobody within range actually fills welding tanks...the dry ice idea would work all the same, but I'm still stuck with the issue of availability.... my hands are tied on this... I'm going to have to pay the $15.00 to get the canisters exchanged.
Nite SodaStream Alchemy (Post) So, after getting the valve off of the canister, my first attempt at refilling with dry ice ended in failure.
Unfortunately, I managed to lose the rupture disc. This is an important part of the unit, not only to prevent a catastrophic failure, but because without it in place filling is impossible.

Near as I can tell, this part is the same as what is on paintball guns. Due to hazard potential, I will not list off the planned alternatives here.

I've decided to play it safe, for this particular part, and ordered a 3rd party replacement.

Side note: There is a severe lack of data regarding this part, at least when it comes to SodaStream units. It took me SEVERAL HOURS just to find out what it was actually called.

This is relatively new territory for me. Expect some trial and error, to end in error... it's all part of the process.
Nite SodaStream Alchemy (Post) Update: finally used all of my first tank of carbon dioxide. Lasted roughly 2-1/2 weeks of near constant usage.

Major snag with trying to refill with dry ice... They put the valve on this thing really super tight. I seem to lack the capability to remove it, at least as of current. The pressure release bolt on the side is a different story entirely.


Fun thing about Carbon Dioxide... it expands when exposed to heat, even as low as room temperature. Even when the tank is empty, you will still be able to shoot CO2 into your water, however at this point the pressure will be insufficient to carbonate your water. THIS is actually how you tell your tank is empty.

My sister is looking at getting 5-gallons of coke syrup next time KFC re-stocks their supply.
I know the ratio is far higher than the concentrates that Soda Club sells, but the concept here sounds promising. Research suggests it's a 5-1 ratio for brand-name syrup. We'll just need to see how long this stuff lasts.
Nite SodaStream Alchemy (Post) Okay, Two additional CO2 tanks arrived today. How I have not used all of the first is beyond me, especially with how I've been abusing the poor thing.

The tanks are advertised for 60 liters of carbonated water (With varying results by unit, and amount of CO2 injected into water...also I haven't been keeping count.)

We'll find out soon enough how long one tank lasts me I'm sure.

Also: Nite SodaStream Alchemy... I like this!
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