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What are you listening to? (Post)
Pizza (Post) Seems I remember this exact clip from an Imgur tutorial... (I won't repeat my comment... it was kinda dirty)

My dad had an interesting idea recently. Using grands biscuits for the crust, and throwing your own toppings on it.
It was an expensive endeavor, and my two pizzas looked more like Pizza the Hut from spaceballs, but oh man it was GOOOOOOOOD!
Nite's art thread (Post)

Oh wow. Looks like the last time I did one of these was back in April... I've been in a bit of a rut.
Post your dreams (Post) Had a strange one recently.
I was at the gas station getting a coffee. When I came out, I watched this person get hit by a car, near the pumps.

I ran over to see if they were okay. they were laying face down.

All of a sudden the crowd is gone, and everything is shrouded in fog.

I roll the person over, and it turns out to be someone who looks exactly like me. Same face, same wallet, and contents.

I try calling 911 on my phone...no signal... at this point I consider going back into the gas station... but...where is the entrance?

I wander the fog for what felt like hours, until I finally found something... A car, parked out in the fog...One headlight missing, and a huge crater in the hood... where ever the hell I was... I go up to the car and brush the sludge off of it. (Something black... seemed to have the consistency of algae.) Nobody inside... tried starting it... no luck... the battery was completely dead.

I keep wandering until eventually I hear something. A voice... I follow it. eventually finding a drive-in theater running some cartoon on an endless loop...

I look around, and eventually kick in the door to the concession stand. At this point things got fuzzy, and I woke up... the dogs started barking because I kicked my bedroom wall.
How many U.S. cities can you name? (Post) About that... those were the 6 I was able to name.
Welcome to USA Prime Credit (Post) Had a scammer ask for Peggy today.... I have him an absurd impersonation of that trucker hat guy from DBZ abridged.

Me:"This is Peggy! The hell'dya want!?"
Scammer: I....you.... the computer....
Me: "What bout my computer ya dang igjit!?"
Scammer: Your computer has been locked down due t-
Scammer: (oh god...) Mamm, I mean Sir... I mean....*click*
How many U.S. cities can you name? (Post) Oh wow. I failed miserably.
Was able to name about 6 cities in my state, then my mind went blank.
Katarina the Hippopotamus (Post)
I might say: when it comes to new concepts, there are no laws.
Katarina the Hippopotamus (Post) This sounds a bit random. I might just have to give it a try.
I played Game Party 2 last night (Post)

He said it was the only piece of "SHOVELWARE" he owned. not "SOFTWARE"
There's a pretty big difference.

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