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MFGG and lessons learned (Post) I miss MFGG. How it used to be.
Things change though, and I'm sure it's for the better.
Good times were had, as well as bad.
Times were rough before I left, and I saw the full impact of the drama that resulted. Even if things are better now than they were then, the events have left me afraid to show my face there.
And even worse when I thought I could be forgiven for what I've done. Even watching one person flee in terror from my presence.

I suppose I've met my worst fear there.
I want to cry just thinking about it.

But, at least my friends have stuck with me.
And that goes farther than anything else.

Through everything, they have stuck with me. Through thick and thin, through me being depressed and angry, and even through me just giving up.
My friends have shown me that even when the rest of the world seems to have given up on you, and when it seems that you are equated to the devil himself, there is still hope. there is still light. and you can be accepted without fear.
Tiny Tobasco! (Post)
Post your dreams (Post) I had a dream that I was on a marathon run trying to program a game in Construct, and actually having success with it.
Granted the commands I was using made no sense... some of them included things like "On collision with death then Angry Video game nerd"

The whole thing felt like it went on for several hours.

I was focused, I knew exactly what I needed to do, and ultimately saw my original vision for The Twisted Dream come to reality. Violent, dark, Metal, and yet, still Mario.
(And creepy, but in a badass way)

I got to the point I was uploading it, and had to wake up because it got really super hot...

I had just overheated the wood stove. (DAMMIT!)

After that, I might give that game anothertry at some point.
What are you listening to? (Post) A random find.
If you've played sonic 3, you might recognize the overall tune.

So, in all honesty, on further research, it's pretty old news that this and ice cap sound a lot a like. but this is still new to me... almost surreal hearing it like this, since I only just recently found this song.
Backing up a bricked LG G4 phone (Post) I've had to fix a drain clog before that was caused by a cell phone getting flushed down the toilet. Blew my mind that the thing still worked after that.
Game Title Generator (Post) Bloodfire
Backing up a bricked LG G4 phone (Post) Ouch. Sorry to hear about that, man.

Yeah, I never keep anything important on my phone. It's on way too often, and with no way to physically remove the storage media, it's just too much of a risk if it breaks.
Nite's art thread (Post)
Adventures in 3d printing. (Post) I've considered it actually.
I wouldn't mind selling some projects. perhaps even make some toys.
Adventures in 3d printing. (Post)
And finally: apart from needing to dry, this project is completed!
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