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What are you listening to? (Post) A random find.
If you've played sonic 3, you might recognize the overall tune.

So, in all honesty, on further research, it's pretty old news that this and ice cap sound a lot a like. but this is still new to me... almost surreal hearing it like this, since I only just recently found this song.
Backing up a bricked LG G4 phone (Post) I've had to fix a drain clog before that was caused by a cell phone getting flushed down the toilet. Blew my mind that the thing still worked after that.
Game Title Generator (Post) Bloodfire
Backing up a bricked LG G4 phone (Post) Ouch. Sorry to hear about that, man.

Yeah, I never keep anything important on my phone. It's on way too often, and with no way to physically remove the storage media, it's just too much of a risk if it breaks.
Nite's art thread (Post)
Adventures in 3d printing. (Post) I've considered it actually.
I wouldn't mind selling some projects. perhaps even make some toys.
Adventures in 3d printing. (Post)
And finally: apart from needing to dry, this project is completed!
Adventures in 3d printing. (Post) In the final stretch now. some minor touching up to do, then I clear coat this thing.

What are you listening to? (Post)
Nite's art thread (Post)
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